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Jacob's Dangerous Inheritance

Jacob's Dangerous Inheritance

by Doc Terrance M. Cooper


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Boston 1850, 17 year old Jacob Morgan is tied to his mothers apron strings. His parents have his life planned out for hi, however he and longs to be with his Uncle Zac who is a mountain man in Utah Territory. Jacob loves to run, and when he returns home after a long run in the early morning, he finds a letter waiting for him. His uncle has died and left his entire estate to Jacob. His parents feel that his uncle never did amount to anything, there would be no inheritance. He is to meet with a banker at the Boston Bank. The banker has sufficient funds for him to travel on the US Brooklyn ship to San Francisco where he will meet with his uncle's attorney. Jacob decides to sever the apron strings and goes. His trip involves adventure with a ship wreck. He arrives in San Francisco and meets with the attorney. His Uncles estate is valued at $100,000. For Jacob to inherit his Uncle Zac's estate he must spend one year with Zac, a mountain man, his uncle's best friend, and one year with the Sioux Indians.

Jacob also inherits his uncle's most prized possession. Jacob is tutored by Zed on survival in the wilderness. They travel to Utah Territory and Jacob kills a deer on the Sioux Hunting grounds. Both are captured. For killing the deer without permission, Jacob must challenge an Indian brave in order to survive. Jacob falls in love with the Chief's daughter. He and his friends steal horses from the Crow tribe for the bride price. The Crow retaliate and Jacob is wounded. Later he marries the Chief's daughter, White Fawn. She dies during childbirth. Jacob is devastated and hides in a cave trying to find himself. He sees White Fawn and his son in a spiritual vision. She tells him she is well, and that he must live. His heart is healed and he and Zed, head back to California to claim his inheritance. Jacob meets a young woman in a small town and falls in love with her. He returns to San Francisco and finds that his attorney is embezzling his inheritance. With the help of the chief of police they set a trap and capture the attorney and his accomplices. Jacob goes to Yreka, California to claim his uncle's gold mine. Jacob has felt someone has been trying to kill him for his inheritance. He finally meets his nemesis who has been stalking him for the past three years. It is a battle to the death.

There is romance, adventure, history and intrigue. Blaine Yorgason who wrote 80 books and 2 of them were made into movies. He wrote: "Doc, your book is a gripping page-turner! I was fascinated by your character development, your accurate delving into 19th Century history, your efforts at portraying Native Americans and early Chinese emigrants as people rather than mere caricatures, your fast moving dialogue, and your surprise ending - which I did not see coming! I am happy to recommend this volume to any who desire a good - and wholesome - read, where the good guy actually is a good guy.

I have ridden on horseback in the Tetons where the Sioux have ridden. I have camped where they have camped and I saw the mountains as they saw them, and I have become a part of that area. My history is accurate with names and places in San Francisco, and Yreka. I lived in Yreka for eight years. The names of miners, and miner's claims and the history of Yreka are real.
This book is clean and wholesome, written for LDS and Christians and for families. If you want a good feeling where you laugh and cry, then this book is written especially for you.
Please just sit back and read this exciting book. There are three more Volumes in this Jacob Series. There is goodness in all people. I was inspired to write this book, and it is for any age of people to read. My youngest was a nine year old boy and my oldest was a 103 year old woman.

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About the Author

Terrance M. Cooper, (doc) was raised on a farm in Coopersville, Michigan and drove a team of horses by the time he was nine years old. He enjoyed riding his own horse Cherokee everywhere in the countryside until he joined the Marine Corps in 1959. After he got out of the Marine Corps he spent two and one half years in Samoa as a missionary for his church. He returned to the states and immediately entered college. When he finished college, he entered Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1966, and graduated in 1970.
In 1970 he went on a blind date and met his wife, Julie Ann. He saw her twice and on the third date he proposed to her, and she accepted. They were married three months later.
They have been married forty-seven years, and have six children and thirty grand children and three great-grand children.
In the early 1980's Doc visited the Grand Tetons Mountain range and rode his horse over eighty miles in the wilderness. He saw what the Sioux Indians saw and camped in areas where they could have camped, and traveled across the valleys where they would have ridden. He envisioned himself back in those days and was inspired to write his "Jacob Series' which consists of four volumes of excitement, adventure, and a love story of a young man who falls in love with a Sioux Indian maiden.
In 1985 he moved his family to Hornbrook, California to an 800 acre ranch, where they raised kids, quarter horses, and cows. He opened a Chiropractic office in Yreka, and became fascinated by the early history of Siskiyou County. He enjoyed taking his wife and children to the Marble Mountain Wilderness, where they packed in by horseback and camped and fished.
Doc then moved to Roosevelt, Utah in the Uintah Basin where he continued practicing Chiropractic, and bought a smaller ranch, and continued raising kids, horses and cows. Their family consisted of six children, two boys and four girls. As a family they would pack in the Uintah Mountain to camp and fish. They participated on many cattle roundups with neighbors in the area. Their daughters were the most avid riders. Their small ranch stock consisted of eighteen pair of mother cows, calves and ten horses. As a family they would have a yearly round-up, where they would brand, tag the ears, and inoculate the stock. The family did everything else that went with ranch life. And, yes, they even ate Rocky Mountain Oysters.

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