Intelligent Virtual Agents: 10th International Conference, IVA 2010, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Proceedings

Intelligent Virtual Agents: 10th International Conference, IVA 2010, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Proceedings


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th Welcome to the proceedings of the 10 International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA), held 20-22 September, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Intelligent Virtual Agents are interactive characters that exhibit human-like qualities and communicate with humans or with each other using natural human modalities such as behavior, gesture, and speech. IVAs are capable of real-time perception, cognition, and action that allow them to participate in a dynamic physical and social environment. IVA 2010 is an interdisciplinary annual conference and the main forum for prese- ing research on modeling, developing, and evaluating Intelligent Virtual Agents with a focus on communicative abilities and social behavior. The development of IVAs - quires expertise in multimodal interaction and several AI fields such as cognitive modeling, planning, vision, and natural language processing. Computational models are typically based on experimental studies and theories of human-human and hum- robot interaction; conversely, IVA technology may provide interesting lessons for these fields. Visualizations of IVAs require computer graphics and animation te- niques, and in turn supply significant realism problem domains for these fields. The realization of engaging IVAs is a challenging task, so reusable modules and tools are of great value. The fields of application range from robot assistants, social simulation, and tutoring to games and artistic exploration. The enormous challenges and diversity of possible applications of IVAs have - sulted in an established annual conference.

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ISBN-13: 9783642158919
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 11/04/2010
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science , #6356
Edition description: 2010
Pages: 492
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Table of Contents

Behavior Modeling

Constraints-Based Complex Behavior in Rich Environments Jan M. Allbeck Hadas Kress-Gazit 1

Smart Events and Primed Agents Catherine Stocker Libo Sun Pengfei Huang Wenhu Qin Jan M. Allbeck Norman I. Badler 15

Using Artificial Team Members for Team Training in Virtual Environments Jurriaan van Diggelen Tijmen Muller Karel van den Bosch 28

A Comprehensive Taxonomy of Human Motives: A Principled Basis for the Motives of Intelligent Agents Stephen J. Read Jennifer Talevich David A. Walsh Gurveen Chopra Ravi Iyer 35

The Impact of a Mixed Reality Display Configuration on User Behavior with a Virtual Human Kyle Johnsen Diane Beck Benjamin Lok 42

A Multimodal Real-Time Platform for Studying Human-Avatar Interactions Hui Zhang Damian Fricker Chen Yu 49

Realizing Multimodal Behavior: Closing the Gap between Behavior Planning and Embodied Agent Presentation Michael Kipp Alexis Heloir Marc Schröder Patrick Gebhard 57

Gesture and Expression

Designing an Expressive Avatar of a Real Person Sangyoon Lee Gordon Carlson Steve Jones Andrew Johnson Jason Leigh Luc Renambot 64

Interactive Motion Modeling and Parameterization by Direct Demonstration Carlo Camporesi Yazhou Huang Marcelo Kallmann 77

Speed Dating with an Affective Virtual Agent - Developing a Testbed for Emotion Models Matthijs Pontier Ghazanfar Siddiqui Johan F. Hoorn 91

Individualized Gesturing Outperforms Average Gesturing - Evaluating Gesture Production in Virtual Humans Kirsten Bergmann Stefan Kopp Friederike Eyssel 104

Level of Detail Based Behavior Control for Virtual Characters Felix Kistler Michael Wißner Elisabeth André 118

Virtual Agents Based Simulation for Training Healthcare Workers in Hand Hygiene Procedures Jeffrey Bertrand Sabarish V. Babu Philip Polgreen Alberto Segre 125

Modeling Behavioral Manifestations of Coordination and Rapport over Multiple Conversations: Speaking Rate as a Relational Indicator for a Virtual Agent Daniel Schulman Timothy Bickmore 132

DelsArtMap: Applying Delsarte's Aesthetic System to Virtual Agents Michael Nixon Philippe Pasquier Magy Seif El-Nasr 139

Backchannels and Simulation

Backchannel Strategies for Artificial Listeners Ronald Poppe Khiet P. Truong Dennis Reidsma Dirk Heylen 146

Learning Backchannel Prediction Model from Parasocial Consensus Sampling: A Subjective Evaluation Lixing Huang Louis-Philippe Morency Jonathan Gratch 159

RIDE: A Simulator for Robotic Intelligence Development HyunRyong Jung Meongchul Song 173

A Velocity-Based Approach for Simulating Human Collision Avoidance Ioannis Karamouzas Mark Overmars 180

Influence of Personality Traits on Backchannel Selection Etienne de Sevin Sylwia Julia Hyniewska Catherine Pelachaud 187

Multimodal Backchannels for Embodied Conversational Agents Elisabetta Bevacqua Sathish Pammi Sylwia Julia Hyniewska Marc Schröder Catherine Pelachaud 194

A Virtual Interpreter fox the Italian Sign Language Vincenzo Lombardo Fabrizio Nunnari Rossana Damiano 201


