Information Handling in Astronomy / Edition 1

Information Handling in Astronomy / Edition 1

by Andre Heck
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Springer Netherlands

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Information Handling in Astronomy / Edition 1

This book offers a unique review of how astronomical information is handled, made available and tuned to various audiences, including education and public outreach. The information flow in astronomy is indeed illustrated from sources (cosmic objects) to end (mankind's knowledge).
The experts contributing to this book have done their best to write in a way understandable to readers not necessarily hyperspecialized in astronomy, while providing specific detailed information as well as plenty of pointers and bibliographical elements. Especially enlightening are those 'lessons learned' sections where authors make a critical review of the experience gained.
This book will be read by researchers, teachers, editors, publishers, librarians, computer scientists, project managers, public relations officers, plus those in charge of astronomy-related institutions and associations, as well as all persons interested in the impact of mankind's understanding of the universe on society at large.

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ISBN-13: 9780792364948
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 09/06/2007
Series: Astrophysics and Space Science Library Series , #250
Edition description: 2000
Pages: 242
Product dimensions: 9.21(w) x 6.14(h) x 0.63(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword - The information flow in astronomy; A. Heck. Information in astronomy: The role of the IAU; J. Andersen. Astronomy and the news media; S.P. Maran, et al. Public outreach in astronomy: The ESO experience; C. Madsen, R.M. West. New frontiers in NASA data management; C. Cheung, D. Leisawitz. The FITS experience: Lessons learned; D.C. Wells. The use of the IRAF system at NOAO; G.H. Jacoby, D. Tody. Starlink: Astronomical computing in the United Kingdom; P.T. Wallace, R.F. Warren-Smith. Computer-assisted context analysis of databases containing scientific literature; R. Albrecht. Computational astronomy: Current directions and future perspectives; F. Murtagh. Information handling for the Hubble Space Telescope; R.J. Hanisch. To be editor in chief of a primary scientific journal: From manual work to electronic publication; J. Lequeux. Astronomy libraries 2000: Context, coordination, cooperation; U. Grothkopf. Astronomy education: Description, organization, and information; J.R. Percy. Astronomy teaching at the Open University; A.J. Norton, et al. The role of the planetarium; C.C. Petersen, M.C. Petersen. Data handling in the AAVSO: An example from a large organization of amateur astronomers; J.A. Mattei, E.O. Waagen. From data files to information hubs: Beyond technologies and methodologies; A. heck.

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