Kernel of Truth (Popcorn Shop Mystery Series #1)

Kernel of Truth (Popcorn Shop Mystery Series #1)

by Kristi Abbott

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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Kernel of Truth (Popcorn Shop Mystery Series #1) by Kristi Abbott

An all-new Popcorn Shop Mystery bursts on the scene, featuring gourmet popcorn entrepreneur Rebecca Anderson and her poodle Sprocket.

Opening a gourmet popcorn shop was never on Rebecca Anderson’s bucket list. But after a failed marriage to a celebrity chef, she’s ready for her life to open up and expand. She has returned to her hometown of Grand Lake, Ohio, with her popcorn-loving poodle Sprocket to start a new business—naturally called POPS. As a delicious bonus, Cordelia “Coco” Bittles, a close family friend who has always been like a grandmother to Rebecca, owns the chocolate shop next door, and the two are thinking of combining their businesses.
But when Coco’s niece, Alice, discovers her on the floor of her chocolate shop, those dreams go up in smoke. The local sheriff thinks Coco was the victim of a robbery gone wrong, but Rebecca isn’t so sure. As suspects start popping up all over, Rebecca is determined to turn up the heat and bring the killer to justice in a jiffy!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780425280911
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/01/2016
Series: Popcorn Shop Mystery Series , #1
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 246,781
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Kristi Abbott is the author of Kernel of Truth, the debut novel in the Popcorn Shop Mystery series.

