How to Teach Your Children About Racism: A Letter From A Black Mother to White Parents

How to Teach Your Children About Racism: A Letter From A Black Mother to White Parents

by Uchenna L Umeh


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Have you ever wondered what it is like to grow up Black in the United States of America?

Ever given a thought to what life would be like if you were born with the "wrong color" of skin?

Or what it feels like to have a child leave home in the morning and not return alive at dusk?

This second book in Dr. Lulu's "How to" series attempts to shed light on parenting and racism through the eyes of a Black immigrant mother.

★★ The day Mr. George Floyd was killed in broad daylight, the world got to see America and American-style policing in its true light.

As Black America mourned, the rest of the world joined in mourning, and for several days during a pandemic, the world appeared to unite. A rare unity led prominently by our youth, the next generation, fighting racial inequality.

Sadly, Mr. Floyd's death is only the tip of the iceberg in what is generations of systematic, systemic, and institutionalized racism in America.
To begin the journey towards ending racism, we must first become humanists, and educate ourselves and more importantly, our children, the next generation of leaders and activists. We must live and lead by example so that history does not continue to repeat itself.

I grew up in Nigeria, seeing my Black as beautiful, intelligent and adding value. Then I emigrated to America and had 3 sons. Now I see my Black as endangered. My Black life does not matter, and my sons' Black lives even less so.

As a mom, pediatrician, African immigrant, speaker and activist, I see my Black as a bridge to the education my patients, their parents, and White America.

In "How to Teach Your Children About Racism", I use 21 commandments to advise and educate readers in a letter. I add a dose of humor, a huge splash of reality and an ounce or more of color in my message. It is a great book for parents, teachers and scholars alike.

I urge you to read it regardless of the color of your skin. Itwill teach you simple and easily applicable steps to begin the much needed conversation. You will giggle, you will smile, you will "aha," and your heart might even shed a tear.

This is only the beginning, I might not change the world, but "How to Teach Your Children About Racism" will certainly light the spark.

Read the book, then get a friend to read it, then another and another :)

I will see you somewhere on the internet...


Dr. L

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