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Leadership's 4th Evolution: Collaboration for the 21st Century

Leadership's 4th Evolution: Collaboration for the 21st Century

by Edward M. Marshall
Leadership's 4th Evolution: Collaboration for the 21st Century

Leadership's 4th Evolution: Collaboration for the 21st Century

by Edward M. Marshall


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In the 21st century digital age, leaders face challenges of market volatility and uncertainty, accelerated technological change, demands of the Millennial and GenZ workforce, and existential threats from pandemics and climate change. Our leaders, however, are still using a 20th century industrial age paradigm-hierarchy based on power, control, and fear. This approach has failed to meet our pressing challenges.

We need a paradigm shift to collaboration, the 4th evolution of leadership based on trust, ownership, and psychological safety. The era of collaboration has begun, where "We" is more important than "I," collective action is more effective than rugged individualism, and collaborative leaders inspire, engage, and facilitate the workforce.

Leadership's 4th Evolution: Collaboration for the 21st Century equips students and leaders with a principle-based, award-winning methodology that recognizes people want to be trusted, respected, engaged, and supported. Based on 40 years of research and consulting work with Fortune 500 leaders and companies on five continents, the book provides proven tools and processes that empower leaders, teams, and organizations to become collaborative.

Grounded in the best-practice Collaborative Method, these tools and processes enable leaders to implement the paradigm shift. This is a handbook for organizational and global transformation that ensures the workplace is fit for the human spirit and that global challenges can be addressed.

Leadership's 4th Evolution is a key resource for leadership courses across a wide range of professions, including engineering, business, public administration, education, and social work. It is equally critical for corporate universities, executive education programs, and any industry leader who understands that 21st century challenges require a 21st century leadership methodology.

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Publication date: 08/14/2020
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About the Author

Edward M. Marshall, Ph.D. is a pioneer and thought leader in the field of collaborative leadership and cultural transformation. He has authored two best-selling business books, Transforming the Way We Work: The Power of the Collaborative Workplace, and Building Trust at the Speed of Change. Dr. Marshall teaches leadership at Duke University, is an executive coach, and manages a consulting firm. He holds three service marks, has received a Lifetime Top 15 Trust Thought Leader award, and writes a nationally syndicated workplace column for American City Business Journals.

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