Journey to the Veil

Journey to the Veil

by John Pontius


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John Pontius (Visions of Glory) was given six months to live by his doctors. He began 'UnBlog My Soul' as a way to unburden his soul and leave a testimony to his children of the glorious truths Heavenly Father had shared with him.

The blog quickly gained hundreds of followers because of the clear, beautiful doctrines and John's compelling story. This book compiles some of the most compelling blog entries, while weaving in the narrative of his journey to the veil.

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ISBN-13: 9781462113897
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Publication date: 11/12/2013
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 537,235
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 8.98(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

John Pontius was raised in Utah. He is the author of: Visions of Glory, Angels Among Us, Following the Light of Christ into His Presence, The Triumph of Zion-our Personal Quest for the New Jerusalem, The Invisibles, and Spirit of Fire.

Terri Pontius is the wife of John Pontius (author of Visions of Glory), who is the true author of this book. Terri is an artist and has been heavily involved in acting, performing, and direction of repertory, community and church theatre. A concert pianist and vocalist as well, she teaches music and conducts choir and orchestra along with her theatrical projects, with her husband assisting right by her side until his passing. However, it was their unusual perspective and love of the gospel which knitted them in a close bond that was, to them, rare and profound. She currently resides in Utah.

Table of Contents

Foreword xv

Introduction 1

Chapter 1 UnBlogging Defined 5

All the Precious Fruit 5

The Journey Home Part I: The Beginning 8

Chapter 2 The First and Greatest Step 9

The First and Greatest Step 9

Getting the Hang of Revelation 10

Learning to Fly 14

Time to Swerve 16

The Three Voices 19

Stephanie, There Really Is a God 23

Living Faith in Christ 26

Preach My Gospel 28

The Law of the Celestial Kingdom 32

Live Each Day 34

The Journey Home Part II: Of Pain and Pills 37

Chapter 3 It's All True 39

Its True-It's All True! 39

Choose Ye This Day 41

Peas Porridge Hot 42

Fellow Christians 44

Humble Followers of Christ 47

The Flames of Faith 49

Called to Serve 52

And Then I Knew 55

The Journey Home Part III: Good News 59

Chapter 4 Believing in Miracles 61

Just Believe! 61

The Year of Belief 61

The Gift of Tongues and Ears 63

Miracle of the Curry 67

Entertaining Angels 70

Faith and Belief 74

An Angel Turning the Pages 77

I'm a Pepper 80

Today Is Eternity 82

The Journey Home Part IV: Off to the Tropics 84

Chapter 5 Unlocking the Mysteries 85

The Greater Portion of the Word 85

The Miracle of Obedience 87

Reaching for Mighty Prayer 90

She Still Lights Up the Room 91

Matriculation into Eternity 94

Have I Been Born Again? 96

The Way of Growth 99

Grace like a River 101

The Heavenly Gift 104

Our Journey to the Veil 107

A Loving Word 110

The Journey Home Part V: On the Edge 112

Chapter 6 Trials, Tests, and Tribulation 115

The Fist of God 115

In the Arms of Christ's Love 120

The Right Thing to Do 121

Deliver Us from Evil 123

Gethsemane 125

Then Begins the Fire 128

Let Go and Let God 129

Evil Intent and Great Malice 132

An Eye Single 135

The Journey Home Part VI: Six Months to Live 138

Chapter 7 Feasting on the Scriptures 141

The Banquet of Truth 141

Who Wrote the Book of Mormon? 142

Die Boek van Mormon 144

Studying the Scriptures 501 148

Look and Live 151

Scripture Mastery Key 154

The Greatest Volume of Truth 155

Once More into the Breach 158

The Journey Home Part VII: The Gauntlet 159

Chapter 8 True Power in the Priesthood 161

Power in the Priesthood 161

Lesson from a Pig Farmer 162

Priesthood Blessings That Work 167

I'll Say What You Want Me to Say 169

Spectacular Failure 172

The Mantle of Authority 173

The Holy Order 175

Grace in Times of Need 179

The Journey Home Part VIII: Beloved Friends and Family 180

Chapter 9 Perfected in Christ 183

Perfect in Christ 183

A Goddess in Embryo 185

Purity that Parts the Veil 189

Consecration Made Easy 191

Doing Less, Being More 194

Be Ye Therefore Perfect 196

The Comfortable Deception 199

Holy and without Spot 200

The Doer of All Our Deeds 203

Light All through the Night 204

The Journey Home Part LX: Excuses, Excuses 206

Chapter 10 Ushering In the Millennium 207

Hope for Our Times 207

Building a Mansion 208

The Pure Love of Christ 210

Our Everlasting Privilege 213

Telestial to Terrestrial 215

The Least among Us 218

And Have Not Been Deceived 219

The Times of Easy Preparation 222

Looking Back on the UnBlog 223

The Journey Home Part X: Into the Valley 225

Chapter 11 The Christ-Empowered Life 227

The Christ-Empowered Life 227

The Miracle of Grace 228

From Rags to Riches 230

Saved by the Law? 236

Just Drink the Medicine 238

Grace for Grace 240

Elder Brother 242

After All We Can Do 244

Sacred and True 246

Chapter 12 Hurrah for Israel! 251

Hurrah for Israel! 251

Epilogue: Until We Meet Again 253

Until We Meet Again 253

The Journey Home Part XI: A New Journey Begins 255

Appendix 257

The Path of the Ancients 257

Scripture Mastery Key: The Book of Mormon 260

Scripture Mastery Key: The Doctrine & Covenants 264

Index 267

About the Authors 271

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