Life Everlasting: Catholic Devotions and Mysteries for the Everyday Seeker

Life Everlasting: Catholic Devotions and Mysteries for the Everyday Seeker

by Gary Jansen


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The time-honored practices in this inspiring book will guide you in unlocking the power of Catholic devotions— prayers, meditations, and even very simple, small actions you can take right now that will bring you closer to God and also offer reassurance that we are never, ever alone.  The mystical practices of mindfulness and heartfulness presented can help anyone find so­lace, healing, and direction during difficult times.
In Life Everlasting readers will discover that lost causes can be won by meditating with St. Jude; healings can occur by praying with the Virgin Mary; and the Holy Spirit can assist us in making important decisions. The Catholic art of devotion can help us experience miracles in all aspects of our daily lives including our health, finances, and relationships. By praying and taking our attention off our own problems for just a few minutes a day, we can take the first steps toward abandoning fear and living a life of forgiveness, abundance, and perpetual gratitude. In other words, we can experience a little heaven on earth, a little life everlasting.

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ISBN-13: 9780399162220
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/13/2018
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 705,115
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Gary Jansen is the director of Image Books and an executive editor at Penguin Random House where he has edited and published books by New York Times bestselling authors Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Francis, Deepak Chopra, Michael Singer, Robert Barron, Scott Hahn, Gabrielle Bernstein and Greg Kincaid. He is the author of the bestselling memoir Holy Ghosts: Or, How a (Not So) Good Catholic Boy Became a Believer in Things That Go Bump in the Night; The 15-Minute Prayer Solution; and Station to Station. Paulo Coelho, The New York Times bestselling author of The Alchemist, has called Jansen's work "Wonderful;" while legendary Newsweek Religion Editor Kenneth L. Woodward has called him, "A fine writer." A frequent lecturer, Jansen has been featured on NPR, The Huffington Post, CNN, Coast to Coast AM, A&E, the Sundance Channel, and has appeared numerous times on the Travel Channel's Mysteries at the Museum. His website is

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Excerpted from "Life Everlasting"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Gary Jansen.
Excerpted by permission of Penguin Publishing Group.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

Part I The Awakening

Chapter 1 How Big Is Your God? 3

Chapter 2 No Need to Go It Alone 22

Chapter 3 The Intelligent Heart 26

Part II The Path

Chapter 4 Step 1: Be Childlike 39

Chapter 5 Step 2: Focus Your Mind and Heart 46

Chapter 6 Step 3: Make the Sign 53

Chapter 7 Step 4: Say the Lord's Prayer 57

Chapter 8 Step 5: Ask, Seek, Knock 63

Chapter 9 Step 6: Cultivate Silence 72

Chapter 10 Step 7: Give Your Life Away 82

Part III The Devotions

Chapter 11 Saints: Our Spiritual Lifesavers 89

Chapter 12 Angels: Our Constant Guardians 122

Chapter 13 Mary: Our Holy Mother 134

Chapter 14 Jesus: Our Beloved 175

Chapter 15 Reality 217

Chapter 16 St. Cecelia: A Vision and a Sort of Homecoming 223

Appendix I Spiritual 911 229

Appendix II Calendar of Saints 251

Permissions 291

Acknowledgments 293

About the Author 295

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