The Interrelationship of Business and Communication

The Interrelationship of Business and Communication

by Michael B. Hinner (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9783631565407
Publisher: Lang, Peter Publishing, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/18/2010
Pages: 530
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About the Author

The Editor: Michael B. Hinner was born in Germany and grew up in the USA where he studied Anthropology, Comparative Studies, English, German, History, and Linguistics at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and Law at St. John’s University, School of Law. He teaches Business Communication and Intercultural Communication at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and Dresden International University.

Table of Contents

Contents: Michael B. Hinner: General Introduction: Communication’s Role in Establishing and Maintaining Business Relationships – Edward T. Hall: Consistency and Life – Peter Bull: Equivocation and Communicative Skill – Nicholas A. Palomares: On the Detection of Others’ Goals in Social Interaction – Bo Feng: Understanding Advice in Social Interaction – Nicholas A. Palomares: Gender-based Language Use: Understanding When, How, and Why Women Communicate Similarly and Differently – Theodore A. Avtgis/Andrew S. Rancer: The Role of Argumentative and Aggressive Communication in the Explanation of K-12 Teacher Burnout Syndrome: A Global Phenomenon? – Sarah J. Tracy/Pamela Lutgen-Sandvik/Jess K. Alberts: Nightmares, Demons, and Slaves: Exploring the Painful Metaphors of Workplace Bullying – Kapil Melkote/Srinivas Melkote: Face-ism as a Media Stereotype: A Case Study of the Newsweek Magazine – Oscar H. Gandy, Jr./Lemi Baruh: Racial Profiling: They Said It Was against the Law! – Charles R. Berger: The Cowering Public: Exaggerating Risk and Fear in the News – Daniel W. Barrett/Joseph Capella/Martin Fishbein/Marco Yzer/R. Kirkland Ahern: Measuring the Effectiveness of Anti-Drug Public Service Announcements – Arvind Singhal/Elizabeth Rattine-Flaherty/Molly A. Mayer: Can Communication Be Socially Responsible and Commercially Viable? An Assessment of Sa Pagsikat Ng Araw, an Entertainment-Education Radio Series in the Philippines – Debbie D. DuFrene/Carol M. Lehman: Great Uniter or Insidious Divider: Technology’s Impact on Effective Business Communication – Pauline Hope Cheong/Jennie Hwang/Benjamin Elbrit/Hao Chen/Carolyn Evans/Joseph Woelfel: Media Use as a Function of Identity: The Role of the Self Concept in Media Usage – Rahul Mitra/Radhika Gajjala: Networked Agency and Building Community: Encountering Queer «Desi» Blogging through Dialogue – Se-Hoon Jeong/Weiyu Zhang/Martin Fishbein/Elisabeth Davis/Amy Bleakley/Amy Jordan/Michael Hennessy: Multiple Media Use and Multitasking with Media among High School and College students: A Diary Method – Steven R. Corman: On Being Less Theoretical and More Technological in Organizational Communication – Juana Du: Organizational Intelligence of Multinational Corporations: A Critical Review and Suggestions – Venkataramana Gajjala: Outsourcing in the Animation Industry – Paul Messaris: Digital Cinema and the Transformation of the Motion-Picture Industry – Coffee Brown/Dirk Gibson/Mary Catherine Saavedra: The Necessity for International Cooperation in Commercial Space Development.

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