How to Crowdfund Your Film: Tips and Strategies for Filmmakers

How to Crowdfund Your Film: Tips and Strategies for Filmmakers

by Stephen Follows
How to Crowdfund Your Film: Tips and Strategies for Filmmakers

How to Crowdfund Your Film: Tips and Strategies for Filmmakers

by Stephen Follows


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Crowdfunding is a major source of funding for independent films and over $250 million has been raised for films on Kickstarter alone. This book will guide you through every stage of planning, creating and running your film crowdfunding campaign. This book is based on extensive data research and interviews which include data research on over 50,000 film crowdfunding campaigns, interviews with over 50 filmmakers who have run crowdfunding campaigns, and interviews with some of the top people at major crowdfunding platforms and services.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780857301833
Publisher: Oldcastle Books
Publication date: 11/01/2018
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.75(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Stephen Follows is a writer, producer and storytelling consultant. His work has been featured in outlets such as the New York Times, Times, Telegraph and Guardian, and he has taught at the National Film and Television School, Met Film School, NYU and Filmbase. He has won the Virgin Media Shorts, the Reed Film Competition and ICVA Awards, and been nominated at the British Independent Film Awards, Viral Video Awards, and LA Movie Awards. His production company Catsnake is located in Ealing Studios.

Table of Contents

Foreword 9

Introduction to Crowdfunding 11

Traditional Funding Sources vs Crowdfunding 11

Crowdfunding, Crowd Financing and Crowd Sourcing 12

Crowdfunding Models 13

Rewards-Based Crowdfunding 14

Essential Crowdfunding Campaign Elements 15

A Brief History of Crowdfunding 16

Changes in Crowdfunding For Films 17

Success Rate 18

The Advantages of Crowdfunding 19

The Disadvantages of Crowdfunding 22

Weighing up the Advantages and Disadvantages 24

Hosting Your Campaign 27

Kickstarter 27

Indiegogo 30

Seed&Spark 31

Ulule 32

Tubestart 32

Pozible 33

Fundrazr 33

Fundanything 33

Rockethub 34

Slated 34

Seedrs 34

Crowdcube 35

Build Your Own Platform 35

Approaches to Building Your Own Platform 37

Planning Your Campaign 41

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start Anything 42

The 5 p's of Pre-Launch Crowdfunding 43

The Ideal Campaign 44

Reasons People Give to Crowdfunding Campaigns 45

Setting Your Campaign Length 46

Budgeting 47

How to Create a Budget for Your Campaign 50

Defining Your Audience 53

Building Your Schedule 57

When to Launch Your Campaign 59

Your Team 62

Crafting Your Campaign Story 67

Story Arcs for Your Campaign Pitch 68

The Five Reasons People Share Things Online 69

What to Include in Your Pitch 69

Tips for Writing Your Pitch 73

Explaining Your Goal Amount 74

Building Trust 75

Risks and Challenges 76

Imagery 77

The Rewards 85

Building Your Rewards 85

How Many Rewards Should you Offer? 87

Why People Give to Crowdfunding Campaigns 88

$1 Rewards 89

Budgeting Your Rewards 90

Shipping Your Rewards 91

Ideas for Rewards 91

Tips for Creating Rewards 93

Prohibited Rewards 94

The Campaign Video 95

Should you Create a Video? 95

Crafting a Video Message Which Works 96

The Sound 98

How Long Should Your Video Be? 99

Technical Requirements 99

Things to be Mindful of 100

Marketing and Promotion 101

Marketing Your Crowdfunding Campaign 101

Email Marketing 102

Social Media Marketing 105

Influencers and Messengers 105

Using Blogs to Widen Your Audience 106

Online Live Events 107

Offline Live Events 107

Paid Marketing 108

Running Your Campaign 111

Just Before you Launch 111

Getting Approval on Kickstarter 112

Final Checks 112

When The Campaign is Live 113

Dealing with Success 114

Tracking How you're Doing 114

Stretch Goals 115

In the Last Few Days 115

Useful Services and Sites 115

After the Campaign is Over 118

Coping with Failure 119

Leveraging Success Into a Long-Term Community 119

Interviews 121

Elliot Chapple, Marketing & Data Wizard at Pozible 123

Chris Jones, Writer & Director of Gone Fishing 125

Mark Tapio Kines, Writer & Director 137

Colin Brown, Editorial Director at Slated 147

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