Let the Whole Thundering World Come Home: A Memoir

Let the Whole Thundering World Come Home: A Memoir

by Natalie Goldberg


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A powerful memoir from Natalie Golderg—the woman who changed the way writing is taught in this country—sharing her experience with cancer grounded in her practice of writing and Zen.

When longtime Zen practitioner and world-renowned writing teacher Natalie Goldberg learns that she has a life-threatening illness, she is plunged into the challenging realm of hospitals, physicians, unfamiliar medical treatments, and the intense reality of her own impermanence. In navigating this foreign landscape, Natalie illuminates a pathway through illness that is grounded in the fierce commitment to embrace the suffering directly. In the middle of this, her partner discovers that she too has cancer. The cancer twins, as Natalie calls them, must together and apart grapple with survival, love, and the rawness of human connection. This book is a moving meditation on living a genuine life in full bloom.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781611805673
Publisher: Shambhala
Publication date: 06/05/2018
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 163,558
Product dimensions: 5.03(w) x 6.96(h) x 0.57(d)

About the Author

NATALIE GOLDBERG is the author of fourteen books, including Writing Down the Bones, which has changed the way writing is taught in this country. She teaches retreats nationally and internationally. She lives in New Mexico.

Table of Contents

Preface ix

We Won't Last Forever 1

This Was My Life 21

Here Was My Beloved's Life 59

Down to the Marrow 97

Closer to Death 139

Endlessly Like a River 161

Afterword 187

Meditation on Metta 189

Acknowledgments 191

About the Author 194

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Let the Whole Thundering World Come Home: A Memoir 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A stunning read, which I could not put down, and it is so much more than a memoir of surviving cancer. This is a testimony not just to modern medicine, but to the power of friendship, which helps to carry us through when we no longer have the strength to go it alone. Besides her partner, many friends are named who accompany and nurture Goldberg on the road to healing. It appears that friendship, like air, often ignored, is a key to our survival. This "Thundering World" is the one we all live in and this fine book has something in it for everyone.