In Another Life: A Novel

In Another Life: A Novel

by C. C. Hunter


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ISBN-13: 9781250312273
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 03/26/2019
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 58,307
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.40(d)
Age Range: 13 - 18 Years

About the Author

C.C. HUNTER is a pseudonym for award-winning romance author Christie Craig. She is lives in Tomball, Texas, where she’s at work on her next novel.

Christie's books include The Mortician's Daughter series, Shadow Fall Novels and This Heart of Mine.

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In Another Life 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous 26 days ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish! Such a page turner.. I could not put it down. This author grabs my attention and holds it no matter what she writes about! I loved the characters and plot of the novel. The suspense of the adoption / kidnapping it Chloe or isn’t it?? I couldn’t read fast enough to find out what happened. I also enjoyed the YA romance between Chloe and Cash as well. There is something about that new, first young love that gets you every time! Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I would like this one as much as her other more paranormal books, but once again C.C. Hunter has proven to me that she is a fabulous storyteller! I fell into this and did not want to see it end! Many thanks to the author and publisher for giving me an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review!
Anonymous 1 days ago
Anonymous 4 days ago
This book was so awesome an i loved it I recommend it highly and it was worth the money
Savtink 5 days ago
I cannot get enough of her books. Every single one of them has a message and are just a great read in general. Its a story you can get lost in which is great when you need a little escape from reality.
Chrissie_W 13 days ago
In Another Life was a strange ride from beginning to end. Despite having an intriguing storyline, the plot played out predictably, the characters oddly mishandled, and the dialogue was very often stilted or outrageous. While I still somewhat enjoyed the book, and was able to stay focused and vaguely interested from beginning to end, I can't really say I'd recommend this one.
rach1187 22 days ago
It’s been a while since the last time I read a YA suspense so I was pretty excited to start on this book. With an intriguing blurb, In Another Life was a promising read and I jumped in expecting a thriller of a ride. And I got that, but I could have done with more. Marketed as a suspense thriller, In Another Life offered an interesting though formulaic puzzle. You’ll easily be able to put two and two together and figure out the mystery early on if you’ve read your own share of the genre before. I think it only took me about 20% of the book to suss out the whole plot of this story. Predictability aside, I still enjoyed this book though. In Another Life compensated in other areas. I like how it showed the mess and hurt a divorce brings a family, the questions about identity it posed. It also didn’t hurt that both Chloe and Cash were so easy to root for. They are kindred spirits, both with their own baggage and, as Chloe puts it, “holes in their hearts.” Their romance, though it moved fast at whiplash speed at first, eventually grew on me. Overall, In Another Life was a satisfying fast-paced read. I found the story engaging and enjoyable despite its flaws. However, I think this one would appeal more to YA contemporary readers rather than its intended audience.
lee2staes 24 days ago
I really enjoyed this book. It’s a thriller and a romance novel. It’s a love story, it’s suspenseful, it’s about adoption, abuse, foster families and divorce. It’s an interesting look at families and adoptions. I really likes the story and the characters. It was hard for me to put this book down. It just grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. It’s a very intriguing story. The ending was perfect. I highly recommend it. My thanks to Netgalley for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
sincerelykarenjo 25 days ago
This is the second book I’ve read from this author and I must say… I’m very impressed. I don’t know how In Another Life and This Heart of Mine compare with her paranormal romances, but I am positively in love with C.C. Hunter’s writing style. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous, incredibly compelling and wonderfully emotional. The moment I started reading In Another Life, I was immediately intrigued and excited. I had a good feeling this would be one of those books that would have me glued to the pages, holding on to my breath, clutching my heart, and preparing for the worst. Well, it surely did that and MORE. It was emotionally intense, but also filled with adorable lighthearted moments. It was heartbreaking, but also sweet and charming. It made me cry, but it also made me smile, laugh and swoon. It had all the worst and the best FEELS and I loved it. As I’ve already said, I really loved the writing style. Not only was it easy to read, but it’s just so beautifully affecting and evocative. I felt what the characters felt and it was an excruciatingly amazing experience. I liked that there was a good balance between the heavy drama, the