How To Do Everything With Macromedia Contribute

How To Do Everything With Macromedia Contribute


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How To Do Everything With Macromedia Contribute by Doug Sahlin, Shaowen Bardzell

Now's your chance to contribute! Even with no prior Web design or HTML experience, this book will show you, step-by-step, how to create Web page text and graphics, how to edit images, use frames and hyperlinks, and much more. Illustrated with plenty of screen shots and how-to diagrams, this resource works equally well as a complete tutorial or as a reference to consult on a particular topic.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780072228922
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/OsborneMedia
Publication date: 02/24/2003
Pages: 404
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.83(d)

Table of Contents

Part IIntroducing Contribute
Chapter 1Getting to Know Contribute3
About Contribute5
How Are Web Pages Created?7
About the Site Administrator10
Connecting to a Site10
Using Contribute to Browse Web Pages11
Using Contribute to Modify Web Pages12
Editing Text14
Editing Images15
Inserting Tables17
Editing Tables17
Inserting Flash Movies19
Adding and Editing Links20
Editing Pages with Frames21
Creating New Web Pages21
Publishing an Edited Page22
Chapter 2Exploring the Contribute Workspace25
Launching the Application26
Navigating the Workspace28
Using the Contribute Sidebar30
Using the Pages Panel31
Using the How Do I... Panel32
Working in Browse Mode33
Working in Edit Mode35
Setting Contribute Preferences38
Chapter 3Creating a Connection47
Connecting to a Web Site48
Using the Connection Wizard49
Using a Connection Key56
Using a Network Setup File58
Managing Connections59
Removing a Web Site Connection60
Editing a Web Site Connection60
Renaming a Connection61
Disabling a Connection62
Enabling a Connection63
Part IIEditing Web Page Elements
Chapter 4Working with HTML Documents67
Navigating to Internet Sites68
Navigating to Other Web Sites69
Navigating to Your Home Pages70
Working with Bookmarks71
Adding a Bookmark71
Creating a Bookmarks Folder71
Deleting a Bookmark74
Working in Edit Mode75
Choosing a Page to Edit75
Editing a Page78
Using the Editor Toolbar79
Adding Word or Excel Documents to Web Pages81
Inserting a Word or Excel Document into a Web Page82
Linking to a Word or Excel Document83
Editing Word or Excel Documents84
Modifying Page Properties85
Undoing and Redoing Actions87
Deleting a Web Page88
Saving a Page Draft88
Canceling Edits89
Working Offline89
Editing Pages Offline90
Switching Between Online and Offline91
Using the Pages Panel91
Exporting a Web Page92
Printing a Web Page92
Previewing an Edited Page in a Browser93
Chapter 5Creating New Web Pages95
Creating New Web Pages96
Creating a Copy of a Web Page97
Creating a Blank Web Page98
Creating a Web Page While Creating a Link99
Creating a Web Page Without a Link101
Creating a Web Page from a Contribute Template102
Creating a Web Page from a Web Designer or Administrator's Template104
Setting Page Properties105
Adding Keywords to a Web Page107
Tutorial: Creating a Calendar of Events109
Testing New Web Pages111
Chapter 6Working with Text113
Adding Text to a Web Page114
Adding the Date to a Page116
Adding Special Text Characters117
Formatting Text118
Applying a Style to Text118
Changing or Removing a Style120
Changing Font Size and Type121
Modifying the Fonts List122
Modifying Font Color and Highlight Color125
Aligning Text126
Creating Lists127
Creating a Numbered List127
Creating a Bulleted List128
Creating a Definition List129
Creating a Sublist130
Changing List Properties132
Spell Checking the Document134
Finding and Replacing Text136
Part IIIWorking with Hyperlinks, Tables, and Frames
Chapter 7Creating and Editing Hyperlinks141
Creating Text and Image Links142
Creating a Link to a Draft or Recently Published Page143
Creating a Link to an Existing Page145
Creating a Link to a Computer File147
Creating a Link to an E-mail Address150
Using Advanced Link Options151
Editing URL Links151
Specifying Where Linked Pages Open153
Creating an Anchor154
Deleting and Modifying Section Anchors154
Linking to a Section Anchor155
Editing Links156
Changing the Link Text and Link Destination156
Removing a Link157
