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Image and Graphics Technologies and Applications: 14th Conference on Image and Graphics Technologies and Applications, IGTA 2019, Beijing, China, April 19-20, 2019, Revised Selected Papers

Image and Graphics Technologies and Applications: 14th Conference on Image and Graphics Technologies and Applications, IGTA 2019, Beijing, China, April 19-20, 2019, Revised Selected Papers


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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 14th Conference on Image and Graphics Technologies and Applications, IGTA 2019, held in Beijing, China in April, 2019.
The 66 papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 152 submissions. They provide a forum for sharing progresses in the areas of image processing technology; image analysis and understanding; computer vision and pattern recognition; big data mining, computer graphics and VR, as well as image technology applications.

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ISBN-13: 9789811399169
Publisher: Springer Singapore
Publication date: 07/20/2019
Series: Communications in Computer and Information Science , #1043
Edition description: 1st ed. 2019
Pages: 727
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

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Human fungal infection image classification based on convolutional neural network.- Improved RPN for Single Target Detection.- Based on Anchor Mask Net.- Design and Analysis of Object Behavior in Media Content-User Relationship Network Model.- A method of penicillin bottle defect inspection based on BP neural network.- An End-to-End Pyramid Convolutional Neural Network for Dehazing.- Dynamic Community Detection and Evolution Analysis.- Obeject Detection and Segmentation Method for Multi-category Armored Targets Based on CNN.- Inter-frame relationship graph Based Near-Duplicate Video Clip Detection Method.- The high speed 3D measurement based on interval line structured light method for translucent objects.- Pixel and Channel Attention Network for Person Re-Identification.- Infrared and Visible Image Matching Algorithm Based on SIFT and LDB.- The Overview of 2D to 3D Automatic Conversion.- Sugarcane Node Identification Based on Structured Learning Model.- 3D Human Pose Estimation with Grouping Regression.- Vascular Model Editing for 3D Printing Based on Implicit Functions.- Design and Implementation of Hardware Accelerator for Gaussian Filter Based on HLS.- Fusion of global and local Gaussian-Hermite moments for face recognition.- A visual-inertial information fusion method for SLAM front-end odometry.- A Multiscale Image Denoising Algorithm Based on Dilated Residual Convolution Network.- Model-driven Dynamic Visualization of Spatiotemporal Data in GIS.- DCNN Transfer learning and Multi-Model Integration for Disease and Weed Identification.- 3D Human Pose Lifting: from Joint Position to Joint Rotation.- Estimation of 6Dof Pose using Image Mask and Bounding Box.- Multi-Attention Network for 2D Face Alignment in the Wild.- Virtual-Real Fusion Processing Based on Parallel Distribution.- Exploring a Facial Defect Skin Detection Algorithm with Probability Distribution Model.- Universal Framework of Seals Erasing with Generative Adversarial Network.- Pupil segmentation method based on treasure theory.- Object Recognition and Localization Base on Binocular Vision.- Effects of dynamic disparity on visual fatigue caused by watching 2D videos in HMDs.- Detection of Small Moving Targets in Videos Using Skew Normal Mixture Model.- Spectral Pooling based CNN Model Compression for Light Field Depth-estimation.- 3D Surface Splicing Based on Principal Component Feature Extraction.- An Automatic White Balance Algorithm Based on Pixel Luminance and Chromaticity.- Attention-based GAN for Single Image Super-Resolution.- Tiny Vehicle Detection from UAV imagery.- SGM-based disparity estimation under radiometric variations.- A Survey of Chinese character style transfer.- Deep Multi-resolution Feature Fusion Network based 3D Object Recognition.- Construction of Game-based Teaching Environment for Animation Scene Scheduling Based on Virtual Reality.- An Improved Dark Object Subtraction Method for Atmospheric Correction of Remote Sensing Images.- The Influence of Mobile Augmented Reality-Based Sandbox Games on Chinese characters Learning.- Impact of Teaching Aids Based on Virtual Role on Student's Design Thinking for Animation Course.- Classification of Imagined Digits via Brain-Computer Interface based on Electroencephalogram.- Plant Identification Based on Multi-branch Convolutional Neural Network with Attention.- Verification Learning for Robust Visual Object Tracking.- Convolutional Randomized Binary Features for Keypoints Recognition.- A novel multi-image encryption algorithm based on the RDFrMT and cascaded phase retrieval.- Analysis of Influence of the spectral channels of AWG on The Imaging Quality of Planar Interferometric Imaging System.- Remote Sensing Image Change Detection Algorithm Based on BM3D and PCANet.- Long-Tailed Contrastive Loss for Video-based Person Re-identification.- A Novel Image Super-Resolution Method Based on Cross Classification Trees and Cascaded Network.- Diagnostic Classification of Pulmonary Nodules Using a Multi-Scale and Multi-Input DenseNet.- SAR Ship Detection under Complex Background Based on Attention Mechanism.- A Beam Adjustment Algorithm Based on Star-sensor Geometric Imaging Link Model with Distance Constraint.- Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithm based on Per-pixel Rendering Cost Estimation for Parallel Ray Tracing on PC Clusters.- Research on Warehouse Object Detection Algorithm Based on Fused DenseNet and SSD.- Study on 3D Modeling of Complex Coal Mine Interface.- Enhanced Subtraction Image Guided Convolutional Neural Network for Coronary Artery Segmentation.- Visual Tracking Based on Multi-Cue Proposals and Long Short-Term Features Learning.- MMRPet: Modular Mixed Reality Pet System Based on Passive Props.- ReFall: Real-Time Fall Detection of Continuous Depth Maps with RFD-Net.- An Optimization Method for Large Format Multi-projector Displays.- An Optimization Method for Large Format Multi-projector Displays.- Study on Electromagnetic Visualization Experiment System Based on Augmented Reality.- Research on Battle Damage Analysis Methods Based on Collaborative Simulation for Armored Equipment.

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