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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Intelligent Robotics and Applications: Third International Conference, ICIRA 2010, Shanghai, China, November 10-12, 2010. Proceedings, Part I / Edition 1

Intelligent Robotics and Applications: Third International Conference, ICIRA 2010, Shanghai, China, November 10-12, 2010. Proceedings, Part I / Edition 1


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ISBN-13: 9783642165832
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 12/23/2010
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science , #6424
Edition description: 2010
Pages: 779
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

Bionic Dextrous Hand.- Cartesian Impedance Control on Five-Finger Dexterous Robot Hand DLR-HIT II with Flexible Joint.- Changeable Grasping Force Unit for Under-Actuated Gripper with Self-adaptive Grasping.- Efficient Grasp Planning with Reachability Analysis.- Development of an Anthropomorphic Prosthetic Hand for Man-Machine Interaction.- Dexterous and Self-adaptive Under-Actuated Humanoid Robot Hand: GCUA Hand II.- A Novel Coupled and Self-adaptive Under-actuated Grasping Mode and the COSA-DTS Hand.- Empirical Copula Driven Hand Motion Recognition via Surface Electromyography Based Templates.- A Continuous Control Scheme for Multifunctional Robotic Arm with Surface EMG Signal.- Modeling and Control of Systems Involving Hysteresis.- On the Robust Control of Systems Preceded by Differential Equation-Based Hysteresis Nonlinearities.- A Generalized Play Operator for Modeling and Compensation of Hysteresis Nonlinearities.- Hysteresis Modeling of Piezoelectric Actuators Using the Fuzzy System.- On PSO Based Bouc-Wen Modeling for Piezoelectric Actuator.- Operator-Based Robust Nonlinear Control for Ionic Polymer Metal Composite with Uncertainties and Hysteresis.- Modeling of Hysteresis Nonlinearity Based on Generalized Bouc-Wen Model for GMA.- Control System Modeling and Applications.- Motion Dynamics Modelling of an Electric Wheel Robot.- Sliding Mode Control of Hybrid Joints for Wheeled Mobile Manipulators with Markovian Switching and Bounded Torques.- Timestamp Based Predictive Robot Control System over Real-Time Industrial Ethernet.- Design and Experimental Research on a Fast Zero-Finding Algorithm Based on the Incremental Angle Encoder.- Decentralized Synchronization and Output Tracking Control of Nondiffusively Coupled Complex Dynamical Networks.- Manipulation of a Mobile Modular Manipulator Interacting with the Environment with the Assistance of Tactile Sensing Feedback.- An RTC-Based Intelligent Programming System for Service Robots.- Marine Engine State Monitoring System Using Distributed Precedence Queue Mechanism in CAN Networks.- Modeling and Fault Tolerant Controller Design for PM Spherical Actuator.- Intelligent Control and Their Applications.- Artificial Neural Network to Predict the Surface Maximum Settlement by Shield Tunneling.- Applying Grey-Fuzzy-Fuzzy Rule to Machine Vision Based Unmanned Automatic Vehicles.- AWARE: Autonomous Wireless Agent Robotic Exchange.- Application of Wearable Miniature Non-invasive Sensory System in Human Locomotion Using Soft Computing Algorithm.- The Mathematical Model and Control Scheme of a Four-Legged Robot Based on GZ-I and Note Module.- Robot and Automation in Tunneling.- Electromechanical Coupling Model for Cutterhead Driving System of Shield Machines.- Dimension Optimization of an Orientation Fine-Tuning Manipulator for Segment Assembly Device.- Rotation and Gate Movement Compound Control of Screw Conveyor Hydraulic System with Disturbance Compensation.- Applications of the Overlapping Nodes Method in Simulating Crack-Expansion under the Action of TBM Cutter.- The Simulation Analysis of the TBM Disc Cutter Phase Angle.- The Design of Shield Tunnelling Machine Cutter Header’s Cutting Performance Test Bed.- The Effect of TBM Hydraulic Piping System Parameters on FSI Vibration.- Station Point Optimization of Total Station in Shield Tunneling Method Based on Set-Covering.- Study on Earth Pressure Acting on Cutter Face Based on Nonlinear Optimization.- Incident Angle Measurement of Collimated Laser Based on the Pinhole Principle.- Robot Mechanism and Design.- A Novel Design for the Self-reconfigurable Robot Module and Connection Mechanism.- The Forward Kinematics Analysis of 6-3 Stewart Parallel Mechanisms.- Portable Multi-axis CNC: A 3-CRU Decoupled Parallel Robotic Manipulator.- Carton Motion-Moment Diagram and Stiffness Characteristics.- Flexible Foot Design for Biped Walking on Uneven Terrain.- 4WD Skid-Steer Trajectory Control of a Rover with Spring-Based Suspension Analysis.- Topology and Analysis of Three-Phalanx COSA Finger Based on Linkages for Humanoid Robot Hands.- Design of a Bionic Saltatorial Leg for Jumping Mini Robot.- Asymmetrical Prototype of a Five-Wheeled Robot and Maneuver Analysis.- Development of Controllable Two-Way Self-locking Mechanism for Micro In-Pipe Robot.- Trench-Crossing Capability Analysis of a Reconfigurable Tracked Mobile Robot.- Service Robotics.- Automatic Cooking Robot with a Novel Feeding System.- Multi-sensor Based Autonomous Underwater Manipulator Grasp.- The Targets Pursuit for Multi-robot System with Hybrid Wireless Sensor Networks.- A Fast Robot Path Planning Algorithm Based on Image Thinning.- Automatic Micro-manipulation Based on Visual Servoing.- Self-calibration of a Stewart Parallel Robot with a Laserranger.- Real-Time Binaural Sound Source Localization Using Sparse Coding and SOM.- Design and Control of a Hydraulic-Actuated Leg Exoskeleton for Load-Carrying Augmentation.- Computer Vision and Applications.- Globally Optimal and Region Scalable CV Model on Automatic Target Segmentation.- The Registration of UAV Down-Looking Aerial Images to Satellite Images with Image Entropy and Edges.- Fast 3D Time of Flight Data Segmentation Using the U-V-Histogram Approach.- Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) Parametric Optimization Using Taguchi Design of Experiments.- Robust Visual Monitoring of Machine Condition with Sparse Coding and Self-Organizing Map.- An Evolving Machinery Fault Diagnosis Approach Based on Affinity Propagation Algorithm.- Closed Form Solution for the Scale Ambiguity Problem in Monocular Visual Odometry.- Recognizing 3D Human Motions Using Fuzzy Quantile Inference.- Evaluating the Fuzzy Coverage Model for 3D Multi-camera Network Applications.- Emotion Recognition in Facial Image Sequences Using a Combination of AAM with FACS and DBN.- Sensor Design, Multi-sensor Data Fusion.- An Analysis of Node Localization Error Behavior in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Consensus Target Tracking in Multi-robot Systems.- A Decentralized Junction Tree Approach to Mobile Robots Cooperative Localization.- Optimized Particles for 3-D Tracking.- Design of a Finger-Tip Flexible Tactile Sensor for an Anthropomorphic Robot Hand.

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