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Kernel of Truth (Popcorn Shop Mystery Series #1) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Carstairs38 More than 1 year ago
The Truth Is I Loved This Debut Who doesn’t love popcorn? Okay, so I’ll admit I’m not usually a fan of flavored popcorn, but I do enjoy plain popcorn with just a tad of butter and salt. Naturally, that means that the first in the Popcorn Shop Mysteries was on my radar as soon as I heard about it. And the more I heard about Kernel of Truth, the more excited I was to read it. I just finally read it, and I only wish I’d read it sooner. Rebecca Anderson did not expect her morning to start with a scream. Yet that’s what happens when a scream interrupts her as she is preparing caramel sauce for her breakfast popcorn bars. Investigating, she finds Jessica James standing over the body of Coco Bittles, who owns the chocolate shop next door to Rebecca’s popcorn shop. Jessica was Coco’s niece and worked part time in the shop. It looks like Coco’s death was a case of wrong place, wrong time since her cash for the day is missing. Rebecca’s best friend and brother-in-law Dan, who also happens to be the sheriff, doesn’t seem to be making much progress in the case. Since Coco was a mentor to Rebecca, she cares about the outcome and starts poking around herself. Can she figure out who killed Coco? Was it a simple robbery gone wrong? And will Rebecca alienate the entire town before the case is closed? That last question proves to be an important one since this is the town where Rebecca grew up, and she has a bit of a chip on her shoulder for how she was treated in the past. Her actions here don’t necessarily help, and even I got frustrated with her a time or two. And yet…. I actually liked this aspect of the book because by the time the story was over, we got to see some real growth in Rebecca. This made her a richer, deeper character that I enjoyed getting to know and could really feel for. Part of that growth comes from Rebecca’s group of friends and relatives. I absolutely loved them! They are strong, fun characters in their own right, but they lovingly whack Rebecca upside the head when she needs it. The plot is certainly strong as well. As the book unfolds, we learn more about Rebecca’s relationship with Coco, and that helps us understand her drive to solve the murder. It also lends a bit of gravity to the book, which is offset by some fun humor. There are a good number of developed suspects that keep us guessing until we reach the great climax. Of course, we get some gourmet popcorn related recipes at the end of the book. As I said, I’m not normally a fan because I find gourmet popcorn too sweet, but these three recipes certainly do sound tempting. If this book hasn’t popped onto your to be read pile yet, you need to fix that today. The many elements come together for a wonderful series debut in Kernel of Truth. NOTE: I received a copy of this book in hopes I would review it.
Muttcafe More than 1 year ago
Looking to read a fun new cozy - don't wait to pick up your copy of Kernel of Truth. Kristi Abbott is a gifted writer. Her vibrant and clever descriptions leap off the page, making Kernel of Truth a fun and immersive read. I enjoyed the wide variety of characters, especially Sprocket. Even if you don't care for dogs, you will fall in love with Sprocket, Rebecca's poodle. Rebecca Anderson never planned on returning to Grand Lake, Ohio, but now she is determined to make a go of her gourmet popcorn shop. She even has an expansion planned with Cordelia "Coco" Bittles, the woman who stimulated Rebecca's love of cooking and encouraged her to attend culinary school. Coco's shop is famous, as is her secret fudge recipe. When Rebecca finds Coco's niece Alice standing above her body, she is devastated and heartbroken. Who would murder such a beloved Grand Lake resident? As the investigation progresses, Rebecca starts to wonder. Alice is spreading rumors that are blatant lies, but her position in town makes residents believe her rather than Rebecca. The more trouble Alice causes, the more Rebecca is determined to find out the truth. Thankfully she has help from a dishy lawyer and Sprocket, her clever and mischevious poodle. For people unfamiliar with Fraggle Rock, Sprocket is an intelligent sheepdog who is expressive, and even helps around the house. He is even willing to give love a nudge. Modern readers could consider Sprocket a Gromit (from Wallace & Gromit) with more joie de vivre. If you like cozies, I highly recommend Kernel of Truth. Kristi Abbott's skillful writing makes it stand above the average cozy despite the culprit being rather obvious. 5/5 Kernel of Truth left me with one mystery - why my attempt at popcorn bars (a recipe from the book) didn't turn out. I received a copy of Kernel of Truth from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. --Crittermom
Dollycas More than 1 year ago
Dollycas’s Thoughts Warning – pop some popcorn before you start reading this story. You are going to want to be munching as you read. POPS is the newest shop in Grand Lake, right next to Coco’s Cocoas. In fact Coco and Rebecca have found they work pretty well together and are planning a new venture. That is until Coco is found dead in her shop. Robbery gone wrong, Rebecca doesn’t think so. She starts popping up all over town trying to prove it was murder and will bag the killer herself if she has to. What a great idea for a mystery series. A Popcorn Shop with a peppy protagonist and a poodle named Sprocket, yes a poodle. Kristi Abbott is off to a fantastic start. I was sad that our victim was Coco though, she seemed like a grand lady. Everyone loved her and her fudge, who would want her dead? Surprisingly there are plenty of suspects if Sheriff Cooper would open his eyes. He is Rebecca’s best friend and he is married to her sister, he can’t seriously think she had anything to do with the murder? I liked all of these characters, Rebecca really pops off the page. She has escaped a bad marriage and is putting herself first for a change. I love the way she stands up to her ex. She has been friends with Dan forever and is thrilled he married her sister. She lives on their property and they have dinner together often. It is hard when he has to keep the case confidential and Rebecca keeps butting in where she shouldn’t. This family dynamic pulls us right into the story. The mystery is very believable too and well written. A little predictable but the “why” was something that was not what I thought at all. There were several twists that made me think maybe I was wrong along the way. There is a surprising secret revealed when Rebecca rushes into a situation that was so not what she thought at all that put me back on the main track. The story has just the start of a romance and I was happy that it is starting slow. I think Rebecca needs some time for just herself. Bottom line, this is a charming start to what I hope becomes a long running series. The theme is unique and the characters are fresh and I hope to pop in for another visit very soon.
