It's in the Telling: Issues, People and Politics 2008-2012

It's in the Telling: Issues, People and Politics 2008-2012

by Charles Jackson


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The title says it all: It's in the Telling: Issues, People and Politics 2008 - 2012.

The articles cover a broad spectrum: some are narratives of the recent past and others are as timely now as when they were written. All are lively, informative insightful, and rich in variety, style and tone. Adding to the mix is the spice of "The Georgia Follies: A Satirical Look at Georgia Politics & News." While some of the 2008 - 2012 commentaries are specific to Georgia, most are not.

The added 2016 P.S. Presidential Election takes a hard and uncompromising look at the election.

Issues - include Afghanistan; Creation, "The 'God Particle' Oh Wow!;" Gulf Oil Spill, "Genesis and the Gulf Oil Spill;" Immigration; Islam; Occupy Wall Street; Tea Party, "Tea Partiers Past and Present;" Supreme Court on the Affordable Care Act "God Save the United States and this Honorable Court;" the South, "United States of the South;" States' Rights; the War on Drugs;

People - include, Paul Broun, "Georgia's Neanderthal Congressman;" Barney Frank, "Barney & Friends the Sequel;" Christopher Hitchens, "Christopher Hitchens Tribute;" Rush Limbaugh, "ools Rush Limbaugh" and "Fools Rush Limbaugh, Part II;" Sarah Palin, "Farewell Sarah" (one of several) and

Politics - a whole lotta politics - 2008 and 2012 Presidential Elections and Candidate Profiles include, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorium; Atlanta Mayoral, Georgia Gubernatorial and Senate Elections; Congress, "Our Royal Bloated Congress;" Conservatism, including, among others, "A Happy Conservative;" "The Case for Conservative Populism;" "A Look at The Legends from Burke to Reagan;" Georgia Legislature; Republican Party, including, "Should the GOP Become More Libertarian?"

The pages of It's in the Telling...vividly attest to countering the stifling nostrums of political correctness and "do not go there" topics. Many Americans wake-up every day looking to be offended. While others cower in fear of offending. Instead they whisper, rather than risk the blistering ire of the PC Police. It's in the Telling...does not.

The best history - including contemporary history - is good reading born of good writing. It's in the good reading. Whatever your persuasion, political or otherwise, you are bound to agree or disagree, to be offended or delighted or all of these. "You may not like some of what I say, but I think you will like the way I say it. It's in the telling," - Charles Jackson.

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