"If I Should Die Before My Dog -- "

by Joe Connolly, Cathy Connolly


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ISBN-13: 9781475124514
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/30/2012
Pages: 108
Sales rank: 1,147,170
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Joe and Cathy Connolly have spent a lifetime owning, training and caring for dogs. Cathy grew up with a Collie breeder, dog groomer and dog handler while attending many different dog shows and eventually went on to work with other breeders as she grew older.

They live in beautiful Northern Michigan with their 3 furry four legged children, one large dog, one small dog and the entire family is supervised by one bossy calico cat.
Contact: crush97@live.com

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"If I Should Die Before My Dog -- " 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 33 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The preface of the book shares the stories of two dogs and what happened to them after their owners passed. My parents both passed at early ages, my mother was 52 and my father was 62. Although, Dad had a diagnosis a few years before he passed, he still didn't prepare everything the way he should have and it was lucky that I was an adult because goodness knows what would have happened to me if I was a minor. That's how I feel about my little dogs Sandwich and Toot-Toot. They will always be little minors and while they have two mostly healthy parents, I'm so glad this book came to me serendipitously. I've wondered a couple times what would happen to my fur children if both Brad, my husband and I passed unexpectedly, but now I am so happy I have this book to serve as a will for what to do with Sandwich and Toot-Toot should something happen to both of their parents. When thinking about who you're dog(s) will go to should something happen, it's a rarity to think of all of the things that are included in this book. Names, nicknames, vet information and medications seem like a given, but the inclusion of habits for "when nature calls", weather needs, grooming habits and sleeping arrangements is brilliant and a comfort to know that the person they go to will have all this information. My husband and I now know that Sandwich and Toot-Toot will have new parents who know they know how to sit, shake and lay down as well as Sandwiches super confident nature and Toot slightly wary nature. I would have never thought to leave a description of how my dogs like to ride in the car, but what a great thing to include! It's quite funny, by the way, that the picture of the dog in a car just happens to looks so much like how Sandwich rides. This book gives a voice to my dogs in the event of mine and my husbands passing. It is brilliantly thought out to include everything a new owner would need to know especially since our youngest has a lot more fears than our oldest. She's the one I worry won't take us being gone so easily. Sandwich might miss us for a couple days, but as long as he's in a place where he gets attention, he will be fine. I think every dog owner younger or older needs this book. It's just like a will for your human children. You hope you won't need it, but in the event you do, it is so great that you've taken the time to make sure your fur kids are cared for. The illustrations by Rod Lawrence compliment this book so well. Well done Joe and Kathy Connolly for creating a book that every dog owner should have! I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
LyricInTime2803 More than 1 year ago
And Absolute Must Have for ALL Pet Parents Three years ago, I adopted a beautiful Collie/Border Collie mix from a rescue group who saved her from a very high-kill southern shelter. This gorgeous, well trained 8 year old dog's owner had passed away. He thought his family was going to take care of her, but instead they turned around and dumped her in a shelter with an over 80% kill rate. Cheyenne was one of the lucky ones. An amazing rescue group saved her on "kill day" right before she was scheduled to be euthanized. And she found the perfect home with me- she's spoiled, she's healthy, she's loved. But so many dogs aren't that lucky. If you were to die tomorrow, do you know what would happen to your dogs? Do you know who would take them in- and do you have backups in case that situation falls through? Thankfully, many people do have some sort of plan in place- even going so far is to include provisions for pets in their wills. But does the person you've entrusted your pet to know everything they will need to know to provide the best care they can for your dog? Cheyenne is happy with us, but there was definitely some trial and error, and an "instruction manual" certainly would have been helpful. "If I Should Die Before My Dog" is just that- an instruction manual for those who have- whatever the circumstances- overtaken the care of your dog. It doesn't take long to read or to fill out, but provides a wealth of information for your dog's new caretaker. I know where my dogs would go if I were to die tomorrow- and I know who my backups would be if my first choices were to fall through. And all of those people know what my wishes are. They know my dogs- but no matter how often they visit, they won't know the quirks and intricacies that every owner comes to know about their dogs daily