Imperfect Union: A Father's Search for His Son in the Aftermath of the Battle of Gettysburg

Imperfect Union: A Father's Search for His Son in the Aftermath of the Battle of Gettysburg

by Chuck Raasch


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ISBN-13: 9780811718936
Publisher: Stackpole Books
Publication date: 10/01/2016
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 765,865
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

Chuck Raasch is the chief Washington correspondent for the St. Louis Post Dispatch. He was one of the five original long-form writers for USA Today when it began in 1982 and a national correspondent for Gannett News Service for twenty-five years. A graduate of South Dakota State University, Raasch completed a journalism fellowship at Stanford and is a member of the National Press Club and the Gridiron Club. He lives in the Washington, D.C., metro area.

Table of Contents

Introduction: "The Probable Truth" v

Chapter 1 Angels Above Him 1

Chapter 2 "Deathlike Stillness" 3

Chapter 3 "A Portable Battery of Nine Pistols" 8

Chapter 4 "You Should Have Seen Him" 13

Chapter 5 "Jove! What a Dish!" 16

Chapter 6 "To Conscientiously and Manfully Perform the Duties of a Journalist" 26

Chapter 7 "A Self-Made Man Who Worships His Creator" 31

Chapter 8 "If I Have Watermelons and Whiskey Ready" 39

Chapter 9 "A Fanatical, Impertinent, Revolutionary Fellow" 49

Chapter 10 "Now General Sherman, Tell Us Your Troubles" 55

Chapter 11 "A Changed Man Was He!" 63

Chapter 12 "The Yeast Which Overflows in Many Columns" 72

Chapter 13 "I Am Seventeen Years and Six Months of Age" 76

Chapter 14 "He Was Pure in Thought, and Word" 87

Chapter 15 "True, Steadfast and Gentle" 97

Chapter 16 "They String You Up to a Tree Damned Quick" 108

Chapter 17 "A Country Redeemed, Saved, Baptized" 118

Chapter 18 "My Hunt After the Captain" 125

Chapter 19 "He Believed That I Was Aiming to Tell the Truth" 131

Chapter 20 "An Unusually Gauzv Mystery of Enchantment" 135

Chapter 21 "Mr. Wilkeson Has Been Constantly Attacking the Administration" 138

Chapter 22 "Howard's Cowards" 145

Chapter 23 "They Are Just Like Our People" 152

Chapter 24 "The Sun Shining on a Piece of Hot Iron" 157

Chapter 25 "Pandemonium!" 170

Chapter 26 "Hard Times at Gettysburg" 177

Chapter 27 "The War Devil Is in Him" 190

Chapter 28 "The Most Fortunate Hazard of the Day" 195

Chapter 29 "I Have Spiked the Gun for Them" 199

Chapter 30 "A Terrible but Incredibly Fascinating Scene" 204

Chapter 31 "The Marvel Is That Any of Them Escaped" 217

Chapter 32 "The Ground Shook" 227

Chapter 33 "There Was Neither Vanity nor Bravado" 233

Chapter 34 "Whether Living Now or Dead He Could Not Tell 243

Chapter 35 "Death Was in Every One of Them" 248

Chapter 36 "Pursuing His Duty as a Correspondent with a Heavy Heart" 259

Chapter 37 "A Butcher's Pen" 263

Chapter 38 "Hateful Ravages" 267

Chapter 39 "They Came by the Thousands" 276

Chapter 40 "How Beautiful He Looked at Her Out of His Eyes" 289

Chapter 41 "I Would Rather Hear He Was Dead Than That He Had Disgraced Himself" 294

Chapter 42 "Who Can Write the History?" 300

Chapter 43 "The Blood of a Brave Son Printing Upon His Tortured Heart" 311

Chapter 44 "More Than His Proportionate Part" 314

Chapter 45 "You Will Almost Want to Kill Him" 324

Chapter 46 "Bone of Our Bone and Flesh of Our Flesh" 334

Chapter 47 "Stood at My Side" 341

Chapter 48 "I Know What I Saw Distinctly with My Own Eyes" 348

Chapter 49 "He Would Have Rather Died That Way Than Any Other" 351

Chapter 50 "The Sorrowful Joy and the Profound Gratitude" 355

Acknowledgments 358

Endnotes 361

Index 395

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Imperfect Union: A Father's Search for His Son in the Aftermath of the Battle of Gettysburg 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
MSeip More than 1 year ago
I bought this book in an attempt to get more information on another aspect of the Battle of Gettysburg. What I found was much more than another good book about history. I found a beautifully written and sensitive work regarding the terrible toll of war on a father and so many more. This is a thoughtful and fascinating book.