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Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems: 13th International Conference, IPMU 2010, Dortmund, Germany, June 28-July 2, 2010. Proceedings, Part II / Edition 1

Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems: 13th International Conference, IPMU 2010, Dortmund, Germany, June 28-July 2, 2010. Proceedings, Part II / Edition 1


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ISBN-13: 9783642140570
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 08/11/2010
Series: Communications in Computer and Information Science , #81
Edition description: 2010
Pages: 762
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

Data Analysis Applications

Data-Driven Design of Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Systems for Predicting NOx Emissions Edwin Lughofer Vicente Macián Carlos Guardiola Erich Peter Klement 1

Coping with Uncertainty in Temporal Gene Expressions Using Symbolic Representations Silvana Badaloni Marco Falda 11

Olive Trees Detection in Very High Resolution Images Juan Moreno-Garcia Luis Jimenez Linares Luis Rodriguez-Benitez Cayetano J. Solana-Cipres 21

A Fast Recursive Approach to Autonomous Detection, Identification and Tracking of Multiple Objects in Video Streams under Uncertainties Pouria Sadeghi-Tehran Plamen Angelov Ramin Ramezani 30

Soft Concept Hierarchies to Summarise Data Streams and Highlight Anomalous Changes Trevor Martin Yun Shen Andrei Majidian 44

Using Enriched Ontology Structure for Improving Statistical Models of Gene Annotation Sets Frank Rügheimer 55

Predicting Outcomes of Septic Shock Patients Using Feature Selection Based on Soft Computing Techniques André S. Fialho Federico Cismondi Susana M. Vieira João M.C. Sousa Shane R. Reti Michael D. Howell Stan N. Finkelstein 65

Obtaining the Compatibility between Musicians Using Soft Computing Teresa Leon Vicente Liern 75

Consistently Handling Geographical User Data: Context-Dependent Detection of Co-located POIs Guy De Tré Antoon Bronselaer Tom Matthé Nico Van de Weghe Philippe De Maeyer 85

Intelligent Databases

A Model Based on Outranking for Database Preference Queries Patrick Bosc Olivier Pivert Grégory Smits 95

Incremental Membership Function Updates Narjes Hachani Imen Derbel Habib Ounelli 105

A New Approach for Comparing Fuzzy Objects Yasmina Bashon Daniel Neagu Mick J. Ridley 115

Generalized Fuzzy Comparators for Complex Data in a Fuzzy Object-Relational Database Management System Juan Miguel Medina Carlos D. Barranco Jesús R. Campaña Sergio Jaime-Castillo 126

The Bipolar Semantics of Querying Null Values in Regular and Fuzzy Databases: Dealing with Inapplicability Tom Matthé Guy De Tré 137

Describing Fuzzy DB Schemas as Ontologies: A System Architecture View Carmen Martínez-Cruz Ignacio J. Blanco M. Amparo Vila 147

Using Textual Dimensions in Data Warehousing Processes M.J. Martín-Bautista C. Molina E. Tejeda M. Amparo Vila 158

Information Fusion

Uncertainty Estimation in the Fusion of Text-Based Information for Situation Awareness Kellyn Rein Ulrich Schade Silverius Kawaletz 168

Aggregation of Partly Inconsistent Preference Information Rudolf Felix 178

Risk Neutral Valuations Based on Partial Probabilistic Information Andrea Capotorti Giuliana Regoli Francesca Vattari 188

A New Contextual Discounting Rule for Lower Probabilities Sebastien Destercke 198

The Power Average Operator for Information Fusion Ronald R. Yager 208

Performance Comparison of Fusion Operators in Bimodal Remote Sensing Snow Detection Aureli Soria-Frisch Antonio Repucci Laura Moreno Marco Caparrini 221

Color Recognition Enhancement by Fuzzy Merging Vincent Bombardier Emmanuel Schmitt Patrick Charpentier 231

Towards a New Generation of Indicators for Consensus Reaching Support Using Type-2 Fuzzy Sets Witold Pedrycz Janusz Kacprzyk Stawomir Zadrozny 241