lives. "If I Should Die Before My Dog" will help provide a smoother transition. My sister would be able to look and find that Cheyenne is terrified of thunderstorms- but that it is easily managed with her Thundershirt, some Comfort Zone sprayed on a bandanna around her neck, and some soothing words. Or that Shiloh (my younger Sheltie) is very allergic to and cannot receive the leptospirosis vaccine. Or that both dogs know a long list of tricks, but all the commands and hand signals have been written down on pg86. And that they can spell- forwards AND backwards, so you'll need to come up with special code words for things like "walk" and "out" and "agility" or you'll have very eager collies herding you toward the back door. And maybe most importantly, if you give them a scratch on the butt or a taste of your spaghetti sauce, they will be your best friend for life. My dogs are my children, my best friends, and my entire life. They are unique individuals who have likes, dislikes, fears, favorites, health concerns, and, overall, histories. As a pet parent, I know each of these important aspects of my dogs's lives, and it is my job to pass along this information to those who I've entrusted in caring for them should I become unable. This book gives me some peace of mind knowing that my pet's next caretaker will have a greater understanding of who my dogs are and what they need. "If I Should Die Before My Dog" is an absolute must have for all dog owners.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
No one really wants to think about the time when we may not be able to care for our loved ones, including our pets. This book helps pet owners to provide another person with all the information needed to help make any transition smoother for their furry loved one. A few years ago my mother and stepfather took in a dog after its owner had passed away suddenly. The owner was a good friend of my stepfather's, but even so he really knew nothing about the dog. A book like this would have been a treasure as they tried to help Christy (the dog) adjust to her new life.  The book may be a bit emotional to complete. There may be tears over the thought of no longer being able to be with or care for your dog, but I honestly enjoyed going through the book. I loved thinking about things such as what my dog's favorite toy is, the funny little routines we have, and all the "bad" habits (more of thinking of how funny it would be to watch another person learn to deal with these habits haha) my dog has. The hardest part for me to think about was the last one, "Special Things from My Human," because it makes us think about what about ourselves we would want our pet to have. Special songs, routines, or even a note to them telling them how much we love them; I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it.  Unfortunately we cannot predict the future, and it is best to be prepared while hoping for the best. The book could also be used for when you are on vacation or your pet is being cared for by another person for a short time, as it contains a lot of information. I would recommend this book for any dog owner. 
ruthhill74 More than 1 year ago
When I first heard about this book, I was initially intrigued. I love the fact that the book addresses something we don't often think about. We make provisions for our children, but in many cases, dogs have become as much a part of the family as our kids (and they may even take the place of children we never had). How do you go about making sure your animals are provided for if you happen to meet an unexpected, sudden death? You certainly don't want them wandering around without any care, and I bet you don't want them to go to a shelter and potentially be put down. These are things you must think about, but where do you begin? This is a practical book with a lot of help for owners to see that their dogs are cared for. They even talk about providing care for your animals in the event that you are physically or mentally unable to care for them. It's not always about death. The possibilities are endless. I am a dog lover, and although we have but one dog, we have 13 cats and four goats. It makes me think that the principles of this book will spill over into preparing to have your other animals taken care of in the event of your untimely demise. This book definitely fills a niche that I have not seen elsewhere, and hopefully it will resonate with readers. I was thoroughly amazed at how comprehensive this guide was. I saw that it would work for my daughter's cat or any of the dear animals we have in our lives. (We also have four goats.) I could even see some of these charts being used to long-term care. I was horrified to discover the other day that some people actually have their animal euthanized following their death. I can't imagine doing that (or those you leave behind doing that to your animal). This book should offer a simple but thorough guide to ensuring your animal gets the best care when you are no longer there to provide it. I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are 100 percent mine.