Imagine You Were There... Winning the Vote for Women

Imagine You Were There... Winning the Vote for Women

by Caryn Jenner


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Winning the Vote for Women helps readers imagine what it was like to actually be in the United States at the passing of the 19th Amendment in 1919.

Blended with stunning photographs and lively artwork, the book includes step-by-step details of events leading up to passing of the historic Amendment, how women had campaigned (and won) in other countries including Britain, eyewitness accounts of the suffragettes and their harsh treatment by the authorities, and features on the women and men who helped change history.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780753477496
Publisher: Kingfisher
Publication date: 07/06/2021
Series: Imagine You Were There...
Pages: 64
Product dimensions: 5.47(w) x 8.67(h) x 0.23(d)
Age Range: 7 - 10 Years

Table of Contents

An Example for the World 6

Why Is Voting Important? 8

Not Fair! 10

Seneca Falls 12

Steps Forward and Steps Back 14

People Power-For! 16

People Power-Against! 18

Early Successes 20

Winning in Canada 22

Women of the Russian Revolution 24

British Suffragists 26

British Suffragettes 28

Drastic Actions 30

Women in World War I 32

After World War I 34

Suffrage in the U.S. 36

More Global Success 38

Women in World War II 40

Opposite Sides of the World 42

Poet and Protester 44

From Poverty to Power 46

The Lioness of Lasabi 48

Recent Struggles 50

Votes for Women! 52

The Fight for Women's Rights 54

Toward Equality 56

Gender Equality and You 58

Hall of Fame 60

Glossary 62

Index 64

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