How To Survive Your Wife's Midlife Crisis: Strategies and Stories from The Midlife Club

How To Survive Your Wife's Midlife Crisis: Strategies and Stories from The Midlife Club

by Pat Gaudette


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When How to Survive Your Husband's Midlife Crisis was published in 2003, one of the most common questions I heard from men on the Midlife Club forum was "when is the book for surviving your wife's crisis coming out?" Men at book signings asked the same question. The reality is, there are a lot of books available that discuss female menopause and aging and any man who really wants to understand why his wife may be acting the way she is can find the answers if he wants to dig for them.

Dealing with a wife in crisis isn't easy. A man needs quick answers even if the situation itself can't be resolved quickly. This book will provide some quick answers without going into a lot of details as to how those answers came about. For those men who need more in-depth reading, I've included a list of books and websites that may be of interest.

The stories in this book are real and I am very grateful to the men who have agreed to let their stories be told so that readers may learn from their successes as well as their mistakes. Even though some of the stories end in divorce, they do not all have unhappy endings for the men who live them.

It's important to have a woman's point - so I have included some of the advice from women on the forum. I've also included celebrity quotes throughout the book.

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About the Author

Pat Gaudette is the author of several relationship-focused books including How To Survive His Midlife Crisis, Journaling through His Midlife Crisis, Adultery At Midlife, Teen Mom, Madonna/Whore Complex, and Midnight Confessions. She is the founder of The Midlife Club, an online support site for men and women dealing with midlife crisis. She is also the founder of Friends and Lovers the Relationships Guide. She was the divorce support guide for for over nine years.

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