Jonathan Burrows: Towards a Minor Dance

Jonathan Burrows: Towards a Minor Dance

by Daniela Perazzo Domm

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The first monograph on the work of British choreographer Jonathan Burrows, this book examines his artistic practice and poetics as articulated through his choreographic works, his writings and his contributions to current performance debates. It considers the contexts, principles and modalities of his choreography, from his early pieces in the 1980s to his latest collaborative projects, providing detailed analyses of his dances and reflecting on his unique choreomusical partnership with composer Matteo Fargion.

Known for its emphasis on gesture and humour, and characterised by compositional clarity and rhythmical patterns, Burrows’ artistic work takes the language of choreography to its limits and engages in a paradoxical, and hence transformative, relationship with dance’s historical and normative structures. Exploring the ways in which Burrows and Fargion’s poetics articulates movement, performative presence and the collaborative process in a ‘minor’ register, this study conceptualises the work as a politically compelling practice that destabilises major traditions from a minoritarian position.

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ISBN-13: 9783030276799
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Publication date: 11/18/2019
Series: New World Choreographies
Edition description: 1st ed. 2019
Pages: 232
Product dimensions: 5.83(w) x 8.27(h) x 0.00(d)

About the Author

Daniela Perazzo Domm is Senior Lecturer in Dance Studies at Kingston University London, UK, where her specialist areas include dance theory and performance philosophy.

Table of Contents

1.Dance and/as poiesis, poetry, poetics
Poiesis as ‘non-making’: Weak Dance Strong Questions (2001)
A po(i)etic(s) (of) dance
From poetics to aesthetics and/as politics
Poetics as engaged writing
Between canons and individuation: Positioning Jonathan Burrows’ choreography
Articulation of chapters: Cross-overs and in-betweens

2.Resisting from within: Dance canons and their deterritorialisation
Ballet, English folk, Rosemary Butcher and Judson Church: A historical account
The paradox of the familiar in Hymns (1986–1988)
Absurdity and de-/re-territorialisation in Stoics (1991)
Intensive (a)signification in Both Sitting Duet (2002)
Inadequacy and urgency in Body Not Fit For Purpose (2014)

3.Reduction, repetition, returns: The trouble of minimalism
Burrows’ minimalist label: A critical divide
Reconfigurations of minimalism in The Stop Quartet (1996)
Dance and the real: Or, the po(i)etic potential of ‘small things’
Choreography’s ‘retroactive ontology’: Remaking the same piece

4.Rhythm as friendship: Movement, music and Matteo
Spacing and repetition: On poetry and partnership
Disproportion and dissymmetry in Speaking Dance (2006)
Not-knowing and non-reciprocity in Cheap Lecture (2009) and The Cow Piece (2009)
Rhythm and chaos in Body Not Fit For Purpose (2014)

5.Duets and (self-)portraits: Choreographing the im/personal
Singularity and plurality: A Choreographer’s Handbook (2010)
Deconstruction of the personal subject in Hands (1995)
Duets beyond interlocution: Both Sitting Duet (2002) and The Quiet Dance (2005)
Impersonal singularities in 52 Portraits (2016)

6.Choreographies of plurality: Rethinking collaboration and collectivity
Giving and stealing: 52 Portraits and a discovered community
Affective solidarity in Any Table Any Room (2017)
Debunking mastery in Music For Lectures (2018)

7.Towards a politics of poetry, gesture and laughter

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From the Publisher

“Outstanding on two counts, this long awaited in-depth study of one of the most prominent experimental dance artists today illuminates genealogically Jonathan Burrows’ oeuvre, especially its intricate workings of form, poetry and poetics, gesture and community. Perazzo Domm redraws a rich mosaic of concepts from radical continental philosophy – from minor regimes of authorship to affective solidarity – resulting in an eloquent contribution to dance and performance studies.” (Bojana Cvejić, Professor of Dance and Dance Theory, Oslo Academy of Arts KHiO, author of Choreographing Problems (Palgrave, 2015))

“This book presents a thorough and convincing reading of the work of one of Britain’s most influential, progressive choreographers. Drawing on her deep knowledge of Jonathan Burrows’ work, Daniela Perazzo Domm analyses its radicalism by working with recent French philosophy and Italian political theory.” (Ramsay Burt, Professor of Dance History, De Montfort University)

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