iPad at Work in easy steps

iPad at Work in easy steps

by Nick Vandome


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iPad at Work in easy steps details the productivity options for the iPad so that it can be used instead of a laptop, or a desktop, in the workplace, at school or in higher education. While covering the iPad Pro and the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil, the main focus of the book is on productivity apps that can be used on any iPad.

Apps for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations are covered in detail in the book, specifically the Apple apps: Pages, Numbers and Keynote, and the Microsoft Office apps: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The book also looks at sharing documents and collaborating on projects, File Management on the iPad, Email Management and a range of organization apps, including those for note-taking, calendars, address books and reminders. Printing and scanning is also covered, so that you can use your iPad for your entire productivity workflow.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781840787283
Publisher: In Easy Steps Limited
Publication date: 07/05/2016
Series: In Easy Steps
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 7.20(w) x 8.70(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Nick Vandome is an IT writer and trainer who specializes in digital imaging and web authoring subjects. In addition to his writing, he also works designing websites and runs training courses. Before he started working with computers he wrote books about working and traveling abroad.

Nick is an established In Easy Steps author with several successful guides to his credit.

Table of Contents

1 iPads for Productivity 7

Why iPad for Work 8

iPads vs Laptops 9

About the iPad Pro 10

iPad Accessories 11

iPad Essentials 12

Setting Up iCloud 14

Touch ID and Passcode 16

Find My iPad 18

Network Connections 20

2 Keyboards and the Apple Pencil 21

Virtual Keyboard 22

Smart Keyboard 24

About the Apple Pencil 27

Using the Apple Pencil 28

Multitasking 30

Multi-Touch Gestures 32

3 Productivity Apps 33

Accessing Productivity Apps 34

Installing Apps 35

iWork Apps 36

Microsoft Office Apps 37

Opening Office Apps 38

Google Productivity Apps 40

Adobe Apps 43

Drawing and Design Apps 44

4 File Management 45

About File Management 46

Setting Up iCloud Drive 47

Using iCloud Drive 48

Managing iCloud Drive 49

Folders in Diopbox 51

Using a File Manager App 52

5 Word Processing 53

Pages: Creating Documents 54

Pages: Saving Documents 55

Pages: Managing Documents 56

Pages: Working with Text 58

Pages: Adding Graphics 61

Pages: Settings and Tools 63

Pages: Exporting Documents 65

Pages: Sharing Documents 66

Word: Creating Documents 68

Word: Adding Content 69

Word: Saving Documents 70

Word: Opening Documents 71

Word: The Ribbon 72

Word: Sharing Documents 79

Google Docs 80

Word Processing Apps 86

6 Spreadsheets 87

Numbers: Creating Spreadsheets 88

Numbers: Saving Spreadsheets 89

Numbers: Adding Tables 90

Numbers: Selecting Items 92

Numbers: Formatting Cells 94

Numbers: Adding Data 96

Numbers: Using Formulas 98

Numbers: Charts and Graphs 102

Numbers: Designing in Cells 104

Numbers: Settings and Tools 105

Excel: Creating Spreadsheets 106

Excel: Adding Content 107

Excel: Working with Cells 109

Excel: Working with Tables 111

Excel: Creating Charts 113

Excel: Formulas 116

Google Sheets 118

Spreadsheet Apps 122

7 Presentations 123

Keynote: Creating Presentations 124

Keynote: Saving Presentations 125

Keynote: Adding Text 126

Keynote: Adding Slides 130

Keynote: Transitions 132

Keynote: Adding Objects 134

Keynote: Builds 136

Keynote: Presenter Notes 138

Keynote: Playing Presentations 139

Keynote: Settings 141

PowerPoint. Creating Files 142

PowerPoint: Adding Content 143

PowerPoint: Adding Slides 144

PowerPoint. Transitions 145

PowerPoint: Animations 146

PowerPoint: Slide Shows 147

Google Slides 148

Presentation Apps 152

8 Organization Apps 153

Using the Notes App 154

Notability 158

OneNote 160

Calendar 161

Contacts 162

Reminders 163

Time Management Apps 164

9 Sharing and Collaboration 165

Sharing on the iPad 166

Sharing with iCloud Drive 167

Sharing with Dropbox 168

Sharing with Google Drive 169

Sharing with OneDrive 170

10 Email Management 171

About Email Management 172

Email on the iPad 173

Creating Mailboxes 174

Managing Mailboxes 175

Using Flags 176

Auto-Swipe 177

Swipe Actions 178

Email Apps 179

11 Printing and Scanning 181

AurPrint for iPad 182

Printing Documents 183

Scanning Documents 185

Index 187

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