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Leading from Purpose: Clarity and the Confidence to Act When It Matters Most

Leading from Purpose: Clarity and the Confidence to Act When It Matters Most

by Nick Craig
Leading from Purpose: Clarity and the Confidence to Act When It Matters Most

Leading from Purpose: Clarity and the Confidence to Act When It Matters Most

by Nick Craig


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Drawing on ten years of experience working with more than 10,000 executives from companies around the globe, Nick Craig takes you on a revelatory journey to understand your purpose, find clarity and focus, and lead with inspiration.

When uncovered, purpose becomes our most fundamental guiding principle. Explaining where true purpose lies and demystifying where it doesn't, Craig offers the methods through which anyone can find their purpose. He identifies three pathways that will assess where you are with your purpose and where you should be going.

Illustrated by case studies of leaders from all walks of life and industries, Craig shares their unique stories to show how top leaders are energized by their purpose, finding in it the confidence they need to properly evaluate high-stakes decisions and take the optimal action. The best leaders access their purpose especially when facing the unknown, drawing on the source of it to energize themselves. Purpose also redefines their relationships to stress, allowing them to thrive where others just survived, and to postpone momentary, fleeting rewards in favor of leaving a sustained, meaningful impact.

Accessible, methodical, and eminently practical, Leading from Purpose offers the comprehensive toolbox with which everyone — whether a c-suite executive of behind-the-scenes office worker — can live out their purpose and achieve success on their own terms.

If you find yourself in an organization that is struggling to live its purpose, Craig's insights on how to bring your purpose and the organization's purpose into the same room at the same time is game-changing and will redefine your life and career.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780316416245
Publisher: Hachette Books
Publication date: 06/05/2018
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 8.70(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Nick Craig is the president and founder of the Authentic Leadership Institute, where he has guided over 5000 executives in the last ten years on the journey to discover and lead with purpose and has worked with organizations including GE, Unilever, Goldman Sachs, and West Point Military Academy.

Table of Contents

Foreword Brene Brown ix

Introduction xi

Part I Access

Chapter 1 Why Purpose Matters 3

Chapter 2 What Is Purpose? 16

Chapter 3 Magical Moments in Childhood 34

Chapter 4 Crucible Stories 45

Chapter 5 Finding Purpose Through Passion 58

Part II Finding Your Purpose

So, What Is Your Purpose? 69

Part III Impact

Chapter 6 Impact: Clarity, Focus, and the Confidence to Act 87

Chapter 7 Impact Growth You Can Count On 99

Chapter 8 Impact the Key to Authenticity 114

Chapter 9 Impact Standing On Solid Ground 128

Chapter 10 Impact: The True Source of Energy 146

Chapter 11 Impact: Stress That's Good For You 159

Chapter 12 Impact: Choosing the Hard Right Over the Easy Wrong 179

Chapter 13 Impact: Purpose and Happiness 195

Chapter 14 Impact Saving the World, Saving Yourself 210

Chapter 15 Impact Organizational Purpose-What Really Works? 228

Chapter 16 Mastery in the Room of Purpose 247

Epilogue: Arriving at Your Own Door! 266

Notes 271

Acknowledgments 279

Index 285

About the Author 295

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