It's Right There

It's Right There

by P S R Ureh
It's Right There

It's Right There

by P S R Ureh


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It's Right There is a rare 21st Century Philosophical piece giving a deep take on every aspect of life to strengthen human society. This piece is a grand awakening that tackles the world's influences from a logical standpoint while demonstrating how to be free of them. Fear, Lust, Music, Technology, Drugs, Alcohol, Nicotine, and other influences are affecting human society today. In order to be free, Ureh makes you aware that you must recognize the signs and fully understand the deep power within Fear first. He proves that fear is the gateway to every influence that leads to self-destruction before external destruction.

Most of us start out living in the loop, maze, matrix. Fresh out the box or in deep sleep inside the pods, some will say. You must have a little curiosity to discover something that can change your life. Have you ever wondered what life looks like on the outside? According to Ureh, it's a grand slam to be on the outside. The goal is to be on the outside looking in as the controller of the game. It's Right There is to instantly reprogram you to exit from your fake reality, and now become the master of your own reality. The game is yours now. No one can kick you off the game stick.

Ureh's Multiversal concept, "Mind of 3," is the key to unlock all the doors to become the Sorcerer Supreme that you once were inside your dream. Nothing can defeat an Unstoppable Force. The Unstoppable Force is what you can be. It's the future you.

This has everything you can possibly imagine inside a single book. Catchphrases, Science theories, Spiritual/Scientific concepts, and new phrases that's abbreviated from existing words are composed inside. There are so many figurative languages contained in this book, which includes heavy symbolism that may be difficult to catch on. You will receive loads of information with constructive criticism to take accountability, but will be overloaded with positivity and motivation right after to walk upon the right path. It's Right There is the ultimate book to further your evolution.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9798989926909
Publisher: P.S.R. Ureh LLC
Publication date: 03/09/2024
Pages: 260
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.59(d)

About the Author

P.S.R. Ureh is the creator of the Mind of 3, a Multiversal concept that is introduced as the new way of life. He's a Philosophical Conservative American Author from Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2023, Ureh officially became the first member of his family tree. It's Right There is his debut book as a young author. Ancient History, Astronomy, and Spirituality are the 3 subjects he admired throughout life. Ureh's mission is to promote education and push individuals to harness the unlimited power within themselves by the Mind of 3. It's all about Order, Purposefulness, and Expansion to Ureh as he prepares to be the leader of the New World.
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