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This isn't your typical book. It doesn't tell the reader a story the way a novel does. That being said, this book is really quite brilliant. Every dog owner needs to purchase this unique work. Joe and Cathy Connolly have created the very voice of your K9 companion. As the title suggests, suppose you, a pet owner, die before your pooch? Or maybe you're injured and are no longer capable of caring for your dog. Would you be comfortable with your four-legged companion going to a new home that knows absolutely nothing about your friend? Those of us who have or have had dogs know they often become part of our families. They are almost like our children. If something happens to the owner, well, that pet could go to a new home that, while a good home, may not be a pleasant experience for your friend. Joe and Cathy have put together a book, sort of similar to a medical file, that documents your dog's favorite food, sleeping habits, medical issues; it informs the new owner all about the things that frighten the pooch, that make him/her feel comfortable, or those bad habits Fido may possess and just how to deal with them. The book covers many aspects of a dog's life. It is, as I mentioned above, the very voice of your pet. We plan ahead for our loved ones(children, spouse), in the event of our demise or incapacitation; but what do we do for our pets? They can't speak for themselves. The change in home and life circumstances are often scary and confusing for the dog. This book, to be completed by the pet's owner, is meant to make those unfortunate transitions easier for the dog. I suppose this might even be a book for cats as well, though it specifically deals with dogs. If you have a pet you care about, give yourself peace of mind by assuring an easier move--should the unfortunate occur.
Lisa_Bregant More than 1 year ago
If I Should Die Before My Dog is a must for all dog owners. This book is a valuable tool in caring for your best friend when you no longer can. If I Should Die Before My Dog covers all aspects of your dog's care in detailed question and answer form. A great tool for pet parents and an invaluable tool for your pet's future.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just-DebMn More than 1 year ago
I love my animals,as every day it seems that they do something new that makes me laugh. When I go to the store I know what treats to buy and also what their favorite toys are. I never thought about what would happen to them,if something happened to me. As even though my family members know the pets,they don't know they are scared of the lightening. Or,that when dinner is over they get some scraps mixed with their food. That is all solved with this one little book. As even though it is small is size,it is big in info! I would recommend this book to all dog lovers. I also just found out that there is going to be a book for cats and horses next too!
TerrierTorrent More than 1 year ago
Shortly after my last birthday I decided it was time for me to do some personal estate planning. There was no immediacy to this decision, but I’d entered the decade of life where these thoughts come to mind.  I knew that disposing of my “stuff” would be no problem. The big question is what would happen to my best friend.  I’m lucky in that I’m good friends with a couple with whom I exchange pet-sitting favors. When they need, Gizmo & I stay at their place and watch their pack, and whenever I have to leave, Gizmo goes to stay with them. He’s very comfortable in their home and they love him. I approached each of them separately and asked if they would be willing to adopt Gizmo if anything ever happened to me. I felt it was important that they both were willing, and happily they were. Problem settled…or so I thought. It was a stroke of luck that I was invited to review “If I Should die Before My Dog —“, by Joe and Cathy Connolly. Although my friends know Gizmo, this book made me realize that they didn’t really “know” him. The format is that of a workbook or diary of your dog’s life. As I reviewed the questions I realized that there was so much about Gizmo that no one but me really knew. Won’t it be wonderful to provide Gizmo’s next guardians with detailed information so that they can comfort him and ease his sadness and confusion when I’m no longer there for him.  This is such a difficult subject for any of us to think about, but the Connolly’s guide you through it gently, in a positive tone, and from your dog’s point of view. When completed, the reader will hear your dog telling his own story. Every aspect of your dog’s life is considered here, and in detail that wouldn’t have occurred to me. For example, would I have thought to include a list of Gizmo’s nicknames? Probably not. How about his microchip information? I would have missed that one too. When I got to the section on how Gizmo signaled he that he needed to go out I included a  note that he’s used to having a bell hanging from the doorknob that he taps when it’s time…never would have remembered to add that without the Connolly’s prompting. There’s almost 30 key aspects of your dog’s life covered here, and if you take the time to fill in each section you will be presenting your dog’s next caretakers with a fully complete guide to his unique and loveable self. The last section of the book is called “What I’d Like to Relate”. This was probably the hardest for me to complete. It’s where you can write a letter to your dog, saying whatever you want. This was the only section that saddened me, realizing that I would not be the person to read this to Gizmo. I’ll be leaving this completed book with my attorney, to provide to Gizmo’s new home if and when necessary. I recommend that everyone who loves their pets and cares about what happens to them get this book and take the time to complete it in detail. Not to be morbid, but you don’t have to be “of a certain age” to make use of this. Tragic accidents can happen, and where your dog is concerned, being fully prepared is always best.