Humanizing Strategy: How to Master Emotions, Values and Beliefs When You Execute Plans

Humanizing Strategy: How to Master Emotions, Values and Beliefs When You Execute Plans

by Geert Vercaeren
Humanizing Strategy: How to Master Emotions, Values and Beliefs When You Execute Plans

Humanizing Strategy: How to Master Emotions, Values and Beliefs When You Execute Plans

by Geert Vercaeren


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• Based on more than 25 years of experience

• Unique perspective that emphasizes values, beliefs and emotions

• Unconventional approach

Strategy execution is complex. Three out of four organizations fail to implement their strategies, despite consultancies, literature on the subject and all available best practices. But why exactly do most strategies fail? Based on leading research, real stories, case studies and practical tools, the author takes you into the world of values, beliefs, emotions and often hidden underlying motivational forces that influence individual and collective behavior in organizations. He shows how consciously and effectively dealing with these human dynamics, often neglected in the strategic process, has a major influence on the performance of your organization and the successful realization of your strategy. If you are serious about making your strategy a success, have the urge to keep asking "why", and have the courage to take a less conventional approach, this book will inspire you.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9789401474993
Publisher: Lannoo International
Publication date: 05/31/2021
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 7.05(w) x 9.77(h) x 0.95(d)

About the Author

Geert Vercaeren is a senior business consultant and coach with over 25 years of experience leading complex business transformation, organizational development and HR transformation projects.

Table of Contents

Introduction 10

Why this book? 11

The structure of this book 14

How to read this book 20

Chapter 1 Humanizing Team performance 22

Why it matters 27

A story to tell: From 'me' to 'we' 28

Three human-centred tactics 35

Tactic 1 Invest in understanding the human dynamics within the team and its impact on performance 35

Tactic 2 Never stop investing in trust and psychological safety 51

Tactic 3 Conduct team coaching interventions in a safe and reflective setting 53

Summarizing the main points 65

How to get started 67

Introduction and chapter 2: Key references and Interesting reads 71

Chapter 2 Humanizing collaboration across teams 74

Why it matters 79

A story to tell: 'Us' versus 'them' 79

Three HUMAN-centred tactics 86

Tactic 1 Invest in decoding the human dynamics in the collaborative 86

Tactic 2 Strengthen the foundation of trust and facilitate open dialogue 97

Tactic 3 Put the real issues on the table before taking action 100

Summarizing the main points 107

How to get started 109

Chapter 2 Key references and interesting reads 114

Chapter 3 Humanizing culture shifts 116

Why it matters 121

A story to tell: Who needs to change first? 122

Three HUMAN-centred tactics 127

Tactic 1 Start by installing psychological safety 127

Tactic 2 Build capabilities to deal with the emotional side of change, starting from introspection 130

Tactic 3 Discuss culture at the different levels of the organization simultaneously 135

Summarizing the main points 163

How to get started 165

Chapter 3 Key references and interesting reads 170

Chapter 4 Humanizing Leadership 172

Why it matters 177

A story to tell: Uncomfortable reflections 178

Three HUMAN-centred tactics 183

Tactic 1 Develop reflective leaders who are more aware of their own emotions and functioning 183

Tactic 2 Explore and articulate what you do, why you do it and its impact on performance 185

Tactic 3 Invest in understanding what holds you hack from (further) developing as a leader 202

Summarizing the main points 213

How to get started 214

Chapter 4 Key references and interesting reads 219

Chapter 5 Humanizing future-proof organizations 222

Why it matters 227

A story to tell: Speed, Gears and Brakes 229

Three HUMAN-centred tactics 234

Tactic 1 Start with purpose, future success, the work to be done and the context around it 235

Tactic 2 Explore and grasp the full organizational potential by focusing on structural, motivational, and behavioural elements 238

Tactic 3 Minimize structures while focusing on empowered networks, critical behaviours, trust and fun 245

Summarizing the main points 253

How to get started 255

Chapter 5 Key references and interesting reads 262

Chapter 6 Bringing it all together 264

A systems psychodynamic approach 267

The five-step approach to humanize your strategy 269

Critical roles to humanize your strategy 277

Chapter 6 Key references and interesting reads 281

My concluding letter to you as a leader 283

About the author 289

About the illustrator 291

A word of thanks 292

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