light mystery, the sweet intimate scenes, and the adorable heartwarming moments. The characters were interesting, likable, and realistic. I loved Cash and Chloe and rooted for them so hard… not just for them to be together and have their romantic HEA, but also to find their own happiness as individuals. The romance was swoony, sweet and relatable. I liked that there were some challenge and problems in the relationship and that made the story more interesting. I also enjoyed the mystery part and trying to guess what really happened. Even though I would have liked more build-up, anticipation, and suspense, I still found myself anxious and thrilled with the twists and turns. The ending had me in tears, but it also filled me with warmth and joy. This was truly a lovely read and I enjoyed everything about this book. In Another Life by C.C. Hunter broke my heart over and over, but also made me feel so much love and hope. I liked the message of this story about finding yourself, forgiveness, trust, love, and learning how to move on from pain and anger. It’s absolutely a wonderful story and I cannot wait to read more from Hunter. I received an electronic advanced reader copy of this book from the publisher, Wednesday Books, via Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Jolie 26 days ago
I like reading Young Adult books. I know, how weird is it that a 40 something (hey, not giving my actual age out here!!) woman likes to read about teenagers. But I do. So when the publisher approached me to review In Another Life, I jumped on it. What attracted me to In Another Life was the cover. It is an eyecatcher. A turquoise blue cover with black writing, it caught my eye. This is a book that I would buy because of the cover. I felt awful for Chloe in this book. She had to deal with the fallout from a bitter divorce. She also had to deal with her mother’s illness (breast cancer and depression). She had every right to be upset with her father. She also had every right to question Cash when he laid the facts out in front of her. If someone I barely knew came up to me and said: “Guess what, you are the kidnapped daughter of my foster parents.” I would have had the same reaction. I liked her. I liked Cash but man, did he annoy me at points in the book. Like his obsession with proving that Chloe was Emily. I get why he was doing it. I do. But, during certain parts of the book, I was like “Just drop it, dude“. I did think that his first interactions with Chloe were borderline stalkerish. I also thought that his attitude towards his foster parents sucked. I mean, they wanted to adopt him and he noped out of it. But it did make sense. What he went through as a child scarred him. I didn’t blame him for not attempting to form relationships. Chloe’s parents disgusted me. Both of them. Her father was so wrapped up in thinking with his “little” head that he almost lost his relationship with his daughter. And her mother. I couldn’t stand her. She was constantly bad mouthing Chloe’s father. Constantly. Every scene that she was in, I could feel the bitterness rolling off the pages. Even when they were at the police station, she couldn’t stop. At that point, I had enough. I wanted to smack her upside the head and say “Helloo, focus on your daughter, you bitter harpy“. The main plotline was well written. I had no problem following along. Keeping Cash’s section in 3rd person was a smart move. It would have made it harder to read if it was in 1st person like Chloe. There was a slight lag in the middle but the author was able to get the plot back on track. I did figure out the mystery angle early in the book. With the introduction of Rodney and the not so subtle clues that were dropped, it only made what I suspected even more concrete. But, figuring out the mystery angle did not take away from the enjoyment of reading the book. I thought that Cash and Chloe’s romance was very sweet. I had a couple of “awww” moments while reading the book. I liked that the author kept the book PG too. The end of In Another Life was what I expected. Everything (and I mean all the storylines) were wrapped up. I did get a laugh at what Chloe did to Cash. Also, the epilogue was wonderful to read.
Ashes2ashes1189 26 days ago
I absolutely loved it ! This book has become one of my favorite reads. The suspense build had me thinking more than once “ o no, now what is going to happen?” His book had it all relationships, friendships, and finding the balance in a new family dynamic.
MeganLeprich 26 days ago
Thank you so much to St. Martins Press and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I have never read anything by C.C. Hunter and the synopsis of this book really intrigued me. I love YA mystery books and as soon as I saw that this was about a girl that might have been kidnapped and adopted to a different family, I was immediately interested. This book is about Chloe who is living with her mother that has just overcame breast cancer. After her mother and father divorce, her mom moves them to a new town and Chloe must start at a new school, as a senior no less. She's known her whole life that she was adopted but she's never let it bother her and has never had an interest in finding out who her real parents were. One weekend when her father is driving her back to her moms she meets Cash Colton and is instantly drawn to him. Cash's motives for