How Our Personality Shapes Our Interactions with Virtual Characters - Implications for Research and Development Astrid M. von der Pütten Nicole C. Krämer Jonathan Gratch 208

Evaluating the Effect of Gesture and Language on Personality Perception in Conversational Agents Michael Neff Yingying Wang Rob Abbott Marilyn Walker 222

Developing Interpersonal Relationships with Virtual Agents through Social Instructional Dialog Amy Ogan Vincent Aleven Julia Kim Christopher Jones 236

Multiple Agent Roles in an Adaptive Virtual Classroom Environment Gregor Mehlmann Markus Häring René Bühling Michael Wißner Elisabeth André 250

Creating Individual Agents through Personality Traits Tiago Doce João Dias Rui Prada Ana Paiva 257

Bossy or Wimpy: Expressing Social Dominance by Combining Gaze and Linguistic Behaviors Nikolaus Bee Colin Pollock Elisabeth André Marilyn Walker 265

Interaction Strategies

Warmth, Competence, Believability and Virtual Agents Radoslaw Niewiadomski Virginie Demeure Catherine Pelachaud 272

Ada and Grace: Toward Realistic and Engaging Virtual Museum Guides William Swartout David Traum Ron Artstein Dan Noren Paul Debevec Kerry Bronnenkant Josh Williams Anton Leuski Shrikanth Narayanan Diane Piepol Chad Lane Jacquelyn Morie Priti Aggarwal Matt Liewer Jen-Yuan Chiang Jillian Gerten Selina Chu Kyle White 286

Interaction Strategies for an Affective Conversational Agent Cameron Smith Nigel Crook Johan Boye Daniel Charlton Simon Dobnik David Pizzi Marc Cavazza Stephen Pulman Raul Santos de la Camara Markku Turunen 301

"Why Can't We Be Friends?" An Empathic Game Companion for Long-Term Interaction Iolanda Leite Samuel Mascarenhas André Pereira Carlos Martinho Rui Prada Ana Paiva 315

Towards an Episodic Memory for Companion Dialogue Gregor Sieber Brigitte Krenn 322

Generating Culture-Specific Gestures for Virtual Agent Dialogs Birgit Endrass Ionut Damian Peter Huber Matthias Rehm Elisabeth André 329

Avatars in Conversation: The Importance of Simulating Territorial Behavior Claudio Pedica Hannes Högni Vilhjálmsson Marta Lárusdóttir 336

The Impact of Linguistic and Cultural Congruity on Persuasion by Conversational Agents Langxuan Yin Timothy Bickmore Dharma E. Cortés 343

A Multiparty Multimodal Architecture for Realtime Turntaking Kristinn R. Thórisson Olafur Gislason Gudny Ragna Jonsdottir Hrafn Th. Thorisson 350


The Influence of Emotions in Embodied Agents on Human Decision-Making Celso M. de Melo Peter Carnevale Jonathan Gratch 357

Dimensional Emotion Prediction from Spontaneous Head Gestures for Interaction with Sensitive Artificial Listeners Hatice Gunes Maja Pontic 371

An Intelligent Virtual Agent to Increase Involvement in Financial Services Tibor Bosse Ghazanfar F. Siddiqui Jan Treur 378

Exploration on Affect Sensing from Improvisational Interaction Li Zhang 385

Using Virtual Humans to Bootstrap the Creation of Other Virtual Humans Brent Rossen Juan Cendan Benjamin Lok 392

Making It Personal: End-User Authoring of Health Narratives Delivered by Virtual Agents Timothy Bickmore Lazlo Ring 399

MAY: My Memories Are Yours Joana Campos Ana Paiva 406

Expression of Behaviors in Assistant Agents as Influences on Rational Execution of Plans Jean-Paul Sansonnet François Bouchet 413

Reflecting User Faces in Avatars Rossana Baptista Adriana Braun Juliano Lucas Marcelo Marcelo Cohen Soraia Raupp Musse Marcelo Resende Thielo Ramin Samadani 420

User Studies

How a Virtual Agent Should Smile? Morphological and Dynamic Characteristics of Virtual AgentŠs Smiles Magalic Ochs Radoslaw Niewiadomski Catherine Pelachaud 427

How Turn-Taking Strategies Influence Users' Impressions of an Agent Mark ter Maat Khiet P. Truong Dirk Heylen 441

That Avatar is Looking at Me! Social Inhibition in Virtual Worlds Austen L. Hayes Amy C. Ulinski Larry F. Hodges 454

Know Your Users! Empirical Results for Tailoring an Agent's Nonverbal Behavior to Different User Groups Nicole C. Krämer Laura Hoffmann Stefan Kopp 468

The Persona Zero-Effect: Evaluating Virtual Character Benefits on a Learning Task with Repeated Interactions Jan Miksatko Kerstin H. Kipp Michael Kipp 475

High Score! - Motivation Strategies for User Participation in Virtual Human Development Shivashankar Halan Brent Rossen Juan Cendan Benjamin Lok 482

Author Index 489

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