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How to Restore Farmall Tractors: - Choosing a tractor and setting up a workshop - Engine, transmission, and PTO rebuilds - Bodywork, painting, decals, and badging

How to Restore Farmall Tractors: - Choosing a tractor and setting up a workshop - Engine, transmission, and PTO rebuilds - Bodywork, painting, decals, and badging

by Tharran E Gaines


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How to Restore Farmall Tractors, the only Farmall restoration guide, is back in print and packed with hundreds of helpful step-by-step photographs, proven tips and techniques, and money-saving advice from restorers who know what works…and what doesn’t.

Tharran Gaines’ expert DIY guide walks you step by step through the complete restoration of your red machine, from disassembly to engine rebuild, electrics, painting, and final detailing. Find detailed instructions on these and more topics:

  • Troubleshooting tips and how to evaluate a tractor that runs
  • Engine repair and rebuilding
  • Clutch, transmission, and PTO
  • Brakes and steering
  • Hydraulic, electrical, fuel, and cooling system repair
  • Tire, rim, and wheel removal, repair, and restoration
  • Paint removal, sheet metal repair, and painting

There are even handy sections on choosing a tractor, shop setup, and parts sources. After all that hard work, get details on showing off the fruits of your labor at shows, demonstrations, games, and pulls.

Whether you favor International Harvester Farmall's iconic Letter Series, Cubs, or Number Series tractors, with Gaines’ guidance, you will be well on your way to showing off a shiny “new” classic!

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ISBN-13: 9780760368961
Publisher: Motorbooks
Publication date: 11/10/2020
Series: Motorbooks Workshop Series
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 583,355
Product dimensions: 8.55(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Tharran E. Gaines is the author of How to Restore Classic John Deere Tractors (2003), How to Restore Classic Farmall Tractors (2005), How to Restore Ford Tractors (2008), and How to Restore Your Farm Tractor (2013), all published by Voyageur Press. In addition, he has written numerous repair manuals, owner's manuals, and assembly instructions for farming-related companies, as well as newsletters and feature articles, radio and TV commercials, video scripts, and advertising copy. In 1991, he started his own business as a writer, and today continues to operate Gaines Communications with his wife, Barb, out of their office in Savannah, Missouri.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 6

Chapter 1 Farmall History 8

The Two Shall Become One 9

The First Farmall 10

Farmall Expands the Line 12

A New Look 16

The Super Series 20

The Cub 22

Numbers Replace Letters 22

A New Direction 25

The Other McCormick-Deering and International Tractors 26

Chapter 2 Shopping for a Tractor 32

How to Tell Them Apart 34

Tap into the Resources 35

Buying the Right Tractor 36

Negotiating a Price 38

Chapter 3 Setting Up Shop 44

Basic Tools 44

Specialized Tools 47

Purchase a Good Shop Manual 51

Chapter 4 Getting Started 52

Take Your Time 52

Establish Your Goals 53

Document the Process 54

Finding Replacement Parts 55

Clean It Up 56

Paint Removal 56

Disassembly 58

Removing Broken or Damaged Bolts 58

Shaft Repair 59

Chapter 5 Troubleshooting 60

Evaluating a Tractor That Runs 61

Simple Fixes 65

Compression Testing 66

Chapter 6 Engine Repair and Rebuilding 68

Freeing a Stuck Engine 69

Ring Job or Complete Overhaul? 70

Engine Disassembly 71

Piston Ring Replacement 72

Engine Block Preparation 74

Main and Rod Bearings 74

Push Rods 75

Camshafts 75

Rocker Arms 77

Valves and Valve Seats 77

Valve Guides 77

Valve Springs 77

Pistons and Sleeves 78

Piston Pins 78

Rebuilding the Engine 81

Valvetrain Overhaul 84

Oil Pump Restoration 85

Chapter 7 Clutch, Transmission, and PTO 88

Transmission Inspection and Repair 89

Torque Amplifiers 91

Clutch Inspection and Rebuilding 93

Clutch Throw-Out Bearing 94

Power Takeoff Repair 94

Chapter 8 Final Drive and Brakes 96

Differentials and Final Drives 97

Differential and Final Drive Inspection and Repair 99

Axle Shafts 100

Brake Restoration 101

Brake Repair 102

Brake Adjustment 106

Chapter 9 Front Axle and Steering 108

Steering Configurations 109

Front Axle Repair 115

Power Steering 118

Steering Wheel Repair 119

Chapter 10 Tires, Rims, and Wheels 120

Rear Wheel Removal 121

Tire Repair and Restoration 122

Wheel and Rim Restoration 124

Chapter 11 Hydraulic System 128

Basic Principles 129

Hydraulic System Contamination 130

Troubleshooting 131

Hydraulic Seals 134

Chapter 12 Electrical System 136

Magneto Systems 136

Magneto Inspection and Service 138

Timing the Magneto 140

Distributor Inspection and Repair 141

Coils 142

Generators and Voltage Regulators 144

Starters 146

Wiring 147

Spark Plug Wires 149

Lights 150

Gauges 151

Chapter 13 Fuel System 152

Fuel Tank 152

Fuel Hose Inspection 154

Carburetor Repair 154

Carburetor Rebuilding 155

Carburetor Reassembly 157

Diesel Systems 158

Oil-Bath Air Filters 159

Manifold Inspection and Repair 160

Governor Overhaul 162

Chapter 14 Cooling System 164

Cooling System Inspection and Repair 165

Shutters and Curtains 167

Radiator Cap 168

Fan 168

Hoses 169

Water Pump 169

Thermostat 170

Belts 171

Chapter 15 Sheet Metal 172

Paint Removal 173

Repairing Sheet Metal 174

Chapter 16 Paint 180

The Primer Coat 181

Choosing the Right Primer Type 181

The Color Coat 183

Selecting the Right Paint Type 184

Painting Equipment 187

Applying the Paint 188

Chapter 17 Decals, Name Plates, and Serial Number Plates 192

Researching Decal Originality and Placement 193

Tools and Supplies 194

Surface Preparation 194

Decal Application 195

Emblems and Name Plates 198

Serial Number Plates 199

Chapter 18 The Fruits of Your Labor 200

Antique Tractor Shows 201

Farm Equipment Demonstrations 202

Tractor Games 202

Antique Tractor Pulls 206

Appendix 216

Index 222

About the Author 224

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