I Missed Kindergarten!

I Missed Kindergarten!

by Karen Garner Hauersperger


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Karen Garner Hauersperger didn't attend kindergarten, but she did learn! In I Missed Kindergarten! she shares stories behind her life lessons.

Life's lessons learned without kindergarten:

People are not all alike in this world.

Play in safe places.

Don't judge a person until you know something about them.

You may be different than others sometimes and that can make you unique and special.

Resolve your differences by talking and caring. There really are no winners in a fight.

Don't be greedy.

Sometimes we try too hard to please people and forget in our hearts what we know we can do.

Be honest and do not cheat... for cheating makes you a loser.

Take care of your brain, heart, hands and health so you can help others.

Put some fun into responsibilities or chores that you don't like to do.

Open your mind and heart to believing that there is an opportunity in the world that is reserved for only you.

About the Author

Karen Garner Hauersperger spent her childhood years in Indiana. After high school she attended Iowa State University, earning her B.S. in Dietetics. Later she would earn Master's degrees in Nutrition and in Higher Education.

For many years, Karen taught at Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina and in several other nursing programs. After her retirement from teaching, the opportunity to be surrounded by books began her 12 year adventure with Border's Books and Music that took her to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Raleigh, North Carolina, and finally to Columbus, Ohio. At age 76 she continues to work part-time with LifeWay Christian Stores in Columbus.

Karen considers her hobbies as doing anything that includes time with her grandchildren, reading, and going on adventures. She takes "I dare you" seriously and so far it has meant surviving water-slides and white water rafting in the Great Smokies (in spite of the fact that she cannot swim). She took karate lessons at age 75 and now pursues exercise classes 5 days a week.

Karen has volunteered in a local elementary school in the kindergarten classes for the past four years (the children call her "Grandma Wrinkles"). Her favorite task, of course, was helping the children learn to read.

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