Inside the Cold War: A Cold Warrior's Reflections

Inside the Cold War: A Cold Warrior's Reflections

by Chris Adams


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This publication reflects a compilation of excerpts from an unpublished broader treatment that recounts the nearly five decades of delicate coexistence between two nations known as the "superpowers" during the international conflict known as the "Cold War." Publication of this text fulfills one of the author's principal purposes in the original manuscript; that is to pay tribute to that special breed of American heroes known as the "Cold Warriors" - the men and women who served in the strategic nuclear forces during the Cold War. Another purpose is to provide a brief parallel view of Soviet war fighters. These two opposing groups of warriors served their respective countries faithfully during those critical years of roller coaster politics, inconsistent diplomacy, and occasional lunacy. The Cold Warriors were the centerpiece of that protracted conflict; many paid the supreme price. This text attempts to provide a reasonably comprehensive essay on the Cold Warriors - both American and Soviet - their commitments, their weapons systems, their missions, and their sacrifices. It has been said that the ware is faceless; the Cold War represents a time when two nations created unprecedented arsenals and stood ready to attack, or be attacked by, the faceless enemy. The United States and the Soviet Union maintained that unprecedented mutual stance over a sustained period of time. There were a series of critical events during this war, including the Berlin Blockade, the invasions of Hungary and Czechoslovakia, the Korean and Cuban crises, and the war in Vietnam. All involved the Cold Warriors in one way or another. They were often called upon to transition from their primary strategic nuclear combat preparation role into totally different mission environments and war-fighting systems. These transitions required retraining and reorientation as well as relocating. Then they returned to their original strategic nuclear mission - which required still more retraining, reorientation, and relocating.

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