It's OK to Say

It's OK to Say "They": Tips for Educator Allies of Transgender and Nonbinary Students

It's OK to Say

It's OK to Say "They": Tips for Educator Allies of Transgender and Nonbinary Students


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How can educators ensure all students--regardless of gender--feel safe, seen, and supported in their classrooms?

Transgender and nonbinary students are at risk in our K-12 schools. These students face almost constant challenges in educational spaces and navigate institutional practices that were not designed to accommodate their gender identities.

It's OK to Say "They" addresses some of the pervasive challenges that can impact every part of a student's day:

  • When teachers refuse to acknowledge a student's gender identity
  • When students are assigned to sit by gender in class or on the bus
  • When a student is not allowed to use facilities or changing rooms that align with their gender identities
  • When a curriculum does not acknowledge transgender and nonbinary identities
  • When teachers and school policies use exclusionary gender-based language
  • Incorporating the real-life experiences of transgender and nonbinary students, It's OK to Say "They" offers educators practical tools they can use to foster an inclusive environment for transgender and nonbinary students. This easy-to-use guide is a resource for educators and administrators seeking to be better allies to students. By avoiding gendered language practices, designing inclusive curricula, and creating conscientious school policies that take into account the needs of transgender and nonbinary students, educators can create inclusive spaces for students of all gender identities.

    A portion of the proceeds from sales of this book benefi ts San Diego LGBT Pride youth programs. Learn more about their work at

    As a nonbinary person who often had to make the difficult choice between expressing my own gender identity or protecting my personal safety in school, I am beyond grateful that this trailblazing book exists as a resource for educators and ultimately the well-being of our youth.-- Fernando Z. López, executive director, San Diego LGBT Pride

    It's OK to Say "They" is a must-read for educators everywhere. It seamlessly interweaves practical, accessible tips for allies with educational (and sometimes heartbreaking) first-person accounts from students. By enacting this book's suggestions for improving trans inclusivity in the classroom and beyond, educators have the opportunity to change and even save students' lives.-- Molly Woodstock, gender educator and Gender Reveal podcast host

    Finally! All educators want to provide support to transgender and nonbinary students, but most are not really sure how to do so. This groundbreaking book provides detailed strategies and language to support all students. -- Matthew L. Beyranevand, EdD, math teacher and author of Teach Math Like This, Not Like That and Adding Parents to the Equation

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