How to Raise a Citizen (And Why It's Up to You to Do It)

How to Raise a Citizen (And Why It's Up to You to Do It)

by Lindsey Cormack
How to Raise a Citizen (And Why It's Up to You to Do It)

How to Raise a Citizen (And Why It's Up to You to Do It)

by Lindsey Cormack


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An essential guide to nurturing the next generation of responsible, informed citizens

Lindsey Cormack's book, How to Raise a Citizen (And Why It's Up to You to Do It), speaks directly to an America in which civic knowledge is alarmingly sparse and many people dread politics. It's a tool for parents, educators, and anyone eager to fill this gap. In the book, Cormack offers an engaging and practical approach to discussing political issues and the inner workings of the U.S. government with children. She explains why our schools can no longer be the sites of civic education that they used to be and provides parents with strategies and necessary know-how to be able to impart these lessons to their children. From the intricacies of the voting process to the foundational principles of democracy and the significance of key government documents like the Constitution, the author demystifies complex topics with clarity and insight.

You'll also find:

  • Data about the current state of the American citizenry, our educational approaches to civics, and the risks of civic disengagement
  • A framework for starting important political discussions at home
  • Comprehensive explanations of American federalism and how different branches of government are responsible for different functions
  • Strategies for navigating federal, state, and local elections

How to Raise a Citizen is a roadmap to a future where political dialogue and civic engagement are not just encouraged but celebrated in our homes. With actionable advice and easy-to-understand explanations, it empowers readers to instill a sense of civic responsibility and curiosity in the young minds they influence.

Perfect for parents, caregivers, educators, and anyone committed to cultivating an informed and active citizenry, this book is an indispensable resource for guiding children to understand, appreciate, and participate in the democratic process. Equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies to raise engaged citizens in today's politically charged world by adding How to Raise a Citizen to your library.

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