Influence: How to Raise Your Profile, Manage Your Reputation and Get Noticed

Influence: How to Raise Your Profile, Manage Your Reputation and Get Noticed

by Warren Cass


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ISBN-13: 9780857087157
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 07/31/2017
Pages: 270
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Warren Cass ( is a speaker, author and entrepreneur. He is a man on a mission to help people connect, innovate & evolve. His speaking draws largely on his experience of running the leading business community, Business Scene who have supported thousands of entrepreneurs & business owners across the UK since 2006. His clients include - Bupa; Santander; Telegraph; O2; IBD; Regus & Elite Living. Warren is straight talking with a no nonsense style of speaking. He has run over 1000 networking events and has been speaking over the last 10 years on the subject of building influence. He is an entrepreneur with 25 years of running his own businesses; he has experienced huge success and has learnt valuable insights from any mistakes.. All of these lessons and stories are shared when he speaks... Always from the heart!

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements xiii

Introduction xv

1. What Is Influence? 1

Influence in a Changing World 8

Setting Objectives for Influence 14

The Principles of Influence 17

2. P Is for People – Who do you know and, more importantly, who knows you? 19

Your Network 20

The Law of Reciprocity 24

Becoming a Connector 26

Credibility by Association 31

Identifying and Approaching Influencers 38

The Power of Partnerships 43

Creating Advocacy 47

Become a Student of People – Start with You 52

3. I Is for Image 57

Dress to Impress 59

Colours That Influence 65

Reputation Matters 70

Your Image Online 75

The Importance of Social Proof 83

4. C Is for Communication 91

Effective Communication Starts with Good Intuition 95

It’s Not What You Say It’s How You Say It 96

Actually, it’s Also What You Say . . . And What You Do! 110

Words That Influence 143

5. K Is for Knowledge 161

Demonstrating Expertise 162

Let’s Start with Publishing 165

Influence by Public Speaking 202

Using PR to Grow Your Influence 213

6. Y Is for You – The Qualities of Influencers 217

Effective Influencers Are Authentic 219

Effective Influencers Think About the Future 220

Effective Influencers Leverage Technology 221

Effective Influencers Are Courageous 221

Effective Influencers Are Great Communicators 222

Effective Influencers Have Integrity 223

Effective Influencers Show Humility 224

Effective Influencers Are Focused 224

Effective Influencers Are Prepared 225

Effective Influencers Are Confident 226

Effective Influencers Are Inspirational 227

Effective Influencers Are Passionate 227

Effective Influencers Are Resilient 228

Effective Influencers Are Connected 229

Effective Influencers Are Decisive 230

Effective Influencers Adapt 231

Effective Influencers Are Charismatic 231

Effective Influencers Are Generous 232

Effective Influencers Have Good Intuition 233

Effective Influencers Are Persistent 234

Effective Influencers Are Disciplined 235

Effective Influencers Are Accountable 235

Effective Influencers Are Visionaries 236

Effective Influencers Are Positive 237

Effective Influencers Are Great with Other People 238

Effective Influencers Are Open Minded 238

Effective Influencers Reciprocate 239

Effective Influencers Understand Everything in This Book 240

Index 241

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