Decision Support

Modelling Collective Choices

Multiagent Decision Making, Fuzzy Prevision, and Consensus Antonio Maturo Aldo G.S. Ventre 251

A Categorical Approach to the Extension of Social Choice Functions Patrik Eklund Mario Fedrizzi Hannu Nurmi 261

Signatures for Assessment, Diagnosis and Decision-Making in Ageing Patrik Eklund 271

Fuzzy Decision Theory

A Default Risk Model in a Fuzzy Framework Hiroshi Inoue Masatoshi Miyake 280

On a Fuzzy Weights Representation for Inner Dependence AHP Shin-ichi Ohnishi Takahiro Yamanoi Hideyuki Imai 289

Different Models with Fuzzy Random Variables in Single-Stage Decision Problems Luis J. Rodríguez-Muñiz Miguel López-Díaz 298

Applications in Finance

A Neuro-Fuzzy Decision Support System for Selection of Small Scale Business Rajendra Akerkar Priti Srinivas Sajja 306

Bond Management: An Application to the European Market José Manuel Brotons 316

Estimating the Brazilian Central Bank's Reaction Function by Fuzzy Inference System Ivette Luna Leandro Maciel Rodrigo Lanna F. da Silveira Rosangela Ballini 324

Fuzzy Systems

Philosophical Aspects

Do Uncertainty and Fuzziness Present Themselves (and Behave) in the Same Way in Hard and Human Sciences? Settimo Termini 334

Some Notes on the Value of Vagueness in Everyday Communication Nora Kluck 344

On Zadeh's "The Birth and Evolution of Fuzzy Logic" Yücel Yüksel 350

Complexity and Fuzziness in 20th Century Science and Technology Rudolf Seising 356

Educational Software of Fuzzy Logic and Control José Galindo Enrique León-González 366

Fuzzy Numbers

A Fuzzy Distance between Two Fuzzy Numbers Saeid Abbasbandy Saeide Hajighasemi 376

On the Jaccard Index with Degree of Optimism in Ranking Fuzzy Numbers Nazirah Ramli Daud Mohamad 383

Negation Functions in the Set of Discrete Fuzzy Numbers Jaume Casasnovas J. Vicente Riera 392

Trapezoidal Approximation of Fuzzy Numbers Based on Sample Data Przemyslaw Grzegorzewski 402

Multiple Products and Implications in Interval-Valued Fuzzy Set Theory Glad Deschrijver 412

Fuzzy Ontology and Information Granulation: An Approach to Knowledge Mobilisation Christer Carlsson Matteo Brunelli Jozsef Mezei 420

Adjoint Pairs on Interval-Valued Fuzzy Sets Jesús Medina 430

Fuzzy Arithmetic

Optimistic Arithmetic Operators for Fuzzy and Gradual Intervals - Part I: Interval Approach Reda Boukezzoula Sylvie Galichet 440

Optimistic Arithmetic Operators for Fuzzy and Gradual Intervals - Part II: Fuzzy and Gradual Interval Approach Reda Boukezzoula Sylvie Galichet 451

Model Assessment Using Inverse Fuzzy Arithmetic Thomas Haag Michael Hanss 461

New Tools in Fuzzy Arithmetic with Fuzzy Numbers Luciano Stefanini 471

Fuzzy Equations

Application of Gaussian Quadratures in Solving Fuzzy Fredholm Integral Equations M. Khezerloo Tofigh Allahviranloo Soheil Salahshour M. Khorasani Kiasari S. Haji Ghasemi 481

Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions of Fuzzy Volterra Integro-differential Equations Saeide Hajighasemi Tofigh Allahviranloo M. Khezerloo M. Khorasany Soheil Salahshour 491

Expansion Method for Solving Fuzzy Fredholm-Volterra Integral Equations S. Khezerloo Tofigh Allahviranloo S. Haji Ghasemi Soheil Salahshour M. Khezerloo M. Khorasan Kiasary 501

