Intersection of Intensity: Exploring Giftedness and Trauma

Intersection of Intensity: Exploring Giftedness and Trauma

Intersection of Intensity: Exploring Giftedness and Trauma

Intersection of Intensity: Exploring Giftedness and Trauma


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An insightful and much-needed exploration, Intersection of Intensity intricately textures together the complex relationship between giftedness and trauma. It begins by defining giftedness, addressing the challenges of identification, and exploring various types of traumas and their impacts on gifted individuals. Core chapters delve into the interplay of trauma and giftedness, examining the unique responses of the gifted brain, the relationships of asynchronicity and compensation, and the profound role of heightened intensity. Therapeutically, the book introduces EMDR and the T.I.C.E.S. framework, providing insights into the nuanced considerations required for neurodivergent experiences. Additionally, each chapter wraps up with a poignant personal check-in, leaving readers equipped not just with knowledge but also with a personal understanding and empathy for the unique challenges at this intersection.

Transitioning to skill-building and treatment, the book outlines essential components, from cultivating awareness to considering biological factors related to trauma and gifted persons. It offers a comprehensive toolkit for effective therapy, incorporating top-down and bottom-up approaches tailored to the distinctive needs of gifted individuals. As the narrative concludes graciously, readers are invited to reflect on the concept of post-traumatic growth and grapple with complex issues related to giftedness and trauma. The exploration encompasses topics including levels of giftedness, rejection sensitivity, demand avoidance, aging, and the intricate dynamics within marginalized populations. Dr. Patty offers a nuanced understanding and empathetic insights into these topics, which leaves the reader with a deep understanding of possibly novel ideas and applications of this knowledge.

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ISBN-13: 9781953360373
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Publication date: 08/13/2024
Pages: 298
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About the Author

Patricia L. Gently, MSMHC, PhD, is a trauma therapist who specializes in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Neurodiversity Affirmative Dialectic Therapy (NDA-DT), and Internal Family Systems (IFS) modalities. She is the co-founder and president of Bright Insight Support Network, where she counsels, coaches, and advocates for gifted, twice-exceptional (2e), and neurodivergent (ND) persons, along with other marginalized populations. Her unique involvement with this community gives her a platform through which Dr. Patty writes, presents, and educates others about giftedness, twice-exceptionality, neurodiversity, trauma, relationships, parenting, leadership, and developmental psychology. As a 2e adult, Dr. Patty is no stranger to topics impacting gifted, 2e, and neurodivergent persons and makes it her mission to connect with others, authentically.
Outside of her work as a therapist and advocate, Dr. Patty teaches at various universities as an associate professor of psychology. She is also on the California BrainWaves neuroscience advisory board as a 2e specialist and the Cochise County area coordinator for Free Mom Hugs- Arizona, a group of parents, friends, and allies supporting the LGBTQIA+ community.
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