by Avigail Gimpel


by Avigail Gimpel


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Has your family been stunned by an ADHD diagnosis? This groundbreaking handbook will get you and your loved ones back on track toward success.

Are you frustrated with the challenges of helping your kid thrive? Looking for helpful tools beyond medication? Panicked because programs and therapy are expensive and out of reach? As a mother of six children who have ADHD behaviors, special education teacher and parenting specialist Avigail Gimpel M.S. has combined years of professional research with personal experience to craft a comprehensive approach to hyperactivity disorders. Now she's here to share her real-world understanding and time-tested practical solutions to offer your family a brighter future.

HyperHealing, The Empowered Parent's Complete Guide to Raising a Healthy Child with ADHD Symptoms is a compassionate and thorough manual that untangles the situation while laying out an action plan. Using humor and her hard-earned empathy to showcase authentic examples from the home and classroom, Gimpel provides essential information and straightforward exercises. And by implementing any of the many broad-view options she outlines, you will make a positive change in your kid's life.

In HyperHealing, you'll discover:
  • That hyperactivity is not damage, and your healthy child has an intact brain that will flourish under the right direction
  • Ways you can improve communication, rule-setting, and discipline so you'll be a confident leader
  • How to set crucial habits to boost productive behavior, emotional competence, and problem-solving skills
  • Strategies to help you battle environmental triggers to help set everyone up for triumph
  • A step-by-step intervention system, how to be a strong advocate, an online community for continued education and encouragement, and much, much more!
  • HyperHealing, The Empowered Parent's Complete Guide to Raising a Healthy Child with ADHD Symptoms is an intuitive, user-friendly program, and is the first book in the HyperHealing series. If you like conversational instruction, eye-opening expertise, and unwavering optimism, then you'll love Avigail Gimpel's must-have resource.

    Buy HyperHealing to get the know-how to kick stigma's butt today!

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    ISBN-13: 9781662903342
    Publisher: Gatekeeper Press
    Publication date: 05/04/2021
    Pages: 426
    Sales rank: 704,191
    Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.95(d)

    About the Author

    Avigail Gimpel is a mom and educator who has earned her stripes! As her students struggled with ADHD symptoms and her own children were (removed being) diagnosed with ADHD, she took a deep dive into the research (turning up unexpected results), studied and applied the best programs available, and developed many interventions of her own. HyperHealing is the result of over twenty-five years of research, development and application of cutting-edge intervention programs for her clients, children and hundreds of students.
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