How To Build A Tin Canoe: Confessions Of An Old Salt

How To Build A Tin Canoe: Confessions Of An Old Salt

by Robb White



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ISBN-13: 9781401300272
Publisher: Hyperion
Publication date: 05/14/2003
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.62(w) x 8.25(h) x 0.00(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

Table of Contents

The Boat in the Coach House in which I sink as far as possible1
The Tin Canoe of World War Two in which I begin a lifetime of building eyeball designed boats9
The Reynolds in which I learn the true meaning of life ... when I am young enough to make some good use of the knowledge18
The Reynolds Crew Discovers St. George Island and saves the day with a brave rescue26
Another Reynolds Rescue in which I escape formal education but become educated nevertheless43
A Few Recipes of the Reynolds Crew in which I begin a lifetime as a gourmet53
Sailfish in which someone else learns a lesson ... well, almost62
Storm Boat Motor in which, due to the onset of puberty, I foolishly expand my compulsion to include machinery68
How I Became a Boatbuilder in which I take a wife, turn professional, and learn a lot all at the same time74
Terrible Torque and the Floorboard Man in which there is a terrible tragedy, so you might want to skip this one88
Monkey Island in which I leave my young bride for ... monkeys97
Seagull in which I learn not to be so gullible104
Prams in which I become a successful, professional boatbuilder first shot out of the box111
Pleistocene Creek in which I almost give it all up and quit the boatbuilding business for good115
Sheephead Head Soup in which there are the natural histories of two fish and a worm and ... yet another recipe123
Sea Turtle in which I learn my lesson about being so presumptuous ... well, almost134
Cobio in which I save my children from starvation but almost freeze to death in the process138
The Giant Catfish of Mobile in which I meet an astonishing transvestite ... and cook breakfast148
King Tut in which I prove the disclaimer that none of these stories could possibly be true155
The Slave's Recipe in which I do a little more tugging, get involved in a criminal conspiracy, and get locked up for murder ... and learn a new recipe ... and satisfy a lifelong curiosity ... a long story158
Islands in which I reveal yet another obsession174
The Canned Ham Incident in which I do not participate, so Hurrah for the other side179
Dead Man's Boat in which I reveal two morals190
The Old J 80 Johnson in which I help a man recover his long-lost self-esteem196
The Sailing, Commercial Fishing Felucca "Bullet" # 9999 in which there is a poem200
The Caribs and the Arawaks in which I figure out economics, but too late to participate in any of it215
An Analog Mind Stuck in a Digital World in which I finally, in the twilight of my life, figure out what the hell is wrong with me and effect a complete cure219
Cooking Up Opinions in which I finally set aside my peculiar ways and start acting like all the other old men in the world224

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