Iron Maidens and the Devil's Daughters: US Navy Gunboats versus Confederate Gunners and Cavalry on the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers, 1861-65

Iron Maidens and the Devil's Daughters: US Navy Gunboats versus Confederate Gunners and Cavalry on the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers, 1861-65

by Mark Zimmerman


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Gunboats versus cavalry? Preposterous! Not so fast. This unique form of Civil War combat is covered extensively for the first time in Iron Maidens and the Devil's Daughters by Mark Zimmerman, author of Guide to Civil War Nashville. Through the use of period photographs and more than a dozen original battle maps, the author details the clashes between Federal gunboats, including ironclads, and Confederate cavalry on the twin rivers of invasion into the heartland. Explore the US river gunboat flotilla (its creation, its commanders, its vessels) and subsequent joint navy-army invasion of Middle Tennessee up the Tennessee and Cumberland rivers. Chapters cover the naval battles at Fort Henry and Fort Donelson and the remarkable and daring Phelps Raid; the capture of Clarksville and Nashville; the little-known first battle of Shiloh; the strange Duck River Affair; Federal counterinsurgency measures; convoy operations; and the brilliant raids of 1864 by Nathan Bedford Forrest, including Eastport, Paris Landing, Reynoldsburg Island, Johnsonville, and Bell's Bend. The 176-page paperback features artwork by John Paul Strain and Andy Thomas, and a special section devoted to the USS Cairo ironclad gunboat. Especially noteworthy are the building and operations of the river fleet--timberclads, ironclads, tinclads, and river monitors. From the groundwork laid by Rodgers and Eads, to the amphibious operations of Grant and Foote, the raids by Phelps, the tinclad mosquito fleet of Fitch, to the Confederate warfare waged by Forrest, Kelley, and Wheeler, and the guerilla operations of McCann, Woodward, and Hinson, Iron Maidens and the Devil's Daughters explores these little-known fierce battles and skirmishes between Federal naval forces and the pride of Southern mounted infantry.

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ISBN-13: 9780985869250
Publisher: Zimco Publications LLC
Publication date: 09/15/2019
Pages: 186
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Mark Zimmerman is a retired newspaperman and publications manager who resides in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to operating Zimco Publications LLC, he is a member of the American Battlefield Trust, Battle of Nashville Preservation Society, Nashville Civil War Roundtable, Save the Franklin Battlefield, Civil War Fortification Study Group, and other historical preservation groups. As a newspaperman, Zimmerman worked for the Nashville Banner, The Oak Ridger, the Hendersonville Star-News, the Gallatin News-Examiner, and The Chronicle of Mt. Juliet and West Wilson County, which he co-founded and served as editor. He also worked for Third Coast Publications as Managing Editor and for Athlon Publications. He enjoys traveling to historic sites and museums, a good joke, and collecting books and old bottles of whiskey. More information available at

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

List of Maps viii Introduction 1 Chapter One: The Rivers 5 Chapter Two: Flotilla 15 Chapter Three: The Gunboats 35 Special Section: U.S.S. Cairo 47 Chapter Four: Canton 53 Chapter Five: Fort Henry 59 Chapter Six: The Phelps Raid 69 Chapter Seven: Fort Donelson, Clarksville & Nashville 77 Chapter Eight: Shiloh 91 Chapter Nine: Dover 99 Chapter Ten: The Duck River Affair 105 Chapter Eleven: Convoys, Guerillas & Bushwhackers 113 Chapter Twelve: Paducah 123 Chapter Thirteen: Eastport 129 Chapter Fourteen: Johnsonville 133 Chapter Fifteen: Bell’s Bend 147 Chapter Sixteen: Conclusion 155 Chapter Seventeen: Travel Guide to Battle Sites 159 Timeline of Events 163 Bibliography and Image Credits 166

List of Maps

Regional Military Operations Map vi-vii Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers 7 Pioneer Map of the Rivers 8 Great Muscle Shoals, Alabama 10 Western Highland Rim Ironworks 12 Cairo and Mound City, Illinois 24-25 Cairo City, Illinois 27 Smithland, Kentucky 31

Canton, Kentucky 57 Fort Henry 61 Phelps Raid 71 Fort Donelson 79 Clarksville, Tennessee 85 City of Nashville, Tennessee 86-87 First Shiloh 93 Shiloh (Pittsburg Landing) 95 Dover, Tennessee 100 and 103 Duck River Affair 109 Convoy and Gunboat Escort 115 Paducah, Kentucky 125 Forrest’s Campaigns 126 Eastport, Mississippi 131 Paris Landing, Tennessee 135 Reynoldsburg Island, Tennessee 139 Johnsonville, Tennessee 141 Bell’s Bend, Tennessee 149 Ft. Heiman/Ft. Henry Today 161

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