Lessons from Life: Four Keys to Living with More Meaning, Purpose, and Success

Lessons from Life: Four Keys to Living with More Meaning, Purpose, and Success

by Steven M Darter


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In his deeply personal memoir, Steve Darter asks himself the question: What is the purpose of my life? Using entertaining storytelling, Steve takes you on a journey of emotion, reflection, and insight that encourages you to think about how to live with more meaning, purpose, and success at any age--young, old, or in between.

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of your life is? The secret to living a life that has meaning? The path you should take to achieve your purpose? Do you even believe you have a purpose? How about an intended destiny? Most, if not all, of us have asked (or will ask) ourselves these types of questions at some point in our lives--even if it is only at the end.

Lessons From Life has been ranked as the #1 "Profound Book about Finding Yourself" by Fupping, a media company that focuses on book and product reviews and expert buying guides.

What others have said about Lessons from Life:

"I found the writing to be magnetic, sentence after sentence. The communication is clear and deep; nothing hidden, so painfully honest."

"Steve Darter distills years of wisdom and experience into a compelling and concise narrative, as engaging as it is inspirational."

"This honest story of your life's journey is such a powerful way for you to help us all reflect on and better understand our own journeys in such a constructive frame of reference."

"Steve probes deep into understanding what makes us more complete as people--using marvelous storytelling and himself as a real-life example"

"Steve offers us the powerful reflections that have emerged from his own life story."

"Everyone who reads this will benefit from its honest self-reflection and will be inspired to find the hidden strength their life journey has to make them better people."

"Steve incisively mines his life's experience to come to a deep understanding of his own meaning, purpose, and truth, and simultaneously equips us to do the same."

"The message about life and purpose, consistent and growing, illustrated through struggles, victories, and defeats that are so real."

"Steve's engaging life stories--each with important lessons for all--point to the imperative of finding one's unique design and purpose to be fulfilled."

"This is a book you will read, reread, and gift to others"

"Truly a life-changing book!"

"Written with wit, humility, and heart"

"Much more than an engaging autobiography, this thought-provoking book is a call for reflection and action"

"This book reveals an amazing, intelligent, and proven way to discover your life's purpose."

"Steve Darter describes, in a compelling manner, his life's work in pursuing the identification of what it takes to have a best chance of finding a rewarding, meaningful, and successful career and life."

"Steve gently provides the outline, palette, contours, and framework of an image of 'the purpose of a life' that resonates deeply and, upon reflection, results in a compelling basis for the reader to complete the picture for his or her own life."

"In this thoughtful and deeply personal book, Steve Darter addresses one of the most important and central questions in life: How can one find more purpose and meaning in his or her life."

Steve Darter has a distinguished career as a consultant, author, educator, and speaker. For more than forty-five years he has counseled people, ranging from CEOs of Fortune 500 corporations to troubled teenagers, on work, career, and life issues. He has written and presented extensively about the importance of understanding, using, and effectively managing motivated strengths to live a more meaningful, purposeful, and successful life.

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ISBN-13: 9781981970919
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/27/2018
Pages: 244
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