Editing Link Properties158
Testing Links158
Chapter 8Creating and Editing Tables161
Creating a Table162
Adding Content to a Table165
Nesting Tables165
Selecting Tables and Table Elements166
Selecting a Table166
Selecting Table Rows or Columns166
Selecting Table Cells167
Resizing Tables and Table Elements168
Resizing a Table168
Resizing Columns and Rows169
Working with Cell Content171
Copying Cells172
Cutting Cells172
Deleting Content from Cells172
Pasting Cells173
Working with Table Elements174
Working with Cells174
Working with Rows and Columns175
Modifying a Table's Appearance178
Editing Table Properties178
Editing Row or Column Properties181
Editing Cell Properties183
Applying a Preset Format184
Sorting Table Data187
Chapter 9Working with Frames191
Understanding Frames192
Editing Frames194
Specifying Content Targets195
Saving and Publishing Web Pages with Frames198
Part IVWorking with Images and Publishing Web Pages
Chapter 10Modifying Document Images203
Working with Images for Web Pages204
Inserting Images into Web Pages205
Deleting Images209
Adding a Horizontal Rule to a Web Page209
Modifying Image Properties212
Resizing Images213
Aligning Images217
Repositioning Images218
Adding Flash Movies to a Web Page218
Inserting a Flash Movie into a Page Draft219
Setting Flash Movie Properties219
Chapter 11Editing Images in an External Image-Editing Program223
Choosing an Image-Editing Program225
Specifying an External Image Editor226
Launching an External Image Editor228
Editing Images Displayed in Web Pages228
Editing Images Stored in Web Site Folders229
Editing Image Files Stored on Your Computer231
Introduction to Image Editing232
Resizing an Image232
Cropping an Image233
Color Correcting an Image235
Sharpening an Image239
Changing the Resolution of an Image240
Exporting an Image241
Chapter 12Advanced Image Editing with Macromedia Fireworks MX245
Understanding Image Formats246
Working with the GIF Format247
Working with the JPEG Format248
Working with the PNG Format248
Round-trip Editing from Contribute249
Optimizing for the Web251
Optimizing a GIF Image251
Optimizing a JPEG Image253
Working with Text253
Resizing an Image256
Applying Live Effects257
Color Correcting an Image258
Sharpening an Image261
Creating a Beveled Border261
Applying a Drop Shadow to Text263
Editing a Live Effect264
Deleting a Live Effect264
Working with Digital Cameras265
Scanning Images for Use on a Web Page266
Creating an Image Gallery268
Preparing your Assets269
Creating the Image Gallery271
Creating the Links272
Chapter 13Publishing Web Pages275
Previewing the Edited Page276
Using Contribute's E-mail Review Feature278
About the Reviewing Process278
Sending the Page for Review279
Publishing Web Pages281
Publishing Edited Versions of Existing Pages281
Publishing a New Web Page283
Publishing an Existing Page from Your Web Site as a New Page286
Reverting to a Prior Version of a Page288
Part VAdministering Web Sites
Chapter 14Working As Site Administrator293
Setting Up the Site294
Become Your Site's Administrator295
Becoming Administrator for a New Contribute Site295
Becoming Administrator for an Existing Contribute Site296
Defining Sitewide Settings298
Changing Site Administrator Information299
Changing the Site Administrator E-Mail Address299
Changing the Site Administrator Password300
Defining the Number of Rollback Pages301
Setting Advanced Sitewide Settings302
Adding Index Page Filenames303
Defining Alternate URLs305
Removing Site Administration306
Chapter 15Defining Site Permissions309
Settings and Permissions Administrators Can Control310
Working with User Groups311
Creating a User Group312
Duplicating a User Group313
Removing a User Group314
Administering Site Permissions314
Editing a User Group315
Chapter 16Defining Site Connections and Customizing Contribute331
Sending Site Connections to Other Team Members332
Customizing a Connection Setting337
Modifying Site Connections339
Setting Up a Secure Site339
Troubleshooting Connection Difficulties340
Dealing with Server Issues341
About Shared Settings Folders342
Setting Up Contribute for Screen Readers343
Customizing Contribute343
Part VIAppendixes
Appendix AInstalling Contribute351
Appendix BContribute Keyboard Shortcuts353
Appendix CContribute Resources357

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