I Am Perfectly Flawsome: How Embracing Imperfection Makes Us Better

I Am Perfectly Flawsome: How Embracing Imperfection Makes Us Better

by Michele Molitor, Tom Collins
I Am Perfectly Flawsome: How Embracing Imperfection Makes Us Better

I Am Perfectly Flawsome: How Embracing Imperfection Makes Us Better

by Michele Molitor, Tom Collins


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Don't be a "Should-Head"!

Stop listening to the voices telling you what you "should" be, or how well you "should" be doing - always harping that you're not good enough. Whether they originate inside your head or got planted there by well-meaning parents or less well-meaning social media, those voices are liars. They're harmful to your mental and physical well-being, and can lead to anxiety, depression, or worse, suicide.

Instead, become a practicing Flawsomist!

In I Am Perfectly Flawsome you'll find real science and personal stories showing the perils of perfectionism. You'll explore ways to embrace imperfection rooted in Japanese philosophies and meet inspiring flawsome role models (both well-known figures and everyday people from the authors' own research).

After reading, you'll want to make "I Am Perfectly Flawsome" your personal mantra.

Early reader praise:
  • "Enlightened and enlightening ... this book will prove to be a valuable resource as you embrace the power of a flawsome existence." -- Angela L.M. Stopper, Ph.D., CLO and Director of People & Organization Development, UC Berkeley
  • "I Am Perfectly Flawsome showed that perfectionism isn't just a challenge for me: it's a dangerous ideal that we've let drive the bus for far too long. Their concept of 'flawsome' truly gives permission to embrace the less-than-perfect pieces of life. From Japanese philosophy to parenting to AI, this book is full of valuable ideas, important calls to action, and useful tips for eliminating perfectionism and adopting a new way of thinking. Highly recommend!" -- Lisa DeAngelis, author of the #1 New Release, Embracing the Unknown: Exploring the Pathways to Change
  • "This book breaks the trance of unworthiness in a most powerful way, making it possible for readers to drop the quest for perfectionism before it takes even deeper tolls on our bodies, psyches, and relationships. Collins and Molitor are the real deal, having gone on their own extensive journeys of recovering from perfectionism, and returning with this book to show us another way to know who we are and why we matter no matter what." -- Sunni Brown, Speaker, Founder of the Center for Deep Self Design, and Bestselling Author of The Doodle Revolution
  • "In I Am Perfectly Flawsome, Tom and Michele offer liberation from the tyranny of perfectionism ... and a gracious way of embracing the beautiful cracks in our identities. What a kind a loving message they are bringing to a world that desperately needs to hear it." -- David Hutchens, author of Story Dash
  • "I Am Perfectly Flawsome is not just a book; it's a mindset shift that encourages us to find joy and freedom in our imperfections." -- Robbie Samuels, award-winning author of Break Out of Boredom,
    Small List, Big Results,
    and Croissants vs. Bagels
  • "Now and then you read a book and wonder if your picture was on the authors' wall. Or maybe they read all your diaries. Neither one of them were my shrink, but they knocked on many of my doors. 'Recognize the danger of any pretense that perfection has been achieved.' Thank you Tom & Michele for a yummy and meaningful read." -- James Flaherty, Author of EMBRACE YOUR AGE: You can be better than ever

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ISBN-13: 9781934229422
Publisher: Wme Books
Publication date: 04/26/2024
Pages: 204
Sales rank: 211,923
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.43(d)
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