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If I Should I die before my Dog, by Joe and Cathy Connolly is a well thought out guide for any dog owner to ensure your furbaby's care when you can no longer do it yourself. We have two dogs, Baby and Spot, I honestly never thought about the "what if" I cannot take care of them. With this book there's isn't anything read but full of pages you must fill out about your dog. Though titled "If I should die before my dog" I think this is a great all around book to have on hand in case anything happens. You become, ill, or are unable to afford care for your pet, having this book filled out all about your dog can ensure whoever can and does take care of your pet, will have a great start in getting to know them. This book covers everything someone would need to know about your pet if something were to happen to you. It covers medical history, insurance and all the in between about your dog's life. Is your pet friendly to strangers? Does he have a routine silly ways he likes to do things? The book covers it all and I found it very informative. If I were to ever take on a pet from someone this would be the perfect guide to get along with them. You won't have to wonder if the dog likes kids, or has a thing about a certain toy, noise or a fear or storms or worse get's sick on car rides! Our two dogs get car sick, a trick that helps them cope? Ice cubes during the ride! One of our dogs was older when we got him, I wish I had known things about him when we got him from his keeper. His fear of people walking up too fast on him, his fear of dog doors, his dislike of certain foods. These are things you should put in the book , tell your dog's life story to ensure his well being after you cannot care for him anymore. This is an essential book for all dog lovers, I highly recommend it for anyone with a dog.
ParsimoniousPash More than 1 year ago
This is the perfect, unique book for your dog. You might think it's weird that I say that it is for your dog, but this book is really for your dog. This is a great little book where you can create the story of your dog's life. You get to fill out this great book with all of the information about what your dog likes, dislikes, and needs done on a daily basis. I am in love with this book and will get more in the future when I get more dogs like I want to get.  This book will be a great edition into the lives of anyone who loves their dogs as if they are their children.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When I told my husband I was going to do this review, his first thought – morbid. Probably what most people would think, but think about it – who knows your dog better than you? If something happened to you, would the next guardian know your furbaby’s quirks and know how to handle them? How about if for some reason you had to give up your animal? I know as a volunteer at a local animal shelter, they would LOVE to get something like this to help with placing an animal (future editions of this book will include cat and horse versions). I would recommend this book for all dog owners. Based on their own experience with taking care of a family member’s dog after they passed, the authors have thought of everything that a new guardian would need to know about their “new” pet. Do you travel a lot and need to leave your dog in someone else’s care? This book can also be used as a guide while you are away. The person watching your dog doesn’t have to guess and you don’t have to worry about telling the sitter all of the little quirks of your baby – it’s all in the book!
Leslie42363 More than 1 year ago
Most of us have experienced the pain of losing a beloved pet. But I wonder how many have given much thought to how our pet would feel were they to suddenly lose us? What would happen to them? Who would take feed them? Who would take them for walks, understand their needs and know that they prefer the yellow duck to the green dragon to sleep with at night? Authors Joe and Cathy Connolly have thought about all those questions and wrote "If I Should Die Before My Dog -" to get you thinking about it, too. "If I Should Die Before My Dog -" is a workbook that helps guide pet parents through the process of preparing a new life for your dog in the event you are no longer able to take care of them. Told from the perspective of your dog, the book addresses the dog's health and heritage, likes and fears and tricks and treats. And it does so in great detail. Joe and Cathy don't just ask the requisite questions like "Who's my vet?" and "How much do I eat?" They ask if the dog likes to go to the vet or is afraid. They ask about the kind of food the dog eats and if they're allowed table scraps and what their favorite snack is. They ask what kinds of medications the dog takes and give plenty of room to elaborate on past or current medical concerns. I hope everyone who has a dog they love in their life will read this book and think about their answers.
