Jesus Christ Superstar: Live In Concert [B&N Exclusive]

Jesus Christ Superstar: Live In Concert [B&N Exclusive]

by Jesus Christ Superstar: Live In Concert
Jesus Christ Superstar: Live In Concert [B&N Exclusive]

Jesus Christ Superstar: Live In Concert [B&N Exclusive]

by Jesus Christ Superstar: Live In Concert

Vinyl LP(Long Playing Record - B&N Exclusive Edition)

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Product Details

Release Date: 11/16/2018
Label: Bmg Special Products
UPC: 0190758484211
Rank: 8633


Disc 1

  1. Overture
  2. Heaven On Their Minds
  3. What's the Buzz/Strange Thing Mystifying
  4. Everything's Alright
  5. This Jesus Must Die
  6. Hosanna
  7. Simon Zealotes/Poor Jerusalem
  8. Pilate's Dream
  9. The Temple
  10. Everything's Alright (Reprise)
  11. I Don't Know How To Love Him
  12. Damned for All Time/Blood Money

Disc 2

  1. The Last Supper
  2. Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say)
  3. Transition
  4. The Arrest
  5. Peter's Denial
  6. Pilate and Christ
  7. King Herod's Song
  8. Transition After Herod
  9. Could We Start Again Please?
  10. Judas's Death
  11. Trial Before Pilate (Including The 39 Lashes)
  12. Superstar
  13. The Crucifixion
  14. John Nineteen:Forty One
  15. Curtain Call

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Alice Cooper   Primary Artist
Soldier   Primary Artist
Pilate   Primary Artist
Sara Bareilles   Primary Artist
Norm Lewis   Primary Artist
John Legend   Primary Artist
Mary   Primary Artist
Ben Daniels   Primary Artist
Brandon Victor Dixon   Primary Artist
Ensemble   Primary Artist
Peter   Primary Artist
Jesus   Primary Artist
Jesus Christ Superstar Orchestra   Primary Artist
Jason Tam   Primary Artist
Full Company   Primary Artist
Erik Groenwall   Primary Artist
Pontius Pilates   Primary Artist
Ensemble of Jesus Christ Superstar Live In Concert   Primary Artist
Orchestra of Jesus Christ Superstar Live In Concert   Primary Artist
Original Television Cast of Jesus Christ Superstar Live In Concert   Primary Artist
Jin Ha   Primary Artist
Annas   Primary Artist
Caiaphas   Primary Artist
Herod and Company   Primary Artist
Simon Zealotes   Primary Artist
Judas   Primary Artist
Bruce Dukov   Violin
Edwin Livingston   Bass
Jamey Tate   Drums
Jason Jackson   Trombone
Aaron Heick   Woodwind
Stephanie Matthews   Violin
Tim Quick   Guitar
Nigel Wright   Conductor,Musical Director
Mary Gatchell   Piano
Alden Banta   Woodwind
Jessie Montgomery   Violin
Matt Rohde   Keyboards
Dillon Kondor   Guitar
David Leveaux   Director
Todd Low   Viola
Tom Murray   Woodwind
Yumi Oshima   Violin
Ian Donald   French Horn
Rolando Morales-Matos   Percussion
Jared Schonig   Drums
Ravi Best   Trumpet
Rachel Drehmann   French Horn
Christiana Liberis   Viola
Christina Sajous   Ensemble
Joel Perez   Ensemble
Heath Saunders   Ensemble
Jannina Norpoth   Violin
Melody Betts   Ensemble
Mykal Kilgore   Ensemble
Shawn Edmonds   Trumpet
Brian Taylor   Keyboards
F. Michael Haynie   Ensemble
Adele Stein   Cello
Joey Taranto   Ensemble
Kyle Taylor Parker   Ensemble
Ina Paris   Violin
Charissa Hogeland   Ensemble
Alex Weill   Violin
Conor Ryan   Ensemble
Brandon Niederauer   Guitar
Rory Donovan   Ensemble
Mike Evariste   Ensemble
Bre Jackson   Ensemble
Ally Jenkins   Violin
Billy Lewis Jr.   Ensemble
Justin Gregory Lopez   Ensemble
Justin Matthew Sargent   Ensemble
Jarvis Benson   Viola
Andrew Borkowski   Cello
Alex Rudzinski   Director
Abby Corrigan   Ensemble
Angel Lozada   Ensemble
Christine Dwyer   Ensemble
Felicia Boswell   Ensemble
Gina Dyches   Violin
Jonah Platt   Ensemble
Lauren Zakrin   Ensemble
Micaela Diamond   Ensemble
Sara Cyrus   French Horn
Syndee Winters   Ensemble
Vince Oddo   Ensemble
Patrice Jackson-Tilghman   Cello

Technical Credits

Andrew Lloyd Webber   Composer,Executive Producer
Tim Rice   Composer,Executive Producer
Michael Aarons   Music Coordinator
Harvey Mason, Jr.   Mixing,Producer
Marc Platt   Executive Producer
Adam Siegel   Executive Producer
Andrew Hey   Mixing,Engineer
Justin Ward   Music Assistant
Jennifer Liebeskind   Product Development
Oscar Zambrano   Mastering
Mark Cavell   Project Executive
James Dimmock   Photography
Martin Yee   Backline Technician
Craig Zadan   Executive Producer
Stuart Andrews   Keyboard Programming
Neil Meron   Executive Producer
Tom Holmes   Mixing Producer
Derik Lee   Engineer
Scott Farthing   Project Executive
Janet Weber   Production Manager
Lynn Lendway   A&R
John Harris   Mixing
Virginia Sherwood   Photography
Brendan Morawski   Assistant Engineer
Ty Stiklorius   Executive Producer
Mike Jackson   Executive Producer
Amelia Tubb   Graphic Design
Danielle Engen   Music Coordinator
Aaron Berton   Assistant Engineer
Alex Rudzinski   Executive Producer
Javier Winnik   Executive Producer
Daniel Alba   Mastering
Dave Weiser   Program Assistant
Mark Dittman   Audio Production
John Legend   Executive Producer
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