by LH Nicole


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ISBN-13: 9781623421038
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Publication date: 02/25/2014
Series: Legendary Series , #1
Pages: 278
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.63(d)

About the Author

L.H. Nicole is a seasoned Pastry Chef in our nations capitol and a life long fairytale (Disney and Grimm) lover, believes in love at first sight, is addicted to 80's & 90's cartoons and anything that can capture her ADD-way-to-overactive-imagination. Joan Lowery Nixon and L.J. Smith were the first authors she became addicted to and who inspired her to steal away whenever she could to read and write. You can keep up with L.H. and all her news and adventures on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Blogger and Legendary Saga website.

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Legendary 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
KTGray More than 1 year ago
A fantasy read for all ages. The author has pulled out the Knights of the Round Table, Merlin, and King Arthur for an wonderful modern day take on the legendary fairy-tale. The beginning of the book begins slow but the author has taken a lot of time to provide background on the main character, Aliana, or the Destined One as you learn her role in finding and freeing King Arthur and helping to gather the Knights. Also since the story is set in modern times there is a learning curve for the Knights to adjust, friendships forged, and feelings of romantic love to be explored. The tale is begins with Queen Titania saving King Arthur and teases the reader throughout the book of her underlying agenda to make this "their story-and what is to come-a tale worthy of legend." After gathering all the characters they begin their first quest/task set forth by Titania. The reader gets to meet pixies, fae, elves, goblins, a Pegasus, and a guardian dragon. Morgana and Mordrid are the villains that spice this book up along with all the cryptic information given to the characters as they continue their quest. The book doesn't leave the reader with a OMG cliffhanger instead it ties up the beginning of the story nicely and then leaves you with a great teaser of what to expect in the next book. 
Anonymous 4 months ago
This was a great book and can’t wait to read rest of series
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I couldn't put it down! A great read for any teenager who likes King Arthur or fantasy books in general. Though, probably better for girls since there is a lot of great romance in it. I highly recommend it! There isn't a dull moment!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I would like to start off by saying I am a total sucker for writing in which characters of history are brought back to modern times. This first installment of a very interesting tale has done that. I was able to get through this book within a few hours time. The story was excellent at holding my attention despite a few annoyances. 1) The beginning of the story is very rushed. It would have been great if the author spent more time giving a little background of Aliana. This may have been intentional, leaving for the reader to find out more as they go, but I felt sort of blind sided. 2) The writing progression is... interesting. The beginning of the book feels as if it was written by a twelve year old. The vocabulary was lacking, and the expressions are those used by a six year old (ex. "son of a biscuit"). Additionally, the story just seems too rushed in the beginning, like the author wanted to dive into the meat of the story. I almost put it down because the writing just felt SO juvenile. However, as you keep reading, the author's vocabulary does increase, the writing becomes more of a late teenager level, and it flows much, much better. 3) The editing is poor. The are many areas where Aliana is called "Alana", there are many misspelled words, and many areas where words aresmushedtogetherlikethis. Also, I found many words were not used in the correct context, which is overly frustrating. Despite these annoyances, this book has the potential to root a great story. I think had the author been more experienced/older when she wrote it, it would have been so much better. I'd love to see her do a reworked version of this to clean up some of the editing as well as improve her vocabulary and fix her conflicting items. Or, simply just improve her writing in the next book. But, we shall see if that happens as that has just come out!
momof4AS More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book for an honest review. The story line reminded me of a Disney movie and then moved more grimm like. Aliana isn't sure what she wants to do with her life after having a rough one. She goes for a walk and into this tunnel, she meet's new people and finds out she's the Destined One, but for it to be true and believable she needs to pass 3 tests. She passes them a little to easy to me, i think she should have failed one and went on to doing it again and better. She gets King Arthur out and the men. She has to get them free so they train for a major fight so they can get free. She falls in love with one she has saved. This is a nice book, could use a little work but was a nice read. I think a teenager would love it. Can't wait to see what happens next!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great first book! Can't wait for the next