Israel Biblical Sites Bible Companion

Israel Biblical Sites Bible Companion

by Dr. Todd M. Fink
Israel Biblical Sites Bible Companion

Israel Biblical Sites Bible Companion

by Dr. Todd M. Fink


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The Holy Land is much more than places and historical artifacts; it’s an experience . . . an experience that is spiritual in nature for those with eyes to see. This book is designed to give you eyes to see what most people don't. It uncovers the riches and treasures of the Holy Land, so you can experience and be transformed by it. At each biblical site, this book will provide you with information about the location, historical background, places of interest, Bible verses, Bible teaching, a faith lesson, and a place for journaling and note-taking. This book will bring the Holy Land to life as you understand more fully the biblical context in which it took place.

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ISBN-13: 9781944601331
Publisher: Selah Book Press
Publication date: 07/19/2019
Pages: 654
Sales rank: 1,045,796
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Table of Contents

Israel Bible Places


Sea of Galilee

Jerusalem Overview 5

Jerusalem Sites Overview 11

Antonia Fortress 15

Chapel of the Ascension: Ascension and Return of Christ 21

Church of the Holy Sepulchre 27

City of David Overview 33

Dominus Flevit: Triumphal Entry 39

Eastern Gate 45

Garden of Gethsemane & Church of All Nations 51

Garden Tomb: Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Christ 56

Gethsemane to Golgotha: Christ’s Path to the Cross 63

Hezekiah’s Broad Wall 72

Hinnom Valley 80

House of Caiaphas 85

Kidron Valley 90

Mary’s Tomb 95

Mount of Olives Overview 100

Pater Noster Church 106

Pool of Bethesda & St. Anne Church 111

Pool of Siloam 116

Temple Mount Overview 121

Temple Mount Southern Stairs 128

Tomb of the Prophets 133

The Upper Room 136

The Via Dolorosa 143

Walls of Jerusalem History 151

Western Wall and Tunnel 157

Other Sites of Interest in Jerusalem 164

Sea of Galilee 173

Sea of Galilee Overview 174

Bethsaida 181

Calling of the Disciples 186

Capernaum 191

Chorazin 199

Feeding the 5,000 204

Jesus Walks on the Water, Calms the Storm and Sea 209

Kursi 215

Magdala: Mary Magdalene 220

Mount Arbel 225

Mount of Beatitudes 231

Sower’s Cove: Parables of the Kingdom 236

Tabgha 241

Yardenit Baptismal Site 247

Other Sites of Interest Around the Sea of Galilee 249

All Other Biblical Sites 254

Tel Ai: Khirbet el-Maqatir 255

Tel Arad 263

Tel Beersheba 271

Bethel 277

Bethlehem Overview 284

Bethlehem: Church of the Nativity 290

Bethlehem: Herodian Fortress 297

Bethlehem: Shepherds’ Field 304

Beth-Shean 310

Beth-Shean Amphitheater/Hippodrome 318

Beth-Shemesh 326

Caesarea Maritime 333

Caesarea Philippi 338

Cana 346

Dan 350

Emmaus Nicopolis 356

En Gedi 361

Exodus, Red Sea, and Mount Sinai 365

Gezer 377

Gibeon 381

Gideon’s Spring 387

Gilgal 394

Hazor 401

Hebron 407

Inn of the Good Samaritan 413

Jericho 419

Joppa (Jaffa, Yafo) 427

Jordan River Overview

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