Laser Techniques Applied to Fluid Mechanics: Selected Papers from the 9th International Symposium Lisbon, Portugal, July 13-16, 1998

Laser Techniques Applied to Fluid Mechanics: Selected Papers from the 9th International Symposium Lisbon, Portugal, July 13-16, 1998

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2000)

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In the tradition of its predecessors, this volume comprises a selection of the best papers presented at the Ninth International Symposium on Applications of Laser Techniques to Fluid Mechanics, held in Lisbon in July 2000.
The papers reflect the state-of-the-art in laser applications of laser techniques in fluid mechanics describing novel ideas for instrumentation, instrumentation developments, results of measurements of wall-bounded flows, free flows and flames and flow and combustion in engines. The papers demonstrate the continuing interest in the development of an understanding of new methodologies and implementation in terms of new instrumentation.

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ISBN-13: 9783642630873
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 10/23/2012
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2000
Pages: 639
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.05(d)

Table of Contents

I.1. Wavenumber Spectrum Estimation from Irregularly Spaced Data: Application to PIV Data Processing.- I.2. PIV Error Correction.- I.3. Effect of Sensor Geometry on the Performance of PIV Interrogation.- I.4. Micron-Resolution Velocimetry Techniques.- I.5. PIV in Two-Phase Flows: Simultaneous Bubble Sizing and Liquid Velocity Measurements.- I.6. Measuring Water Temperatures by Means of Linear Raman Spectroscopy.- I.7. A New Approach to Eliminate the Measurement Volume Effect in P DA Measurements.- I.8. Concentration Measurement by Molecular Absorption Using Narrow Band Tunable Infrared Laser.- II.1. The Kármán Vortex Street - LD V and P IV Measurements Compared with CFD.- II.2. A Flow Structure at Reattachment Region of a Two-Dimensional BackwardFacing Step by Using Advanced Multi-Point LDV.- II.3. PIV Measurements of Turbulence Statistics in the Three-Dimensional Flow Over a Surface-Mounted Obstacle.- II.4. Turbulence Analysis of the BFS with Iterative Multigrid PIV Image Processing.- II.5. Characterization of a Bluff Body Wake Using LD V and PIV Techniques.- II.6. Reynolds Number Dependence of Near Wall Turbulent Statistics in Channel Flows.- II.7. Weakly Interacting Two Parallel Plane Jets.- III.1. Instantaneous Doppler Global Velocimetry Measurements of a Rotor Wake: Lessons Learned.- III.2. LDV-Measurements on a High-Lift Configuration with Separation Control.- III.3. Flow Field in the Vicinity of a Thick Cambered Trailing Edge.- III.4. Instantaneous Flow Field Measurements for Propeller Aircraft and Rotorcraft Research.- IV.1. Analysis of Orderliness in Higher Instabilities Toward the Occurrence of Chaos in a Taylor-Couette Flow System.- IV.2. Experimental Investigations on Nonlinear Behaviour of Baroclinic Waves.- IV.3. Dissipation Estimation Around a Rushton Turbine Using Particle Image Velocimetry.- IV.4. Visualization of the Trailing Vortex System Produced by a Pitched Blade Turbine Using a Refractive Index Matched Automated LDA-Technique.- IV.5. Phase-Resolved Three-Dimensional LDA Measurements in the Impeller Region of a Turbulently Stirred Tank.- V.1. On the Extension of a Laser-Doppler Velocimeter to the Analysis of Oscillating Flames.- V.2. Liquid-Fuelled Flames with Imposed Air Oscillations.- V.3. Application of New Light Collecting Probe with High Spatial Resolution to Spark-Ignited Spherical Flames.- V.4. Laser Ignition of Single Magnesium Particles.- V.5. PIV Measurements During Combustion in a Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine.- V.6. In-Cylinder Measurements of Mixture Composition for Investigation of Residual Gas Scavenging.- V.7. Laser Diagnostics of Nitric Oxide Inside a Two-Stroke DI Diesel Engine.- V.8. Investigation of Oil Transport Mechanisms on the Piston Second Land of a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine, Using Two-Dimensional-Laser-Induced Fluorescence.- V.9. Simultaneous Planar OH and Temperature Measurementsfor the Detection of Lifted Reaction Zones in Premixed Bluff-Body Stabilized Flames.- VI.1. Molten Metal Atomization by Inert Gases: Off-Line and On-Line Metal Powder Characterization by PDA.- VI.2. Effect of Variable Liquid Properties on the Flow Structure within Shear-Driven Wall Films.- VI.3. Some Aspects of Electrohydrodynamic Spraying in Cone-Jet Mode.- VI.4. The Velocity Field in an Air-Blasted Liquid Sheet.- VI.5. Measurements of Film Characteristics Along a Stationary Taylor Bubble Using Laser Induced Fluorescence.- VI.6. Experimental Analysis of a Confined Bluff Body Flow Laden with Solid Particles.- VI.7. 3-D Measurements of Bubble Motion and Wake Structure in Two-Phase Flows Using 3-D Scanning Particle-Image-Velocimetry (3-D SPIV) and Stereo-Imaging.- Author Index.

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