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Springer Netherlands
IUTAM Symposium on Discretization Methods in Structural Mechanics: Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium held in Vienna, Austria, 2-6 June 1997 / Edition 1

IUTAM Symposium on Discretization Methods in Structural Mechanics: Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium held in Vienna, Austria, 2-6 June 1997 / Edition 1


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ISBN-13: 9780792355915
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 03/31/1999
Series: Solid Mechanics and Its Applications , #68
Edition description: 1999
Pages: 378
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.03(d)

Table of Contents

Preface. Committees and Sponsors. Opening Address. Discretization Strategies, Adaptive Methods. Recovery Procedures in Error Estimation and Adaptivity; O.C. Zienkiewicz, et al. Integrated Solution- and Model-Adaptivity in Finite-Element-Analysis of Plates and Shells; E. Stein, S. Ohnimus. Three-Dimensional Shell Formulation and Elements for Large Deformations; M. Bischoff, E. Ramm. An Adaptive Finite Element Method for Large Deformation Frictional Contact Problems; O. Scherf, P. Wriggers. Adaptive Methods for Nonlinear FE Analysis of Thin-Walled Structures; F. Cirak, E. Ramm. Efficient Discretisation Methods for the Numerical Simulation in Geomechanics; G. Beer. Large Displacements and Rotations. Traversing Limit Points in Nonlinear Structural Analysis Using Efficient Iterative Equation Solvers; K. Schweizerhof, et al. Computation of Global Equilibrium Paths; Zs. Gáspár, G. Domokos. New Thin Plate and Shell Triangles with Translational Degrees of Freedom Only; E. Oñate, F. Zarate. Dynamics. Finite Elements with Nonlinear Statics and Dynamics; M.A. Crisfield, et al. Numerical Treatment of the Dynamic Soil-Structure-Fluid Interaction of Unanchored Liquid Storage Tanks; W. Wunderlich, M. Rapolder. Control of Global Relative Error of Spatial-Temporal Discretization in Dynamic Analysis; Ch.-K. Choi, H.-J. Chung. Nonlinear Structural Dynamic Analysis by a Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method; N.-E. Wiberg, X.D. Li. Seismic Response of Concrete Gravity Dams - A Continuum Damage Mechanics Approach; S. Valliappan, M. Yazdchi. On Non-Linear Static and Dynamic Thin Shell Analysis; F.B. Damjanic. Numerically Efficient Formulation of the Equations of Motion of Tethered Satellite Systems; W. Poth, et al. Novel Alternative Numerical Methods. A Field Boundary Element Formulation for Axisymmetric Finite Strain; G. Kuhn, O. Kóhler. On the Computation of Derivatives up to the Boundary and Recovery Techniques in BEM; W.L. Wendland, et al. Parallel Computing with Free Mesh Method: Virtually Meshless FEM; G. Yagawa, et al. Multigrid Approach to Adaptive Analysis of B.V. Problems by the Meshless GFDM; J. Orkisz, et al. Hybrid-Trefftz Finite Element Formulations Based on the Fundamental Solution; V. Kompis, J. Búry. Hybrid Neural-Network/Computational Programs to the Analysis of Elastic-Plastic Structures; Z. Waszczyszyn, et al. Crack Detection by Elastostatic Measurements; G.E. Stavroulakis, H. Antes. Sensitivity Analysis and Optimisation. Recent Advances in Sensitivity Analysis for Nonlinear Structural Mechanics Problems; A.K. Noor, J.M. Peters. Some Aspects of FEM Application for Sensitivity Analysis of Quasi-Brittle Fracture Conditions; N.V. Banichuk, et al. Contact Problems and FE/BE Coupling. A Symmetric Coupled FE-BE Method for Vibrating Structures Interacting with an Acoustic Fluid; Z.S. Chen, et al. Dynamic Inelastic Soil-Structure Interaction Using a Hybrid BEM/FEM Scheme; G.D. Pavlatos, D.E. Beskos. Application of the Finite Element Method to the Analysis of Automobile Tires; H.-J. Payer et al. Micromechanics and Composites. Automated Multiscale Fracture Analysis; J. Fish, et al. Multiscale Treatment of Inhomogeneous Materials by Finite Elements; H.J. Böhm, et al. Global Non-Linear Behaviour of Periodic Composite Materials; B.A. Schrefler, et al. Discretization Concepts for Solid &endash; Solid Phase Transforming Materials; G. Reisner, F.D. Fischer. Strategies for the Finite Element Analysis of Nonlinear Composite Structures; W. Wagner, F. Gruttmann. Composite Beam Dynamics Under Conditions of Inelastic Interface Slip; C. Adam, et al. Finite Element Analysis of Delamination Growth; S. Rinderknecht, B. Kröplin. Plasticity and Damage. Numerical Solution of Problems of Cyclic Plasticity; I. Babuska, Y. Li. Performance of Enhanced Low-Order Elements for Plastic Continua; R. de Borst, et al. Mesh Alignment Strategy for Localisation Problems; N. Bicanic, et al. Finite Strain Elastoplasticity with Finite Elements Applied to Industrial Forming-Modelling and Discretization Problems; A. Samuelsson, et al. Numerical Simulation of Inelastic Structural Crack-Damage; W.B. Krätzig, C. Könke. Aspects of Large-Strain Thermoplastic Analysis of Shell-Like Structures; C. Miehe, S. Schley. Finite Element Models of Multifactoral Physico Mechanical Problems; A.G. Ugodchikov, N.A. Ugodchikov. Concluding Remarks.

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