I Used to Like You Until...: (How Binary Thinking Divides Us)

I Used to Like You Until...: (How Binary Thinking Divides Us)

by Kat Timpf
I Used to Like You Until...: (How Binary Thinking Divides Us)

I Used to Like You Until...: (How Binary Thinking Divides Us)

by Kat Timpf


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In this whip-smart follow-up to the “ruthlessly honest exploration of comedy and cancellation” (Dr. Drew) You Can’t Joke About That, New York Times bestselling author Kat Timpf examines the dangers of binary thinking, and how it threatens to take over our institutions, relationships, and even our freedoms.

For some reason, when it comes to complex issues, we’ve largely limited ourselves to just two options, resulting in a society of non-thinkers. After all, once you’ve picked a side, all the thinking has already been done for you. As an independent, libertarian voter who has spent the last ten years at Fox News, Kat has faced this issue too many times to count. She’s learned that surprising things can happen when you refuse to choose a team, especially when you work at a place some people call an existential threat to America.

Binary thinking is much more than just the enemy of critical thinking, it’s also an immediate danger to our political discourse, our institutions, our way of consuming news, our relationships, our creativity, and even to our freedoms. All too often, we will let a single difference in viewpoint, an assumption, or an association be enough to write off another person entirely, even if we know nothing else about them. We miss out on opportunities to connect or even collaborate, all while the people in power over us benefit from our division.

Through humorous examples from her own life and insight only someone in her bizarre position can possess, Kat reminds us that the world doesn’t have to be so black and white. In her signature witty voice, Kat inspires us to lean into thoughtful consideration, genuine conversation, vulnerability, and only hating people when they really deserve it.

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About the Author

Kat Timpf is a New York Times bestselling author, comedian, and political commentator. She’s currently the cohost of Gutfeld! on Fox News and is a Fox News analyst. The national tour of her comedy live show, “You Can’t Joke About That LIVE,” sold out in theaters all around the country. She was a columnist for National Review for nearly six years, worked at Barstool Sports and of course, Boston Market. She lives in New York City with her husband Cam, their dog Carl, and her cat, Cheens.
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