I Always, ALWAYS Get My Way

I Always, ALWAYS Get My Way

by David Parkins (Illustrator)


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From carefully aimed pouts and shifting blame to the threat of an all-out tantrum, this laugh-out-loud story for kids and adults focuses on the clever antics, advantage-taking, limit-testing, and childhood shenanigans of three-year-old Emmy. When Emmy spills juice and her dad’s pants get “orange-hosed,” she takes refuge behind Mom’s knee. Expecting a reprimand, Emmy is surprised when Mom tells Dad, “Now, sweetheart, you should let it be. After all . . . she’s only three.” Once Emmy discovers that she’s too young to be punished, she constantly wrangles her way out of trouble by proclaiming, “I’m only three!” and pulls a handy weapon from her arsenal of manipulative maneuvers. With hilarious, rhyming text and energetic ink and watercolor illustrations that capture Emmy’s expressions, from angelic to livid, readers discover that Emmy can’t get away with her outrageous behavior forever and that her actions do eventually have consequences.

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ISBN-13: 9780979974649
Publisher: Flashlight Press
Publication date: 09/01/2009
Pages: 32
Product dimensions: 9.80(w) x 9.80(h) x 0.40(d)
Age Range: 5 - 7 Years

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Barbara Gruener

This whimsical tale is sure to entertain...anyone who's ever had a sneaky sibling. Once the laughter has subsided, it might also spark an interesting discussion about choices and consequences. (Barbara Gruener, School Counselor, Friendswood, TX)

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I Always, ALWAYS Get My Way 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
delatte on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Can you go wrong with a bystander weenie-dog? Another children's book about trucks (Is it truck week?), but it's still pretty special. It seems to have inside jokes for the adult reader...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Every family has probably had a child who pulls these "cute" little ways to get out of trouble; to work mom and dad. We can all see ourselves in this well written, marvelously illustrated book.
Suzie2672 More than 1 year ago
Emmy is only three, but what a mess she can be. She spilled juice on Dad's pants but her mom came to her defense. Then when her brother made her trip and fall it was he who was blamed for it all. When she took her sisters glue to build like no one could, it was overlooked. One afternoon she was feeling up to playing a Pirate Queen. She gathered up everyone's lost loot and buried them by a tree. When her Dad caught her in the act she was unable to get out of all the condemning facts. As punishment he made her clean, didn't he know that she was just three? One Saturday morning she was a wake before any other; she made her own breakfast and left the kitchen in such a mess. When mother woke and seen what she had done she made her clean, she figured she was too sleepy to realize that she was three. Emmy wanted to play with her brother's pet lizard. She dressed him up in her dolls clothes, then decided to sail him in a boat, using her sister's shoes she knew they would make a good vessel. When she turned her back, the lizard decided to flew, she wondered where he could be. With a scream from her mother she knew that he had been discovered. Rushing to her side, she seen everyone's accusing eyes. It didn't matter that she was three. For all eyes were focused on she; as punishment for all she did she was banished in her room, she feared she wouldn't be out any time soon. Thad Krasnesky is a master storyteller. Through the expert illustrations of David Parkins, I Always Always Get My Way is a sheer delight to read and experience. With its rhyming storyline, a cast of loveable characters, this book will quickly become one of your child's all time favorites. Very highly recommended.
BarbaraG More than 1 year ago
Choices have consequences, that's plain to see; but it's not always obvious . . . when you are three! Meet Emmy, a three-year old tornado who challenges her family by pushing on and testing their boundaries for her. Watch as she storms through the house, kicks up some dust, and then sits back to see how it settles. Will they be able to outlast her as she whirls in and turns their world upside down? Initially, both her sister and brother get in trouble because of Mom's willingness to chalk it up to her age - perhaps you remember the terrible threes? But that excuse wears thin and, in the end, despite Emmy's amazing attempt to divide and conquer, both parents are able to see that, regardless of her age, this little twister needs to be held accountable for her actions. With a little bit of luck, the reflective time-out in her room will be just what she needs to teach the somewhat-spoiled sister that she does NOT always get her way. David Parkins' eye-catching illustrations are precious as he brings to life author Thad Krasnesky's little heroine and her creative commotion. The difference between a four and a five reader rating from me is that the rhyme is sometimes awkward and choppy; it's really worth four and a half stars in my book. This whimsical tale is sure to entertain and connect with anyone who's ever had a sneaky sibling. Once the laughter has subsided, it might also spark an interesting discussion about choices and consequences.