KimT313 More than 1 year ago
This book is an excellent tool in careful and complete considerations for your dog. While no one will ever take the place of you in your pet's life, at least whoever takes over for you will have the information needed to make daily life as comfortable as possible. This book really is an important part of being a pet parent and providing the best for your dog.
k-koira More than 1 year ago
It is something none of us really want to think about. Or simply don't think we have to think about. Our pets have such short lives compared to our own, that it is easy to not think about what will happen to them if something happens to us. But really, we should. That is what "If I Should Die Before My Dog --" is all about. This book guides us, step by step, over what we really need to think about and plan for our pets in case the worst happens to us. It is perhaps better called a manual, even. It tastefully and carefully guides you through all of the things you should think about for caring for your pet after your death, providing blanks in the book for you to fill out.  Not only are there the basics, like who is going to take your dog (do you know the answer to even this most basic question?), but the more in depth questions as well. It gives you a chance to really share everything about your pet, from the daily routine to allergies to the food they like the best. What kind of play do they enjoy? Are they afraid of men wearing sunglasses? All of those little quirks can be written down, all in this one place.  You may know the answer to all of these questions already. But even if you have it laid out in your will who will take your dog, there is no comparison to having something like this book, filled out and ready, to hand off to the new owner of your dog. Being able to give them this reference of your dog's whole life could make a huge difference to how easily your beloved family member settles in to their new life. I would say this is a must have for any dog owner. Hopefully, you will never have to pass it on. Hopefully, your dog will live out a long and happy life in your household. In which case this book would be a wonderful reminder of all of the little things you did together and what made your relationship so unique and important to you. I also think this book would be a wonderful thing to send along to a new home of a foster dog. Imagine being able to send off that long term foster dog with a manual to all of the likes, dislikes, routines, and the tiny little details of their lives with you. For a dog who has already had upheaval and potentially many home changes, something like this could help keep some consistency and stability in their already chaotic lives. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A great method of preparing for the unexpected. Incredibly reassuring knowing you're doing your part as a pet owner to ensure the happiness of your loved one in your absence.
ColorMeCrystal More than 1 year ago
If I Should Die Before My Dog is a necessity for every dog owner!  We make preparations for our children, our homes, our cars and our finances in the even of our untimely death.  We want to make sure that everyone we love is cared for and has little stress if we were to pass away.  But what about our dogs?  The faithful companions that have devoted their lives to loving and watching over us.  The ones who always greet us at the door and are glad to see us no matter what our mood. This is often something we don't think about.  If I Should Die Before My Dog makes planning for our pets, should we die first, a simple and easy process.  Everything that anyone would need to know is in this book.  From favorite treats and toys to allergies and medicines.  The authors thought of everything!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When you have a pet that you treat like part of the family, you can’t even imagine what you would do if something happened to them. In most cases you will out live your pets and you will move on, it will be sad and you will mourn them, but you will understand what has happened. What should happen to your dog if you were to pass away first? Do you have plans in place? How detailed are those plans? Your dog will be lost, confused and unable to tell anyone anything. What a sad place to be in. This just about broke my heart. I have a lot of planning for the future to do, I know that I am still relatively young and healthy but, anything could happen. I would hate to see my beloved dogs end up in an animal shelter. This book helps guide you in the right direction to plan for your dog’s future without you, if by chance something were to happen. The thing I really love is it goes into so much detail because the dog can’t tell you what frightens them, what commands they know, or if they like to be crated. This is a must have for all dog owners!! Keep it in a safe place and let someone know you have it and most importantly…make sure it’s filled out as fully as possible, for your pet’s sake. When you’re gone, they will be confused, depressed and the small things that someone else can know about what they are used to can help to make their days better.
