Julie's Odyssey: Alpha and Omega

Julie's Odyssey: Alpha and Omega

Julie's Odyssey: Alpha and Omega

Julie's Odyssey: Alpha and Omega


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Julie Cole, homemaker, mother, and widow is unconvinced that her husband's death was an accident. To discover what happened Julie returns to the one place she said she would never go back to, the Island of Cyprus. To aid her in her task, she enlists the help of Peter Shaw, Richard's friend from the first Gulf War.

As the two begin their enquiries, they meet with the mysterious Christoulides, who shows them the reason for Richard's demise and his real identity. No longer is it a simple matter of finding out what happened to Richard, this is now a mission to bring him back.

But in order to do this Julie has to work with her nemesis the Goddess Aphrodite who she sees as the protagonist in Richard's demise. Together all three must travel to the depths of the Underworld to release Richard before his soul is trapped there forever.

Standing in their way is the Lord of the Underworld Hades and a host of creatures and beasts as well as one very determined hunter whose sole task is to destroy Julie. Into this maelstrom of chaos and confusion and possible certain death, Julie and her companions must travel. Their first task being to retrieve the Gorgon's blood, which has the power of resurrection, but can they do it in time to save Richard?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781945286667
Publisher: Rockhill Publishing LLC
Publication date: 10/03/2021
Series: Cyprus Mysteries , #3
Pages: 226
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.48(d)

About the Author

Born in 1952 in Orsett, Essex in England, the youngest son to Welsh parents Iris and Bill Edwards. Upon leaving school, he went into the travel industry, where he travelled the world, working in travel agencies, tour operators and airlines for some 30 years. In 1976 Myron began freelance writing for BBC, radio and television, his credits include The Two Ronnies, Week Ending, and The News Huddlines. In 1980, he joined JWT advertising, as a copywriter writing his first TV commercial for dog food inside 10 days. His love for the creative never left him and in 1987 he created Tubewalking, a new map concept, to help people get around London easier on foot, which still operates today. In 1990 he married Niki, whose family background is Greek Cypriot. On a family trip to Cyprus, visiting Aphrodite's Rock for the first time, the beginnings of his passion to write the story of Mistress of the Rock came into fruition. Moving his family in 2005 to Cyprus to live, gave him the opportunity to write, as during this time he worked on campaigns for TV and Radio in an advertising agency in Limassol. The first manuscript of the book was completed in 2007, released by a local publisher it had a limited audience, but was well received by those who had read it. He has now completed the sequel and is working on the third part of this story. Myron has three children, two sons and one daughter all grown up.

Athina Paris was born and went to school in Mozambique. Living her formative years in the confines of strict convents and boarding schools, she escaped by dreaming of faraway exotic places, and it created a deep curiosity about life and people. Feeling the need to liberate her inquisitive mind from conformist restraints, she took refuge in libraries and bookstores, leading to an avid interest in reading, storytelling, and a lifelong obsession with the written word and books. At age fourteen, she joined her family: father, mother, and a younger brother in South Africa, where she continued her schooling. Now able to read English, she quickly went through most of the classics, discovered ancient civilizations, and became fascinated with various mythologies; a love she has kept to this day. After her father left the family, she went to college to study Interior Design, but the pull of her true talent took her into Creative Writing. She followed that with Scriptwriting. Raised in a culture where meddling is seen as 'caring', she became a spectator of human nature. Quiet and shy, she preferred recording conduct, rather than participate in what she calls 'familial mass hysteria', building a treasure-trove of relationship observations from which she eventually drew backgrounds for the characters in her novels. Her epic romantic work takes her characters on voyages of self-discovery while dealing with catastrophic love lives and an imperfect world. Her first novel Love & Madness, layered and complex, is the story of a family tested by selfish ambition, misplaced passions, and an exploration of the recesses of the human psyche. Knight Kisses tells the story of a young woman thrust into a life with a scoundrel of a father she never knew after her mother's death from cancer. Gabrielle must deal with loss and mistrust and turns to keeping secrets, the only thing she knows how to do. Her third novel, shifts focus from heartbreak to empowerment. Dani, the heroine of When Dani Smiled, is smart and self-assured, desires to be a fashion designer, and is blessed with a beauty that can turn any man's will into putty. Ironically, it's not her looks or designing ability but computer programming skills that land her a job in the high-pressure world of fashion, where she is soon pursued by two men; the rich playboy and heir to the company, and her jealous high school suitor, who is determined to possess her. Athina has recently vacated the position of high school teacher, where she polished her skills to concentrate on her professional goals of writing, editing and proofreading. She has joined RockHill Publishing LLC as Editor-in-Chief.
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