How to Marry a Highlander

How to Marry a Highlander

by Michele Sinclair

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A battle-hardened soldier, he is bound to the McTiernay brothers by a loyalty as strong as blood. But no woman in all of Scotland has been able to lay claim to his heart …
A commander in the McTiernay clan, Dugan is known far and wide for his skills with a sword—and his skills in seduction. His rugged countenance and arrogant swagger are a lethal combination for the women who try to tame him and fail. Until a mysterious firebrand tempts him with her wicked ways …
All Adanel Mackbaythe knows about her Highland lover is that he is a McTiernay soldier—and a means of escaping her cruel father. But Dugan is a not a man to be toyed with. His distrust of Adanel’s motives will put a distance between them that can’t be breached. Yet when their secret trysts are discovered—sparking a war between clans—a lust for vengeance will drive Dugan back into her arms, where he will embark on his greatest battle: for her heart …  

Praise for The Most Eligible Highlander in Scotland
“Steamy … packs the erotic punch of its predecessors.”
Publishers Weekly 
“Humor combines with romance, and the roller coaster ride to love will sweep readers into a 
fast-paced, charming, and rollicking love story.”
RT Book Reviews 

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ISBN-13: 9781420138849
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 03/26/2019
Series: McTiernays Series , #8
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 67,177
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

An award-winning romance writer, Michele Sinclair's books carry readers to the historical highlands of Scotland where romance dwells in strong, vibrant, even at times humorous characters. A working mom during the week and a soccer/tennis mom on the weekend, when Michele isn’t having fun with her two children, she plies her creativity with salty snacks and Dr. Pepper® plus occasional paw input from their lively, affectionate, yet fearless five pound Maltese. Read more at

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How to Marry a Highlander 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Another wonderful read! After the ending in Conan’s book I was shocked and having to wait all these moths until Dugans boom came out to find out what happened to Conor was pure torture! Dugan knew who stabbed Conor and went after him. It was Adanel’s brother! He will pay with his life! The one woman he met and began to trust broke his heart when he found out who she really was! Adanel omission was not in any supposed to hurt Dugan but it did since her clan is his enemy and the clan is hated! Can Dugan and Adanel ever find their was back to each other? With the help of Laurel, Elleanor and other McTiernay women they will stop at nothing to bring these 2 back together!
Anonymous 4 months ago
Anonymous 4 months ago
Brownac101 6 months ago
Adanel MackBaythe knows her father will murder any man she comes to attached to or love, he’s already proven he’s a mean heartless father. So when she spies a sexy rugged highlander she only wants to keep him a secret from everyone. Dugan stops by a lake while he’s out patrolling until he spies a mysterious firebrand tempts him with her wicked ways, but Dugan is not a man to be toyed with. He figures out she’s from an enemy clan out to trap him and vows never to see her again and deserts her. There’s a war about to start after murdered has been committed and he soon finds himself back into the arms of the one woman he swore to never desire again as he goes to her rescue. A great story filled with intrigue, passion, adventure and to fill a lifetime. I love Dugan and Adanel their perfect together and you’ll be cheering them as they fight their way through all the betrayal and mistrust to find their HEA!! I voluntarily read and reviewed this book.
Anonymous 6 months ago
I can’t wait for burid’s story :)
Joana_Varela 6 months ago
I received an eARC at no cost from the author, and I am leaving a voluntary and honest review. Thank you. 2.5* This book had a few problems for me. I didn’t connect with the main characters and thought they were quite annoying, to be honest. And, although they had great background stories that were supposed to make us feel like we could forgive them almost anything, it didn’t work that way for me. Dugan was arrogant, and never really understood that a great part of the problem was created by him. Adanel was a bit annoying and at the end, even though they had the HEA, they didn’t really talk. They just had sex and that was pretty much it. There was a lot of miscommunication and anger that really wasn’t resolved. The best characters were all secondary, and maybe some will have their story told in another book? If so, I would like to read it later on. I liked the end of the book. When Dugan became laird, and was actually doing things for other people and not just thinking of him. And Adanel grew up, and actually behaved in the right way. The book wasn’t bad, it just didn’t appeal to me. So, it gets its a two and half out of five rating because of it.
Anonymous 6 months ago
ECD 7 months ago
I love this book!!! It has desire, passion, romance as well as feelings of betrayal, fear, anger, frustration and greed. We also have love, loyalty and friendship. There is also humor exchanged between some of the major characters and I could not help but laugh and smile. The book creates a tension that is only broken by reading page after page. I could not put this down. I had to read it in one go. There is the main plot with several excellent subplots. This is well written and the characters had great personalities. I was so surprised at the ending. I did not see it coming but was pleasantly surprised. I highly recommend this book.
Anonymous 7 months ago
This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy. So many emotions and so much heart break throughout this story. Dugan and Adanel were kind of doomed from the start and it didn't help that they were from clans that hated each other. Kind of a highlander version of Romeo and Juliet, but with a HEA instead of them both dying. The road to their HEA is filled with a lot of anger, hurt feelings, and love. They not only have to overcome their anger toward each other, they are trying to bring back a struggling clan with some who do not want them there. It was great to see all the McTiernay men and their women when they gathered for Conan's wedding. Had to wait for a bit to find out if Conner was really dead from the assassination attempt. It was great to see the way that so many people just did not give Dugan enough credit and thought that they could bend him to their way of thinking and then were flabbergasted to find out that there was no bending!
Sunshine1006 7 months ago
Adanel, the daughter of the Laird of Mackbaythe happened to meet Dugan, a warrior in the service of Clan McTiernay. The clans hate each other. When the two met, no names were given. They met several times until Dugan believes he has been deceived. She was placed in a room and kept captive by her father as he wanted her to marry another. Dugan and a few men took her to Dugan's clan and questioned her harshly.. Dugan did not stand up for her. She loves him but decides not to have anything else to do with him. There is a war coming. Will Dugan and Adanel overcome their differences and work together? My review has not this book justice as there are many twists and turns. I don't want to give anything away, but I loved the book. I received this book from Net Galley and Kensington/Zebra Books for a honest review.
georgia1 7 months ago
Another great addition to the McTiernays series. This time with commander Dugan who is a fierce warrior and master seducer and Adanel who is not all she appears as they first meet. All Adanel wants is to escape her evil father who has treated her cruelly and had killed the man who was her first love. She sees Dugan as that oppotunity to get away but she hides some secrets. Dugan is enchanted by her and they quickly falls in lust and they begin a secret affair. But he does not want to settle down and does not trust easily. When he finds out her secrets, he distances himself. Of course that is not the end and all heck breaks loose! Full of angst, some steamy romantic scenes and two stubborn people who just do not communicate well when it is needed!! Looking forward to next in the series although this can be read as a stanalone, do not miss any of the previous books! I read this through NetGallery