Journey of Your Soul: A Channel Explores the Michael Teachings

Journey of Your Soul: A Channel Explores the Michael Teachings

Paperback(2nd ed.)

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Even at birth, everyone is unique. Can heredity alone account for the complex differences in people's temperaments and styles? The Michael teachings, an extraordinary body of channeled work, propose that we are each unique souls who deliberately take on a specific combination of traits to give us the experiences we seek. In this fascinating book, Shepherd Hoodwin expertly discusses these teachings from his vantage point as a Michael channel.

"Michael" is a group of souls who teach that we are eternal beings journeying from the Tao and back again in an adventure of exploration and creativity. Each step along the way, we make choices that shape our experience. For example, after committing to a series of lifetimes, we choose one of seven roles, or soul types: server, priest, artisan, sage, warrior, king, or scholar.

These teachings address many age-old questions, such as "How did we become who we are?" "Why are we here?" "Where are we going?" and "How does the universe work?" In addition, Journey of Your Soul sheds light on the channeling process itself, answering questions such as "How does channeling work?" "Why do different channels receive conflicting information?" and "What does it take to become a channel?" Hoodwin shows us that it is possible, and indeed beneficial, to engage all parts of the human consciousness. His unique analytical approach to channeling will help readers gain a firm intellectual understanding of what is involved.

In his foreword, Jon Klimo, PhD, author of Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources, says, "Shepherd Hoodwin has given us one of the best books to date about the phenomenon of channeling. Journey of Your Soul may well also be the best of the Michael books due to its clarity, thoroughness, and detail, and thanks to the fact that the author, an exceptionally clearheaded Michael channel himself, brings real integrity and authenticity to our understanding of Michael in particular and to the channeling process in general."

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ISBN-13: 9781583945490
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication date: 04/23/2013
Edition description: 2nd ed.
Pages: 496
Sales rank: 1,203,711
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.80(h) x 1.50(d)

About the Author

Shepherd Hoodwin has been channeling since 1986. He specializes in the Michael teachings, and practices healing, mediumship, past-life readings and therapy, counseling, and coaches others to channel. Professor of Psychology at the APA-accredited Argosy University, Jon Klimo, PhD, is considered to be the world's leading authority on the subject of channeling and is the author of the definitive work Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources. John Friedlander has been teaching psychic skills since the 1970s. He coauthored Basic Psychic Development and Psychic Psychology with Gloria Hemsher. The author lives in Laguna Niguel, CA.

Table of Contents

Foreword to the 2013 Edition xiv

Foreword to the Original 1995 Edition xvii

Preface xxiii

Introduction Michael xxix

How I Began Channeling Michael xxx

"What's Your Role?" xxxiv

Part I About Channeling

1 The Nature of Channeling 3

What Is Channeling? 3

Names of Channeled Entities 6

Ways of Channeling 6

Energy Work 12

Fatigue 13

Interview with a Full-Trance Channel 14

Who Can Channel? 16

Sixes and Sevens 19

Pathways through the Mind 20

Intuition 22

The Quality of the Source 25

The Plane of the Source 25

The Akashic Records 27

Reading Information Psychically 32

Other Sources of Information 34

What Do Spirit Guides Know about Consumer Electronics? 36

What Channeled Entities See 37

Accuracy and Self-Validation 39

Unavailable or Deliberately Wrong Information 55

Controlling Psychic Abilities 57

Predictions 58

We Are Responsible 61

Recognizing Truth 62

2 Michael on Channeling 65

Coming Out of Isolation 65

The Largeness of Truth 66

Real or Imagined? 66

What Is Accessed? 67

Teaching 69

What Michael Knows 70

Something to Work With 70

Multiple Personalities 70

Channeled Entities' Accents 71

Raising the Vibration 71

Depth of Channeling 71

Communicating with the Invisible 72

Minimizing Stress 73

Working with Group Consciousness 73

Higher-Plane Energy 75

3 Sessions 76

Michael Readings 76

Channeling Sessions 76

Channeled Lectures 85

Channeling for Myself 87

Patterns 89

4 Different Michael Fragments 91

5 Channeling Michael Information More Than Once 94

6 Spirituality and Money 101

Part II An Overview of the Michael Teachings

7 The Journey Begins 107

Personality, Essence, and Spark 107

Casting from the Tao 108

Michael Reading Chart 112

8 The Seven Fundamental Vibrations 114

9 Comments on the Michael Teachings 118

The Michael Teachings Are about Energies 118

Positive and Negative Poles 120

The Value of Naming Energies 121

Viewing the Teachings as a Whole 123

Changing Terminology 125

Choice 127

Evolution of the Michael Teachings 128

Limitations of the Michael Teachings 129

Part III Essence

10 Roles 133

Roles and Careers 134

Percentages of Roles 136

Cardinal and Ordinal Roles 137

Roles as Energies 138

Information and Roles 141

How Roles Appear Physically and Energetically 147

Secondary Role Influences 150

Inputs 151

Relationships and Roles 157

Correlating Chakras and Roles 177

No Hierarchy of Roles 178

Combined Essence Energies 178

11 Cadres and Entities 182

An Entity's Vibration 182

The Numbering of Cadres 186

Cadre Groups 186

Cadres and Previous Cycles 189

Other Aspects of Sentient Organization 189

Animal Hive Souls 190

Devic Entities 190

12 Cadences and Numbers 192

Number Correlations 194

Michael Math, Planes, and the Aura 199

Other Kinds of Cadences 200

13 Male/Female Energy Ratio 201

14 Frequency 212

15 Previous Cycles 215

16 Essence Twins and Task Companions 221

Essence Twins 222

Task Companions 226

Nonphysical Support 227

Soul Mates? 227

Part IV Creating a Lifetime

17 Life Plan 231

Agreements 233

Monads 236

Internal Monads 239

Karma 241

Self-Karma 245

Cording 245

18 Comments on Overleaves 248

Choosing and Using Overleaves 248

Neutral Overleaves 254

Combined Overleaf Energies 255

Personality versus Essence 256

19 Goals 258

20 Attitudes 263

Cynic versus Discrimination and Skeptic 265

Idealist 268

21 Modes 270

22 Centers 274

Action-Axis Centers 279

Engaging with Emotions 281

Higher Emotional and Intellectual Centers 283

Instinctive Center 285

Conflating Chakras and Centers 285

23 Obstacles 286

Arrogance 290

Stubbornness 291

Impatience 292

Marryrdom 294

Self-Deprecation 295

Self-Destruction 295

Greed 297

No Chief Obstacle 299

Children and Obstacles 299

24 Body Types 300

Body Types on the Michael Chan 310

25 Soul Ages 312

What Is Soul Age? 313

Soul Age Levels 317

Manifested Soul Age 319

Can Soul Age Regress? 323

Older Is Not Better 324

Planetary Shift 335

Part v The Big Picture

26 Reincarnation 341

Reincainational Selves 342

From Lifetime to Lifetime 345

Simultaneous Lifetimes 349

Between Lifetimes 351

Number of Past Lifetimes 355

27 Sentience 358

28 Planes of Creation 363

29 Levels of Self 373

30 Infinite and Transcendental Souls 377

31 Parallel Universes 381

Epilogue: The Uniqueness of Who We Are 389

Glossary 391

Notes 415

Index 421

About the Author 451

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