Badkitty70 More than 1 year ago
After a failed marriage, Rebecca Anderson comes back to Grand Lake, Ohio and opens a gourmet popcorn shop she appropriately names POPS. With the help of a grandmotherly figure, Coco, who owns the chocolate shop next door, Rebecca becomes more responsible and less of the trouble maker that the towns still sees her as. She and Coco are even working on a business idea together that will combine their stores. But when Coco is found dead in what appears to be a robbery gone wrong, something doesn't seem right and Rebecca can't let it go. With her loyal canine Sprocket at her side, Rebecca starts digging into who would want Coco dead....and makes herself a potential target in the process. Popcorn, poodles, and murder!! You won't believe this, but I got this book for 25 cents at a library book sale! Seriously! Score! *fist pump* And best part? I loved it!! The theme was great! The characters were great! The cover was great! The story was great! Ok. I admit it was really easy to figure out who the murderer was. I mean, after all, you might as well had them walk around with a big flashing sign that said, "I killed Coco," but honestly, that's ok....because aside from the killer being obvious, this was just a really fun cozy. Rebecca is a very likable, albeit bumbling, character who is having a hard time getting the town to see her as anything other than the trouble making teen she was before she left. It certainly doesn't help that her nemesis and town golden child, Jessica, is always there to make sure everyone knows about her missteps. The fact that the residents revered Jessica so much was a little off-putting for me, but then it's a small town and they are in a category all their own so I ignored that little nagging part of me that didn't understand it. I do have to note that one thing I absolutely loved, loved, loved was the addition of Rebecca's poodle, Sprocket! Any time an animal is in a cozy, it's a good thing. At least that's how I feel. And the fact that he is a thief is perfect! Why do I say that? Because it's such a dog thing. It added to the believability of the story. Even though, as mentioned, I easily figured out who the killer was, the side stories and characters kept me engaged. I had a hard time putting the book down. I needed to see how it would all unfold. If I do have one thing I really disliked about this story, it would be Antoine. Yes, he's the super hot, super successful chef and ex-husband that did Rebecca wrong...but I really didn't understand his role in the book other than to possibly annoy the reader. Which he did. At least this one. I had a hard time understanding why Rebecca put up with his creepy, stalker-like presence. She could have at least changed her phone number. But that's it! Honestly. Aside from him, I enjoyed the story and all the characters and definitely plan on reading the next installment in this series.
SleepDreamWrite More than 1 year ago
Well that was a nice surprise. The first in a new series about a popcorn shop owner and of course a murder mystery. I wasn't sure about this one, thinking it'll be light heart in tone, because of the cover. And I like the cover. As soon as I started reading, I was finding that its kind of a sad but has its light hearted moments here and there. You feel for the main character and want her to succeed and to prove herself to her home town. I also like the side characters, from her and her best friend and brother in law, her sister, her adorable dog and of course Garrett. What I liked about this, was while there is a mystery going on, the characters call out on her sleuthing and I liked that. Also another character, Jessica. While I didn't like her, you do feel a bit sorry for her. Also the writing in this was also and the pacing and tone, consistent throughout the book. Basically, a pretty good start and I liked this more than I thought I would and looking forward to the next one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed this 'first' book and look forward to the next
MasonCanyon More than 1 year ago
Author Kristi Abbott takes gourmet snack food to a new level in KERNEL OF TRUTH, the first installment in her Popcorn Shop Mystery series. Divorced and at a loss, Rebecca Anderson moves back home to Grand Lake, Ohio, despite what the rumor mill thinks. She opens a gourmet popcorn shop called POPS on main street. She’s next door to Coco’s Cocoas owned by Cordelia “Coco” Bittles, who has always been like a grandmother to her. They were discussing going in to business together on a new venture. When Coco is found dead in her shop by her niece, Jessica, local authorities believe it’s a burglary gone terribly wrong. Rebecca believes there’s more to it and begins to do a bit of sleuthing on her own. As things begins to pop in place, Rebecca finds herself and her poodle Sprocket in a deadly situation. Abbott has created fun-loving, likable characters and placed them in a small town setting that is perfect. The bonds of friendship mixed with the suspense of a murder mystery enhances the story. KERNEL OF TRUTH flows smoothly and at a steady pace. The author weaves in tidbits about gourmet snacks, but doesn’t make it overshadow the drama of the murder. Delicious popcorn-related recipes are included as an added bonus. This is an entertaining start to a charming new series featuring a spunky protagonist that is sure to delight mystery readers and tempt taste buds. FTC Full Disclosure – A copy of this book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely.
chefdt More than 1 year ago
Kernel Of Truth is the first book in the A Popcorn Shop Mystery series. A wonderful new series that had me loving it from the first page. The book has a nice, even pace to it and the introduction of characters is done with just the right amount of information. Rebecca Anderson has returned to her childhood home of Grand Lake after a disastrous marriage to celebrity chef Antoine. With the help of Coco Biittles, of Coco's Cocoa, she opens her dream shop, POPS, a popcorn shop. It was their intention to come up with new items for their stores, but the death of Coco in what first appeared to be a robbery gone wrong, has put this on hold. A local handyman and a person that the residents consider as crazy, Jasper, is arrested for the murder of Coco. But, when another shop owner is hit over the head in her shop and the same method of breaking in is used, doubt as to the guilt of Jasper rises. Also, Coco's niece and heir, Jessica James, seems to be hiding something from Rebecca and won't let her look for the papers for the new business that Rebecca Coco were working on. In addition, Jessica seems to be awful anxious to sell Coco's Cocoa. Rebecca is also questioning why Mayor Thompson is seen frequently seen in the alley behind Rebecca's shop. Rebecca feels the need to do her own investigation before she becomes the prime suspect. Wonderful story with a cast of likeable and believable characters. Will be watching for the next book in this well written series.