lifeasleels More than 1 year ago
I thought this was one of the greatest things I have ever seen! I have never given a thought to what would happen to my dog or how she would feel if something happened to hubby and myself and we weren’t there to take care of her. In fact, this book really shed light on the idea that we really have no one to take her if something were to happen (which is definitely something we need to work on this year). This book is a great tool for me to share all of Jessie’s quirks, dislikes, likes, routines, etc. so that if something were to happen, the book can go with her to her next home and the person responsible would be able to continue her daily life as though she never left her life with us. In essence, it makes the transition for her so much easier. Imagine this: The people you love and trust that are there for you daily are all of a sudden gone and you are taken from your home, your routine, everything you know and love and are now in a new place with new people. Would you not one some sort of normalcy in your life by still having your routine, your favorite things, be present daily? This book does just that for your beloved pet. It really is a great tool for anyone who has a beloved pet!
The_Paper_Princess More than 1 year ago
As a dog lover and dog guardian, have you ever wondered: What would happen if you could no longer care for your dog? Who would take care of your faithful companion if he/she outlived you? How would the new caretakers know about your dog's special needs? If so, you’re not alone. Authors Joe and Cathy Connolly have asked those very same questions. After witnessing several pets lose their human guardians, and seeing how difficult it was for those pets to adjust to loss in a strange environment with people who knew nothing about them, they decided to write a book to help ensure that dogs everywhere would be taken care of, even when their guardians were no longer around. If I Should Die Before My Dog is a beautifully written prompted journal that enables you to share everything you would want a new guardian to know about your beloved pet in the event you were no longer able to take care of him or her.  Here are a few examples of the fill-in-the-blank topics you’ll find inside this book: My Nicknames My Medical History My Food Things That Scare Me My Personality Toys and Games Words I Know Interspersed among the journal pages are wonderful pet tips and beautiful illustrations by Rod Lawrence. As you fill in each page, this book becomes a living record of what makes your dog so special. Even reading through the blank book moved me as the prompts brought to mind many special memories of the dogs that have touched my life. This book is a treasured keepsake - and potential lifesaver - for each and every dog in your life! I not only recommend it, but I’m counting down the days until the authors complete their follow-up book, If I Should Die Before My Cat! Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a copy of this book from the authors for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review, nor was I required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
Momdoesreviews More than 1 year ago
If you are a lifetime dog lover like I am, making sure your pet is cared for properly is always a priority.  We take the time to leave detailed instructions for our pet sitter, but we never think about what would happen to our beloved pet if we passed away before they did!  Dogs can’t speak to tell potential new owners that they like water on their food or the don’t like their ears touched.  Just recently, my parents lost their gentle giant Shepherd Husky Mix after 10 years.  They were hesitant to get a new puppy because they are worried the puppy will outlive them.  This book is the solution to their problem.  They can fill out this book about their new puppy so they will have peace of mind in case something does happen. The authors have taken pet care to a new level.  Normally we have living wills for ourselves, but this is the first time we have included our dogs in it.  This is such a wonderful idea.  This book is a workbook that dog owners fill out so their best friend is cared for the way they are accustomed to.  You can give detailed instructions about every aspect of a dog’s life-from his favorite toys, foods he likes, where he likes to sleep, is he afraid of thunderstorms, and much more. This book gives your dog a voice.  Be sure to consider your dog if you should die first.  I know it’s not something we want to think about, but we all die, we just don’t know when it will happen.   I highly recommend this book to dog owners that want to be sure their dog is well cared for in the event of their death.
