Island In The Sand

Island In The Sand

by James Strauss


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There was no place on earth. No orphans, wandering toddlers or strange children of any kind would be allowed entry to any tribe. There was insufficient sustenance left for the surviving population to allow for even the most minimal relief or tender mercy. Stray animals were to be hunted for their flesh. Outsider adults were to be treated the same as the animals, except their flesh was never to be consumed. Outsider children were to be shunned, although not directly slain. No contact or communication was to be allowed. The tribes had mutually concluded that such a rare general agreement was to be honored as a pivotal compact in allowing humanity to rise up to a level of civilization once existing before the asteroid had struck.
Star Black and her band of Orphans wander in a future world looking for a Safe-Haven
"Star Black Grew up in an orphanage which had been an exercise in brutal tolerance and crowded loneliness. The sand and the land were her real friends. She took to them like a tree leaf took to the sun. She felt the energy they radiated upward through her strong willowy legs propelling her smoothly around, or over, every obstacle in her path. The band of outcast children was headed West toward a place none of them had any good reason to believe existed. The State of Home. The more Star had learned, the more she had become skeptical of the place's existence."

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ISBN-13: 9781987006834
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 10/26/2018
Pages: 334
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About the Author

From a traveled elementary school education starting in Hawaii, then changing schools every two years, to attending a small liberal arts college, James Strauss graduated to a leadership position that turned out to be a 'hanging by the fingernails' survival posting in the Marines Corps, during the Vietnam War in 1968. During that deployment he was seriously wounded, resulting in a long hospitalization. When he was finally told that it was likely he would live (though still in a hospital bed), James looked up and asked God for one favor. He asked not to lead a normal, humdrum life. He now believes that God heard his prayer, and pointing one finger down, granted his request.
Outrageous fortune has indeed been the nature of the life that smiled down upon James; a roller coaster ride of joy, success, ruin, more success, depression, physical pain, danger, international travel, adventure and a total lack of believability. For a time, James strove for credibility until he realized that his own credibility was "without meaning."
James has published seven books: Island In The Sand; The Boy; The Warrior; The Bering Sea; Down In the Valley (The first Arch Patton adventure); Thirty Days has September, The First Ten Days; Thirty Days has September, The Second Ten days He is currently readying another Arch Patton Saga: It Was 1993, and continuing the novelization of his Vietnam war experiences with a third book: 30 Days Has September, The Third Ten Days.
In addition to writing his books, James also publishes a weekly Midwestwestern Newspaper, The Geneva Shore Report

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