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When Jade walked out on Oliver six months ago, she left her heart behind. Little did she know her mission was far from over. Given a new mission-to secure a secret nuclear power core-she's thrown back into his world and has to earn his trust once more. The only problem is that she's competing directly with another Seductor that she despises, who has already been on the mission for two months.
Oliver was devastated when he discovered Jade had left him, so he closed himself off to the world, focusing solely on his job. Everything is thrown into chaos when she resurfaces, working for an old friend of his.
Will Jade be able to win Oliver back while fighting her jealously that another Seductor might steal the mission from her? Consumed with love, controlled by a hunger she has never known, can she protect her heart a second time around if Oliver takes her back?

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ISBN-13: 9781499501001
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/02/2014
Pages: 306
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.64(d)

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Hunger 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
mindyg123 More than 1 year ago
Book 2 picks up where book 1 left off. When Jade left Oliver she left her heart behind. She thought she could get over him eventually. Then she finds out she has to see him again. She is teamed with the Seducer she despises and can she fight the jealously of the other Seducer going for "her man"? Can Oliver forgive her for leaving him heart broken? Will the Seducers accomplish their mission? This is a fast paced steamy book and I can't wait for the next in the series. I really like this series and I think B.L. Wilde hit the jackpot with this series
Doodlebug4444 More than 1 year ago
5 out of 5 for this reader folks! I am REALLY enjoying this series. Hunger by B.L. Wilde is the second book of The Seductors series and it picks up pretty much right where the first left off which is great as I was uncertain where this series was heading at the end of the first book. Just a quick recap. Jade is a top agent to an elite group of specialists called the Seductors. A Seductor is contracted out on daring and often dangerous assignments that usually involve special circumstances .. like getting close in order to seduce the target. A Seductor needs to beautiful, in incredible shape, intelligent, risky and engage in sexual activity without emotion while exuding whatever the target needs to believe to get the job done! Jade is considered the best of her field. Jade was contracted out to steal nuclear weapon blue prints from Oliver in book one. While she completed her mission, she broke the first rule of a Seductor. She fell in love with her target. Placing the Seductors first, she is now in hiding after she disappeared out of Oliver's life .. and he is not taking it kindly. Many months have passed, and Oliver is still actively searching for her, and getting too close for comfort. When a rival Seductor (man this woman is a piece of work) has been contracted to steal more information from Oliver but is unable to get close, Jade must reappear back in the picture and once again get close to Oliver. Only this time, she has been promised by the Seductors a way to remain with Oliver forever. This time however, it is a different trust she needs from Oliver. As these two fall deeper into one another and the deception remains, you see glimpses of the real Jade surface and Oliver is adamant that this time ... Jade will not disappear. Will the truth come out and will Jade be able to complete this mission with so much to lose, yet so much more to gain?? I love B.L. Wilde's writing style. Honestly one page just melted into another and before I knew it, the book was read. I love that the story is not resolved but there was no major cliffhanger like there was in the first book. There is promise of a happy ending, but so much has to be achieved first. I am looking forward to the next book! HAPPY READING! :)
JMMcDonald More than 1 year ago
B.L. Wilde has done it again!  She's has blown us out of the water with a -dare I say it- seductive sequel to Desire.  Oliver is sexy as ever, and Jade, what a powerhouse!  After six months of being separated from Oliver, Jade is recommissioned to his case, working on a top secret project that is basically the largest case The Seductors has ever embarked on.  Jade is faced with the challenge of getting back into Oliver's good graces after leaving him without so much as a goodbye in book one.  There are some new characters introduced, and several of them leaving you wondering if they're the reason behind Jade's hire.  I have my guesses, but those remain to myself, because hey, I could be wrong about the "who done it".   The fireworks between these two characters are amazing.  There is a chemistry that can't be denied.  And we learn more about Jade, delving us deeper into this complex character and her reasoning for becoming a Seductor in the first place.   I have to say, I loved this book.  B.L. is a word master.  I can't wait until book 3 is released!
ShawnaShauntia More than 1 year ago
Who authorized the cliffhanger and why would you do that I need to be closure.(pls note this is my whiny voice). Much like Desire I fell hard for Hunger and things picked up right we they were left. Jade was lost in her own world missing the man she not only seduced but also betrayed. Oliver was lost in his own purgatory searching for the woman that stole his heart. It was almost too much, but I liked it.  Jade is Jade I’m not really sure how to explain or describe her. She knows how to use what she has to get what she wants. This time things are different. It like her heart is not into it or maybe its the fact she did put her heart into it. While on lockdown complicates arise from her mission with Oliver and she’s forced to go back, but this time she has conditions...when the dust settles she can keep the life and the man. For reasons beyond me I almost feel like her superiors are going to double cross her, but that’s speculation. Oliver is a driven man and that makes him even more sexy beyond words. The more the Seducers attempted to cover Jade’s tracks the more determined he became. I guess there’s nothing like a man in love on a mission.  The suspense and angst is building. I feel like I need to be on the lookout of who I can and cannot trust when it comes to the Seducers. So many questions and answers are not coming fast enough. While I did have to suffer the outcome of a cliffhanger I am happy to know that there will be more to this duos story and I cannot wait to devour it. ** an arc copy was gifted to me by the author in exchange of my honest opinion **