Solving Fuzzy Heat Equation by Fuzzy Laplace Transforms Soheil Salahshour Elnaz Haghi 512

A New Approach for Solving First Order Fuzzy Differential Equation Tofigh Allahviranloo Soheil Salahshour 522

Soft Computing Applications

Image Processing

A Comparison Study of Different Color Spaces in Clustering Based Image Segmentation Aranzazu Jurio Miguel Pagola Mikel Galar Carlos Lopez-Molina Daniel Paternain 532

Retrieving Texture Images Using Coarseness Fuzzy Partitions Jesús Chamorro-Martínez Pedro Manuel Martínez-Jiménez Jose Manuel Soto-Hidalgo 542

A Fuzzy Regional-Based Approach for Detecting Cerebrospinal Fluid Regions in Presence of Multiple Sclerosis Lesions Francesc Xavier Aymerich Eduard Montseny Pilar Sobrevilla Alex Rovira 552

Probabilistic Scene Models for Image Interpretation Alexander Bauer 562

Motion Segmentation Algorithm for Dynamic Scenes over H.264 Video Cayetano J. Solana-Cipres Luis Rodriguez-Benitez Juan Moreno-Garcia L. Jimenez-Linares 572

Using Stereo Vision and Fuzzy Systems for Detecting and Tracking People Rui Paúl Eugenia Aguirre Miguel García-Silvente Rafael Muñoz-Salinas 582

Privacy and Security

Group Anonymity Oleg Chertov Dan Tavrov 592

Anonymizing Categorical Data with a Recoding Method Based on Semantic Similarity Sergio Martínez Aida Valls David Sánchez 602

Addressing Complexity in a Privacy Expert System Siani Pearson 612

Privacy-Protected Camera for the Sensing Web Ikuhisa Mitsugami Masayuki Mukunoki Yasutomo Kawanishi Hironori Hattori Michihiko Minoh 622

Bayesian Network-Based Approaches for Severe Attack Prediction and Handling IDSs' Reliability Karim Tabia Philippe Leray 632

The Sensing Web

Structuring and Presenting the Distributed Sensory Information in the Sensing Web Rin-ichiro Taniguchi Atsushi Shimada Yuji Kawaguchi Yousuke Miyata Satoshi Yoshinaga 643

Evaluation of Privacy Protection Techniques for Speech Signals Kazumasa Yamamoto Seiichi Nakagawa 653

Digital Diorama: Sensing-Based Real-World Visualization Takumi Takehara Yuta Nakashima Naoko Nitta Noboru Babaguchi 663

Personalizing Public and Privacy-Free Sensing Information with a Personal Digital Assistant Takuya Kitade Yasushi Hirano Shoji Kajita Kenji Mase 673

The Open Data Format and Query System of the Sensing Web Naruki Mitsuda Tsuneo Ajisaka 680

See-Through Vision: A Visual Augmentation Method for Sensing-Web Yuichi Ohta Yoshinari Kameda Itaru Kitahara Masayuki Hayashi Shinya Yamazaki 690

Manufacturing and Scheduling

Manufacturing Virtual Sensors at Caterpillar, Inc. Timothy J. Felty James R. Mason Anthony J. Grichnik 700

Modelling Low-Carbon UK Energy System Design through 2050 in a Collaboration of Industry and the Public Sector Christopher Heaton Rod Davies 709

A Remark on Adaptive Scheduling of Optimization Algorithms Krisztián Balázs László T. Kóczy 719

An Adaptive Fuzzy Model Predictive Control System for the Textile Fiber Industry Stefan Berlik Maryam Nasiri 729

Methodology for Evaluation of Linked Multidimensional Measurement System with Balanced Scorecard Yutaka Kigawa Kiyoshi Nagata Fuyume Sai Michio Amagasa 737

Predictive Probabilistic and Possibilistic Models Used for Risk Assessment of SLAs in Grid Computing Christer Carlsson Robert Fullér 747

Author Index 759

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