wanting to get to know her better might have something to do with what happened in Chloe's past, something she has no idea about, something that Cash has been dealing with for the last 3 years with his current foster parents. Chloe and Cash must find out the secrets about Chloe's past before that secret ends up getting them killed. This was a great book right from the start. You're immediately drawn in when Chloe meets Cash for the first time and trying to figure out what he was talking about when they ran into each other, literally. I loved Cash's backstory and what he went through with his dad and how he overcame that and was trying to make his life right. I also loved how the story progressed with Chloe slowly learning everything about her first 3 years of life with Cash helping her out. I love when books are told from both main characters point of view instead of the author trying to have one main character explain both sides. It makes the book feel a lot more in depth and you feel like as a reader you're not missing out on any important moments with the other characters. C.C. Hunter's writing style definitely drew me in and kept my attention. I loved all the drama between Cash and Chloe's relationship. It was a very enjoyable read and I hope to read other books from the author.
Gabrielle90 26 days ago
4.5 stars The book starts out with Chloe driving back to her mom's with her dad. She's full of anger at her father and is pretty much mad at the world (I think every teen has felt this way at least once). She has a new life in a town she doesn't want to live in. She has to be a parent to her mother and has little time to be a teenager. On the ride back into town, she bumps into a mysterious guy about her age. He's not very nice but she's still pulled to him (I felt like because she found him hot). As time goes on, he bumps into her more and more and neither of them can resist their attraction. After a little while, he tells her she looks like his foster parents' long lost child and at first she denies it could be her. But the more they look into it the more she starts to believe him. The closer they get to the truth, the more danger they're in. Soon, they're on the run from a psycho and even the cops. Chloe deals with her parents' crap so well for a teenager that I admire her for it. Yeah, sometimes she moans about it, but she takes care of her mother when she shouldn't have to and helps get her the help she needs. She also set her father straight. She had the maturity and balls to do something most kids (even adults) couldn't do. Cash is intriguing. He's tossed around foster homes after his father's death (he blames himself). His father was the opposite of what a parent should be and he didn't have much luck in the system until he found his newest foster parents. They want to spoil him but he doesn't take advantage of them. He actually grows to love them, emotions I wasn't sure he could feel since at the beginning he seemed so hostile. What I enjoyed about the book: I always LOVE C.C Hunter's romances! It sucks me in and I can't stop reading until it's over and then I WANT MORE. I also love how she perfectly blends romance and mystery into this story. I can't get over the fact how well she writes YA and it truly feels like she's in the mind of a teenager. I've felt every single emotion her characters do. What I disliked: I didn't want Cash to enlighten her on why he seeked her out so early in the book. BUT that didn't destroy the story, instead, it added a different twist.
Cat_Reader 26 days ago
I knew this writer in This Heart of Mine and I really enjoyed her writing, when I saw her new release I picked up without even reading the synopsis. When I received and read the synopsis, I was afraid whe I read it was a thriller because I did not like this genre very much, but what was not my surprise when I started reading and realizing that it was more a romance than a thriller. I loved this ! Chloe had her whole life transformed after a family problem that forced her to move from where she lived. She believed that she has the perfect family, the perfect boyfriend, the perfect friends, the perfect life, but we know that nothing in this world is perfect and she will discover it at a hard way. On a ride with her father, Chloe bumps into Cash, a serious kid taken from a badboy who implies with her right away. Cash had a very hard childhood and locked himself in a shell to protect his heart. From foster home to foster home he closes himself even further. Now he is in Fullers' home, a grieving family who has lost they young daughter. In this family, he finds the love, but he resists to it for think taht he does not deserve love. Upon meeting Chloe, he is intrigued by the girl's resemblance to the biological daughter of the Fullers and begins to approach her to know what exactly happened with the girl. In the midst of a delightful romance, parallel plotting, a certain suspense and tension, CC Hunter creates a plot about acceptance, strength, second chances and love leading the reader to delve into the lives of these characters and cheer to know who Chloe is and what Cash did in the past to be so distressed. I really liked the ending chosen for Chloe's mother, I really liked the cover and the plot although I think that at times it got a little repetitive and that the writer could have developed the suspense better.