TwoLittleCavaliers More than 1 year ago
If there is one resource that you as a dog owner should have it is this book. If you own a dog you need to have this book filled out and kept in a safe place so that if something happens to you everyone will know what your wishes are for the care of your dog. This is a resource that every shelter and rescue should be giving to adopters to take home with their new dog. Even if your whole family knows what is supposed to happen with your dog(s) if you can no longer care for them If I Should Die Before My Dog helps you remember to write down the details the things that will help ease the transition for their new owner and your dog so things go smoothly. This is the book that will allow you to know that your dog is being love and cared for the way you love and care for them. It is the book that will help your dog's new caregiver feel more comfortable and at ease. If your dog is going to a family member or friend it will remind them of the love you had for your dog and the care you took to make sure they were prepared.
MaureenST More than 1 year ago
This book should be mandatory for any pet owner. Whether you adopt from a Shelter, Rescue, or Breeder, a copy should go with you. No matter what your age, you never know what will happen. If your a dog lover, like I am, you want them protected! They give such unconditional "Love" and don't ask for much in return. Now in a simple small book, Joe and Cathy Connolly have laid out what you need to do! When you begin to fill in the blanks...first you decide who is going to be willing to care for completely your Furbabies. You need to plan and be in agreement. I've seen the poor souls in the dog pound who were left when their "person" could no longer take care of them. I sure wouldn't want these for my guys! The book has the pages for you to fill in that will give their new owner all the information they will need. Things like...their Vet, are they microchipped? Do they like to ride in the car? How about grooming, time of day they like to eat. Nothing is to small to leave a message about! This is something that I have never really thought much about, but I'm filling out my book for my three! I received this book from Beck Valley Books Book Tour Campaign, and was not required to give a positive review.
ReadRateandReview More than 1 year ago
This has been one of my favorite assignments with MVM Book Reviews :) It really really is a book that is now close to my heart. It is also one of the hardest for me to write. We (my fiance and I) have two Mal-shi dogs. One of my Mal-shi pups was hit by a car on February 29th, 2012. Before this event I had no clue that dogs and pets actually grieve. We were devastated of course but our little girl was beyond devastated. She stopped eating, would constantly whine and cry especially after she would look around for him and not find him, they had never been apart her whole life, he was 3 she was not even a year old. I could almost hear her pleas and screams as I was forced to watch this seemingly endless cycle. She lost her best friend, her partner in crime, her love. Now if we were to leave our pets unexpectedly I can not even imagine how they would handle it. I am lucky enough to have a mother who would take them in a heartbeat and knows everything there is to know about them and their quirks (we have since bought Lilly a friend -actually less than a week later and she perked up within a day. They are the best of friends now) but if my mom was not around I would need this book more than anything else in my possession.  When there is a death people are not always prepared for the care of their pets and other people can easily over look a dog or cat especially if they do not have pets themselves. This book is perfect for making sure the furry friends you love most are taken care of if you should die before your pet. From the schedules to vets to groomers to treats and food, you need to leave directions for your babies. I plan on keeping this book in my fire-proof box with our wills and all of our other important documents.  My favorite sections of the books are these: 1. Riding in the Car: My girls get car sick and we have to give them what we call "the juice" to keep them calm or they will get car sick everywhere (we found this out about 40 minutes into our first 9 hour car trip with them. Fun stuff right?!) 2. Grooming: My babies love their groomer Andrew at Little Critters. He understands them and knows exactly what we like them to look like. They are family there at Little Critters and if I wasn't around I would want them to still have their normalcy as much as possible.  and finally 3. Nicknames: My babies have nicknames that they know. Their names are Lilly Pad and Olivia Grace but they answer to Lilly, Pad, Livie, Smushface, snotter, baby girl, and just simply girls. These are little touches that someone other than myself and my fiance may or may not know and they need that continuity.  I implore you to go and get this book and fill it out so that your babies are not left without directions :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is a must have for all dog owners! Everyone has to plan for what will happen to their dogs if something happens to them. Make sure your entire family is covered!